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Adele’s Awakening by Imelda Stark

Welcome to the superficially glamorous world of Adele, an A-list movie star whose career began by specializing in being the beautiful girl stripped for the audience’s titillation and then snuffed out in slasher films. This began when she was in her teens and still dominated by a bitch of a stage mother. Other exploiters soon free her of her overbearing Mom and she drifts through a series of tepid Hollywood romances while deepening her skills as an actress in more mainstream movies.

Meanwhile her celebrity requires a full-time security chief, tall, muscular, and very handsome. She taunts him with her world-famous body but is unable to seduce him while they are developing a real friendship as he escorts her around LA. Her acting out to get his attention results in a near fatal encounter with a drunken actor, from which she is saved by her heroic Captain of the Guards. In a tearful confession she admits her unsuccessful attempts to manipulate him, and asks to be spanked to help her atone and mend her ways.

His expert domination of her opens up a vast untapped erotic potential which they explore in various sizzling hot escapades in which her world-famous ass occupies center stage. All culminates in a torrid scene in which her Captain recruits a dominant couple to help enact Adele’s fantasy where she plays a teenage girl who is publicly stripped and thoroughly spanked and ravished by the three gorgeous dominants in corporal punishment for her naughty ways.

Includes Maledom/femsub with a bit of femdom, lots of spanking including tit and pussy punishment and anal play.

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