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Adele’s Awakening by Imelda Stark

Welcome to the superficially glamorous world of Adele, an A-list movie star whose career began by specializing in being the beautiful girl stripped for the audience’s titillation and then snuffed out in slasher films. This began when she was in her teens and still dominated by a bitch of a stage mother. Other exploiters soon free her of her overbearing Mom and she drifts through a series of tepid Hollywood romances while deepening her skills as an actress in more mainstream movies.

Meanwhile her celebrity requires a full-time security chief, tall, muscular, and very handsome. She taunts him with her world-famous body but is unable to seduce him while they are developing a real friendship as he escorts her around LA. Her acting out to get his attention results in a near fatal encounter with a drunken actor, from which she is saved by her heroic Captain of the Guards. In a tearful confession she admits her unsuccessful attempts to manipulate him, and asks to be spanked to help her atone and mend her ways.

His expert domination of her opens up a vast untapped erotic potential which they explore in various sizzling hot escapades in which her world-famous ass occupies center stage. All culminates in a torrid scene in which her Captain recruits a dominant couple to help enact Adele’s fantasy where she plays a teenage girl who is publicly stripped and thoroughly spanked and ravished by the three gorgeous dominants in corporal punishment for her naughty ways.

Includes Maledom/femsub with a bit of femdom, lots of spanking including tit and pussy punishment and anal play.

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Ed’s duties required him to be in Adele’s presence for many long car rides in the impossible LA traffic, as well as flights to filming locations and PR or film festival appearances. Unlike most people in her generation, she was actually rather averse to her cell phone, experiencing it as a vehicle for her frequent invasion by people wanting something from her. So the large, rather taciturn man (who uncannily resembled Jason Statham) ended up spending many hours alone in the back of a limousine or seated in First Class with his lissome charge. As it turned out, like many celebrities at the center of the whirlwind of public adulation, our heroine was actually rather lonely for any kind of relationship in which the other person was genuinely interested in her.

This was a particular sweet spot for Ed. He had an absolute fascination with women, something that had been true about him since earliest memory. The massive former Marine was endlessly curious about the minds and hearts and souls of the females he found so compelling. He also had an infinite well of protectiveness of the objects of his interest, wanting to shield them all from harm to an almost (actually, well past almost) obsessive degree. On his discharge from the Marines after 20 years of intense service in the SEALs, like many of his compatriots he found work in the security industry. Soon his employers recognized his flair for protecting female clients, who almost always felt enormously comforted by his competent, pleasant, genuinely kind presence. Thus, when Adele’s need for security arose, our hero was the most natural choice to lead her team.

What no one save a few very carefully selected women knew, was that Ed’s over-the-top protectiveness of female clients was what psychiatrists call a reaction formation. That is defined as a way of behaving that is the opposite of how a person really feels on the inside, kind of a defense against something hidden that is regarded to be unacceptable. And the deep truth about the head of Adele’s security was that underneath his solicitude to protect vulnerable attractive women was a secret wish to punish them for how attractive he found that very vulnerability.

Now this paradox is hardly unusual among men who are drawn to the military, law enforcement, and security industries. Submissive women sense this, and in the BDSM community dominants are frequently sought by submissive females among those groups of men. After all, what could be sexier for a very naughty girl in need of a good sound spanking than to have it delivered by a hyper-masculine male who exuded protectiveness of her? And if he happened to be action-flick-star handsome, wryly articulate, and very interested in understanding the deepest secrets of the comely wenches whose naked bottoms he took over his knee to administer their just desserts, how much the better!

Of course, Ed was a very practical and professional man who had an ironclad will and a hard-and-fast rule against hanky panky with his clients. So when he took the job with Adele, regardless of how attractive he had ever found one of his charges the massive guard had never so much as flirted with someone he was protecting. His BDSM escapades were strictly limited to his private life. This was conducted in absolute discretion in the homes of his more-than-willing victims, or in a specially constructed soundproofed room in the nondescript tract home he owned in a nice but not expensive neighborhood in Santa Monica. In those settings, our hero happily took his adoring submissives reliably to that wonderful edge between not enough and too much that all aficionados of painful pleasures find so addictive. Their bound naked bodies were patiently subjected to exactly the right amount of punishment of their most erogenous parts to enable their eventual greatest imaginable pleasure once their fierce dom finally decreed that pain could be magically transformed to ecstasy.

This arrangement continued quite neatly, our hero’s rather quirky erotic needs getting more than amply met by his very private escapades with his stable of smitten women ranging in age from early twenties to well-preserved fifties. All of his subjects had well toned rear ends (an admittedly unfair requirement for his personal esthetic, since why didn’t all spankable derrieres deserve what their naughty owners needed?) gladly bared to receive his meticulous punitive attentions. These painful interludes were most often followed by more genitally erotic stimuli in whatever form worked best for the woman involved. Some of his subjects were happiest masturbating themselves during or after their spankings, sometimes not even in his presence. Others got their best rewards to their hungry pussies from the deft hands or skilled mouth of their massive dom.

But when it came time for their pleasurable rewards for enduring necessary bottom pain, most of our hero’s adoring subs chose to avail themselves of his unusually long and thick cock. It was always reliably rock hard after its master had delivered a spanking. They were more than welcome to receive it in the orifice Mother Nature designed for such activities, of course. Yet a surprising number chose the more challenging pathway of being fucked where they had been punished, even though the member to accomplish that task was dauntingly large. Ed had studied this in his usual careful manner, and his research showed that women who eroticized being spanked were many times more likely to be anally erotic than the small minority of normal women that found it sexy to be sodomized. In line with his eroticization of subjecting women to challenging stimuli, he secretly preferred taking those who were willing in their back passages above all other avenues in which to spend his passion.


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