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Shock & Awe by Alex Thornfield

Erotic BDSM Romance. Friends Isobel and Susan are head headteachers at prestigious English girls’ schools. Isobel is forty-eight-year-old widow who is experiencing new, intense and troubling desires. When she falls into a passionate relationship with a younger man, a mechanic, she earns Susan’s disapproval. And yet, the fifty-year-old Susan sees nothing wrong with bringing Isobel to CFNM (clothed female, naked male) parties and discreet visits to a brothel.

However, the ladies’ sexual antics lead to completely unforeseen circumstances when Andy, the young partner of Isobel’s former student, Lucy, finds out about the teachers’ sexual activities. When the governor of both schools, Lady Catherine Worthington—who happens to work for MI6—learns of their indiscretions, the women’s lives become more complicated. Not only is Lady Catherine the Mistress of a spanking/bondage club, her lover is the Head of MI6 and her sexual Master. To keep their jobs, Isobel and Susan must agree to take part in a showgirl dance routine and serve drinks at a club event. Little do they know that they’ll both get caned at the party.

The young people soon become involved, leading to the most humiliating event of Isobel’s and Susan’s lives when their bare bottoms are spanked and flogged by Andy and his friend Sam—right front of Lucy, her girlfriend, and Lady Catherine! The older women are left shocked and in awe of these young men. But their sexual exploits are hardly over. Soon it’s their turn to voyeur as The Master orders a local dignitary to and suffer a bare-bottomed caning. It may be a disturbing experience, but they both find it curiously alluring. It’s clear the women’s lives have changed, leaving one to wonder where it will lead.

Includes passionate sex, romance, emotional unravelling, shame and humiliation, spanking, flogging, caning, figging, female solidarity, male/female corporal punishment. Written to appeal to vanilla readers of D/s erotica as well.

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