Against Her Will: The Abduction of Kat Bloom – ebook


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Against Her Will: The Abduction of Kat Bloom by Lizbeth Dusseau

Kat Bloom is still clinging to the St. Andrews Cross, recovering from a heavy S&M scene when she is suddenly whisked away from the dungeon and taken to a remote location where she finds herself, blindfolded, bound, gagged and caged. Her captor Perry Livingston will make her his submissive. This is not the first time the rogue Master has abducted a female sub – although he intends for Kat to be his last conquest. While Kat’s on her way to permanent submission, her roommate, the twenty-three year old submissive Meredith Shaw calls her boss, Police Captain Alain Danvers, to investigate Kat’s disappearance. When he shows up at the dungeon, it’s obvious to Meri that Alain is no stranger to the D/s world. Although his brusque personality scares the naive Meri, the authoritarian Captain is exactly the kind of man this needy sub has been looking for to straighten out her life.
While Kat Bloom suffers strict discipline and brutal punishment as she’s systematically trained to serve Perry Livingston’s capricious needs, roommate Meri suddenly finds herself at the beck and call of a master who knows how to push every button and make every fantasy come true. Though Alain has resisted returning to the bdsm world he once gave up, the incompetent, though very beautiful police clerk, has ignited desires he can no longer squelch.
This stirring D/s novel weaves together the story of two very different submissive females. But while both are driven by forces they can neither explain or resist, Kat fights her captor at every turn, vowing not to fall under his charismatic spell as she waits for rescue; while Meri longs to be totally controlled by Alain Danvers until his lusty domination consumes her.
Sadomasochistic scenes abound – featuring servitude, bondage, caging, submissive training, punishment, caning, spanking, whipping, enemas, anal, oral, fisting, humiliation, public sex, exhibitionism and the lusty intrigue of a decadent Masquerade ball that could spell disaster for both of these unlikely relationships.

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