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Incels in Cells by Lance Edwards

Unattractive, maladapted, these sissies’ (usually evil) weaknesses make them easy meat for predatory women. Clandestine incarceration is swiftly succeeded by sexual subjugation of the most sadistic sorts.

Fortunate Phillip earns a cosseted spot as The Predators’ Pet when he falls to a pair of gorgeous vigilantes determined to stamp out misogynist terrorism. Huge Heather Hunter is such a notorious fetish model she is often plagued by stalkers – keeping her Underground Fan Club properly stocked. Similarly for Madam Peregrine, Seducing the New Recruit for filling those dollar-a-blow-job booths is by far the best part of running a bdsm brothel. Two entitled losers prepare a hideously equipped dungeon for their planned career of kidnapping, rape and femicide, only to become Impaled on Our Charged Petard. Less deserving surely, eternally friend-zoned Andy little suspects where it all might end when his foxy pot-dealing partner confesses to a choking fetish in Breathless Suspense.  Likewise a besotted stripling trying to make amends for ruining his deliciously strict grade school disciplinarian is driven into Becoming Fluffy – and thus succumbing to a degraded destiny that shouldn’t happen to the naughtiest doggy.

Eroticism revels in riotous rebellion as the most drastic emasculations happen to those that most asked for them – one way or another.


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Why, lil’ Pip is perfect!

His awestruck lust is entirely involuntary. Recalled to propriety by Tawny, he worms urgently forward. Through the straps of my sexy shoe he rains abased kisses on my toes and instep. Gazing enraptured up at me afterward his voice quavers like a craven.

“You are both the most potent of holy goddesses! I exist by your permissive sufferance. Solemnly now do I irrevocably vow to unconditionally cherish and blindly obey you both unto my devoted doom. Already divine Tawny has sexually blessed this contemptible specimen far beyond any imaginable merit. Please, my deities, tell me what it is you desire of me!”

“Why, we desire you to keep us from feeding you to our real pigs, Pip. I’m afraid that’s what awaits you if you fail us: being tossed tied-up alive to a herd of very hungry hogs. We’re viciously misandrous vigilantes, you see. Specifically, we’re serial killers of swinish incels.”

It’s really quite comical, watching those guileless blue eyes bug wide as I explain our sacred passion and basic operations here at Upraised Spears. Then Pip’s jaw sags even lower to hear that he was chosen over his own social media posts – and related online activity.

“Don’t you continuously advocate for a more positive attitude toward women within the incel community? You repudiate hate and clearly revere femininity. You relate entirely by ingratiation, never indulging in bitterness or duplicity. And you demonstrate your sincerity by frequenting femdom sites compulsively.

“You’ve admitted that you yearn to earn worthiness through purity of service. Well, you’ve been granted just such an existential challenge. Hopefully you can not only survive it but thrive, and grow in time to provide a real-life abject/object lesson to those rogue boars we bring here in such dire need of redeeming.” Tawny crouches down to reassure groveling Pip personally. Stroking a shivering shoulder she coaches, coaxes.

“You’re going have the most thrilling and fulfilling existence ever. This is your reward for being an ideal incel and gracefully accepting your fate. It’s an imponderable honor for you, becoming the subject of living, loving goddesses. More than any normal slave or redeemed Domestic, you will enjoy a privileged position here as our preferred pet. For your reflexive adulation and submission, your unstinting self-abdication, you will earn in return much more than just your further breath, board and bed – not mention this magnificent roof over your head. Keep your goddesses eased and pleased and we will coddle and cosset and kiss and fuck you and dote all over you like the cuddliest little kitten or sloppily frolicking poodle puppy.”

To 50’s agog gape I grin winningly.

“You’ll also get to live out your maddest masturbatory imaginings, your most extreme femdom fantasies, on a constant basis.” I slip a hand under a wimpy-skinny forelimb and Tawny and I draw our still trembling, still fiercely erect new erotic property back upright. Right away puppyish piglet Pip tries the old imploring eyeballs trick.

“I’ll behave for you my goddesses, I promise again! You won’t need to feed me to any hogs or even twist my arm. I swear you’ll never need this shock collar either, or the other one you brought up…” He trails off in dwindling daring as Tawny chides him slyly.

“I told you, tiny. No trust for the reprehensible gender here.

“Those scrotal collars are cleverly coded so that they can be activated individually, to chasten just one unruly male, or each simultaneously, so payment for the misdeeds of one boar is meted out equally among all. And naturally they’re also all activated automatically anytime any one passes the perimeter of the property. There will be no escapes or rebellion at Upraised Spears! As for the even more crucial collars, we spoke of what your bad phallic joke has earned you as well. I was quite specific about our convictions. Just channel your suppressed energies whole-heartedly into purifying your devotion and pray that you please your deities enough to eventually earn that ultra-rare release, for either the briefest of ruined relief or perhaps the most exhaustive-repulsive of forced-performance sissy-sixty-nine sucking-each-other-off-orgies.”

Oh the depths of shame and dismay, of twisted lust and horrified denial that open wide with and within those now apoplectic eyes! Yet look at his piggy stigma insistently twitch!

“I realize this is your big night Pip,” I most generously allow, “What with losing your virginity and your autonomy, everything you ever owned or would have and so much else. So you can stay goatishly (if unnoticeably) erect like you are as long you can refrain from spraying. But you soil this sanctum with your swinish spunk just once and… Tawny, why don’t you do him the favor of demonstrating that failsafe?”

“I’ve been dying to, darling! Swine Fifty, Level Two!”

Sparks and smoke and a shriek ensue.

Poor Pip collapses back to the floor. His miniscule insult persists however, revealing an expansive capacity for masochism. Better and better, my predators’ pet! Cooing approvingly, we help our new pegging pig back upright. Tawny gives a tug on those no-doubt still-tingling testes and soon we have him settled, still trembling, on the edge of our enormous bed. There she prepares a pair of flutes as I pop open the obligatory bottle of bubbly.

“Here’s to our pet piglet Pip, on the first night of his new life. May he take to impotent sissy-sex as enthusiastically as he has to divine feminine dependence! And may he never fatten metaphorical cannibals, and be shat out into a wallow for his failure.”

“Hear, hear!” Tawny cheers.

We clink and drink and mingle that tingly sweetness in a kiss. Then graciously my mate uses her gauntleted palm to tip Pip’s head back so I can pour a goodly guzzle down his gullet.

I love the facility with which he eagerly chugs it! Later we’ll see how he savors his champagne when it’s hot and frothy and stripped all of its alcohol and nutrients. Once this rather tame simulacrum foams over his chin in the end I stop pouring at last and screw the bottle back into its bucket while Tawny lights up a blunt.

We each take a few tokes and blow half-dozen shotguns into our unaccustomed virgin’s lungs. Then with his reeling senses enhanced and perspectives radically expanded it’s finally time for some good old-fashioned foreplay. One more appetite-whetting tipple for us all and we close in to begin easing our sweet young initiate into his testing sexual destiny as gently as seems enjoyable and necessary.

Bracketing Pip we each attack a half.

Leaving him seated on the edge I shove him back as flat on the bed as his manacled arms will allow. Then while Tawny tokes on and attends to his pathetic penile pretensions I envelop his helpless torso and head. Having watched remotely as my darling ravished him earlier, I was envious enough then to want to outperform her now.

Ha! The amazed moans, heavy breath whistling through his nose, the way Pip begins to engage, to dare to tongue-duel too all show his appreciation for my technique – and far more lushly plump lips. He even keens and twitches realistically as I add my own love-bites, like I’m a vampire truly feeding off his life. Before I can move on to battering and smothering him with my bosom however, Tawny’s taken advantage of her own wealth of heavily sensitive nerve-endings to insidiously distract.

I know she’s been enjoying those genitals, switching between applying competing stimuli.

Massaging then squashing those vulnerable balls, bending that tiny but determined erection in every possible direction, briefly licking then sharply flicking the tender-most tip… But then suddenly Pip squeals and lurches in my envelopment. I look to see my wife has upped the ante. She’s now using the glowing coal at the end of that thick blunt to leave circular burns sure to blister into brands all over that impudent stiffness. Soon I’m too busy subduing automatic struggling to get on with the smothering.

“Quit it, piglet!” Tawny giggles. “No resistance whatsoever, remember? And only pain rather than pleasure for this despicably shrimpy member. We need to keep you from spewing goo no matter what I might be doing to you soon. Even something as heretical as this…”

Ever the unexpected succubus, she moves to ‘soothe’ those fresh flesh wounds by taking in that teeny entirety and fellating it voraciously. Knowing even my titties can’t compete with a first-ever burned-boner blowjob, I decide to skip right ahead to enjoying some oral sex of my own. While Tawny bobs and slurps and grips with twisting lips I free Pip’s neck and head from the clutch of my arms and breasts and bury the latter deep between my hams instead.

Facing toward the beckoning emptiness of the rest of the bed means I only see Tawny in her several reflections now, many of those views conveniently occluded. Freed of being tempted too often to peek I find it easier to concentrate on my own responses. With my robe now hanging open and latest favorite whip still draped about my neck I grin down through my cleavage, past my belly and pubic bone at those now bloodshot, slightly unfocused baby-blue eyes.

Clearly high out of his mind, Pip still looks gripped by the most exhilarating epiphany. More than merely first exploring intercourse under the tutelage of not one but two super-hot older dommes, or finally getting a taste of the sexually-charged cruelty he’s always craved, he truly does appear exalted spiritually. His expression suggests that much more than just his life rides on mastering the challenge at hand.

Good for him!

Attempting to sexually pleasure one of his deities must be a monumental challenge for his negligible self-esteem. And success is surely crucial to his future. Rather than just squash and hump, slather and smother him wantonly as I might any other swine, I coax myself carefully open and settle down gently. There we go…

“Lick me, sissy. Lap like a poodle at a puddle. Then fucking suck off my hot juicy crotch!

“You’ve seen enough porno to learn on the job. Let it take your attention off whatever sadistic tricks Tawny’s playing on your man-bits. Make me squirt my come in you first so she can take her turn. We’ve agreed she can be the one to have your cherry. I’ll be belatedly entertaining you with my titties. Just as soon as you can get me to spew in you…”

Tears magnify and then overspill those eyes.

Whatever Tawny’s up to, it’s testing enough to keep Pip twitching. Nevertheless his urgency surges, his native servility emerges and he plunges hungrily into tonguing my cunny. And whoo baby! Whatever he lacks in practice, Pip’s industry easily compensates for. Suddenly I’m the one gasping and jerking spastically.

Little piglet has a long and nimble oral organ, and it seems an exceedingly greedy one!

He’s not long content to just lick and flick at folds and flaps, learn every crevice and contour and worry my come-button about. Instead he quickly finds his way reasonably deeply inside me, up where his condemned pecker would never be able to reach, were I to ever even permit such an incondign breach. Suddenly he begins thrusting lustily then. And I can’t help but begin humping him back. So, so much for the sissy just sucking me off this time.

Let it be on your head then, piglet.

Goaded by his cunt-gluttony I go ahead and fuck Pip’s face as abusively as any slave. Even buried under my body thus he must hear my climbing cries though, and know how effective his efforts have grown. Precious pet! Between my fists gripping his hair and my vulva engulfing him from the nostrils on down those eyes now shine with truly demented exultation.

Already our little incel is celebrating his fantastic new status as a provider of carnal pleasure to his sexual betters. Or maybe he gleans how close he’s now coming to finally losing his sissy virginity. Perhaps it’s indicative of a manic panic, as he fights desperately not to ejaculate while my wife employs her own expert enjoyments. Who knows? Maybe it’s a mix of all these things. Whatever the case, seeing that derangement turns me on commensurately in response.

It appears our selection was inspired, with multiple meanings to that phrase. Casting further consideration aside (again, in more ways than one), I let go of all conscious thought and furiously fuck that lively-long tongue until at last I gush a defiling flood, shrieking and practically thrashing with the extravagance of my orgasm.

Whew! Who knew a puling loser could learn to service his new owner so well so fast?

Let’s just see if lil’ Pip takes to the rest of his sexual education as eagerly and ably…


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