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Catherine’s Destiny by Tina Gray

The sequel Catherine’s Dream and Catherine’s Dilemma”
Sam and Caitlin are in love with each other as are Cat and Maddie. All four live happily together at Sam’s estate where they share the same big bed. As Alpha male, Sam has shown the girls the delights of bondage and dominance and introduced them to his playroom.
Once he and Caitlin are married and Maddie and Cat become engaged, the two couples contemplate remodeling the house with the possibility of having children. However, when Cat discovers she’s pregnant with Sam’s child, their plans change. As the four begin their planning for the child’s arrival, the girls delight in the prospect of raising the child together.
However, their plans change again when Sam leaves on a business trip around the world. The girls meet Diana and Penny in Lover’s Cove, and new complications arise as Angelique joins the other girls while Sam is away. When the airplane carrying Sam and other personnel of Worldwide Alternative Energy crashes in the Middle East, no one knows if Sam survived, and they fear the worst, all except Caitlin. She knows that Sam is not only still alive but is returning to her.
Includes: sex, anal sex, anal virgin, restraint, threesome, foursome, large cock, lesbian love and spa sex.

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“Let’s all do her together,” Caitlin suggested. “Let’s give our baby mama the most wonderful sexual experience she has ever had.”

“She deserves it,” Sam said as he embraced her and kissed her deeply.

The girls did the same thing. They led her to the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. Instead of undressing her, they undressed each other, slowly and sensuously while she watched. Cat was oozing copiously at their display. Maddie and Caitlin got on the bed beside her completely nude and touched her in all the right places. Cat loved their attention. As Sam watched from the foot of the bed, they removed one piece of her clothing after another until they were lying together skin to skin. Caitlin kissed her. Maddie sucked her nipples and stimulated her breasts. Cat’s nipples got hard and long under her caress. Caitlin reached down between Cat’s legs and found her engorged clitoris, rubbing it tenderly. Maddie found the opening to her vagina and slipped a finger into her. Cat was responding to them as she never had before. Her hormones were raging.

Maddie kissed the inside of her thighs, moving from just above her knees closer and closer to her honey pot. Her tongue found Cat’s clitoris, making her moan with pleasure. Caitlin kneeled just above Cat’s head and kissed her as she reached for her breasts. The two girls were driving her into a sexual frenzy. She exploded in her orgasm quickly as she responded to Maddie and Caitlin. Maddie had done as much as she could do and moved away from Cat.

“Don’t stop,” she told them. “Do it again.”

Caitlin and Maddie changed places with Caitlin between Cat’s legs. As soon as her mouth contacted her down there, Cat started moaning again and pulled Caitlin’s head to her, holding on tightly where she wanted her to be. Cat spread her legs farther apart, so Caitlin could have full access to her pussy and clit, two parts of her body that Caitlin loved. She coated two fingers with Cat’s natural lubricant and made little circles around her asshole, pressing more firmly as she went. Cat pushed back against her, loving the feelings she was having. Caitlin could feel the rising heat in her lover and knew she was close. She took her over the top when she pushed her fingers deep inside Cat and stretched her even more. Caitlin pulled her fingers back and inserted a third one. Cat began thrashing from side to side. Caitlin slid her tongue into her pussy, taking care to maintain contact with her clit while she fucked Cat with her fingers. She came again, flooding Caitlin’s mouth with her excretions. She swallowed it all and kept doing what she was doing. Cat came again after a brief time to catch her breath. Caitlin felt Sam beside her and saw his massive erection. She pulled away from her lover as Sam directed her to turn Cat over. He had seen Caitlin stretch her out and knew she was ready for him. He didn’t wait.

With his strong arms, he lifted her to her knees, putting her at just the right height for him to take her. He plunged into her, burying his entire marvelous cock in her ass, making her groan, and let out a muffled scream. Sam knew she liked rough sex, and he wanted to make sure she got just want she wanted. She was the woman carrying his child. She deserved to be happy in every way. He pushed her down on the bed and, supporting himself on his forearms, fucked her ass as energetically as he could. Her muscles gripped him tightly as she held on to the bed covers and rose again to an orgasm. This one would be anal, and she loved that. Her passion had drastically increased as her body dealt with the hormones that raged within her due to her pregnancy. Sam was close to his own orgasm after watching Maddie and Caitlin do their thing to her. She came. He felt it. He pushed into her once again and just stayed there, buried deep within her. She milked his cock, making him cum with her.

He pumped so much cum in her, she felt like he was urinating. His cum filled her even though her colon had much more capacity than her vagina. She tightened around him and the cum flowed out around his cock. Caitlin and Maddie couldn’t believe how much there was as they watched. At last, he had no more to give her. She had taken everything he could give. He lay there with his lovers, still inside Cat. Her muscles continued to tighten and loosen around him. Finally, she relaxed, and he rolled over beside her and put his arm around her back. Neither Sam, nor Caitlin, nor Maddie had any idea where her mind was, it was clear she was in another place. They moved her onto her back and kissed her, one by one. They brought her back to them.


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