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Shock & Awe by Alex Thornfield

Erotic BDSM Romance. Friends Isobel and Susan are head headteachers at prestigious English girls’ schools. Isobel is forty-eight-year-old widow who is experiencing new, intense and troubling desires. When she falls into a passionate relationship with a younger man, a mechanic, she earns Susan’s disapproval. And yet, the fifty-year-old Susan sees nothing wrong with bringing Isobel to CFNM (clothed female, naked male) parties and discreet visits to a brothel.

However, the ladies’ sexual antics lead to completely unforeseen circumstances when Andy, the young partner of Isobel’s former student, Lucy, finds out about the teachers’ sexual activities. When the governor of both schools, Lady Catherine Worthington—who happens to work for MI6—learns of their indiscretions, the women’s lives become more complicated. Not only is Lady Catherine the Mistress of a spanking/bondage club, her lover is the Head of MI6 and her sexual Master. To keep their jobs, Isobel and Susan must agree to take part in a showgirl dance routine and serve drinks at a club event. Little do they know that they’ll both get caned at the party.

The young people soon become involved, leading to the most humiliating event of Isobel’s and Susan’s lives when their bare bottoms are spanked and flogged by Andy and his friend Sam—right front of Lucy, her girlfriend, and Lady Catherine! The older women are left shocked and in awe of these young men. But their sexual exploits are hardly over. Soon it’s their turn to voyeur as The Master orders a local dignitary to and suffer a bare-bottomed caning. It may be a disturbing experience, but they both find it curiously alluring. It’s clear the women’s lives have changed, leaving one to wonder where it will lead.

Includes passionate sex, romance, emotional unravelling, shame and humiliation, spanking, flogging, caning, figging, female solidarity, male/female corporal punishment. Written to appeal to vanilla readers of D/s erotica as well.

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‘Shock and Awe,’ sample: Lady Worthington Disciplined.


The following day, Lady Worthington called Sir Granville and reported in. He swivelled around in his chair and looked out over the river Thames and the rest of the sprawling capital as they talked.

“I was confident that you could deal with this situation Katherina. Well done. I really like the sound of your plan and I’d like Sir Tom to be involved, too. Let’s have cocktails in my club at nine, tomorrow evening, and then we’ll talk with Sir Tom.”

Katherina arrived in good time. A waiter showed them to Sir Granville’s private, secure, suite of rooms. Cocktails were ordered and delivered, and then they were left alone.

Katherina sat in an easy chair and Granville was on the sofa. She crossed her legs and took a sip of her drink. The swish of her tights caught Granville’s attention. His eyes followed her gorgeous legs, down to her black, stiletto, sling-backs.

“Give me a quick review of your plans for Isobel and Susan, please, Katherina.”

Katherina, smiled. “Certainly, Sir Granville.”

As he listened attentively, Sir Granville admired how gorgeous Katherina looked in her short, black dress. As she talked, Katherina sometimes touched her large, white pearl necklace. ‘That soft, pretty face. So round and gentle,’ thought Granville. He cleared his throat. “Impressive Katherina, as always. I’d like to get Sir Tom involved now. Shall we?”

“Yes, of course,” said Katherina, quietly, submissively. She’d switched gears inwardly and relaxed. ‘It’s so lovely that I can be my true self with you, Granville.’ She gazed into his eyes, enjoying how handsome he looked, in his suit, white shirt, bowtie and black shoes.

Granville smiled back confidently as he stretched out his legs. Resting his elbows on the arms of the chair, he put the tips of the fingers of both hands together.

‘Oh, my Master,’ she thought, looking intently at Sir Granville with her eyes wide open.

Granville got up and walked over to Katherina. “Lady Penelope, a pleasure to see you, as always.” He took her hand in his and kissed it. Then his expression changed. “There’s a problem Lady Penelope, and I need to talk with you about it.”

“I know, Sir Tom,” said Lady Penelope as she looked at Sir Tom momentarily, and then averted her eyes.

“Have you any idea how much trouble those two ladies you’re responsible for have caused me?”

“I can only imagine, Sir Tom. I wouldn’t presume to say that I know,” was the demure reply.

“My office … now!”

Sir Tom went and sat behind his desk. Lady Penelope said, “Yes Sir,” followed him and stood obediently in front of the desk.

“So, Lady Penelope, you know the kind of thing that happens on these rare occasions when you displease me, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes Sir, I do,” said Lady Penelope, eyes open wide, scanning his in hopes of mercy.

Sir Tom pointed to the chest of drawers. “Open the top left-hand drawer and bring what you find over to me.”

Lady Penelope walked slowly over to the chest of drawers, as elegantly as she could. Sir Tom feasted his eyes on those, delicious, sexy legs, presented in sling-back heels and he felt his penis begin to stiffen. Lady Penelope reached for the metal ring of the drawer handle. The drawer made a smooth noise as it opened, and a mild aroma of felt registered in her nose. She turned and gave Sir Tom an anxious look. Still sitting in his chair, in the same position, he looked back at Penelope and raised his eyebrows. She swallowed hard, reached her hand out, took the wooden backed hairbrush and pushed the drawer shut. There was a dull thud followed by a clinking noise as the drawer handle bounced delicately against the metal plate it was mounted on. Penelope turned, and then walked slowly back to Sir Tom.

‘Power, distance,’ she thought. Sir Tom motioned at the desk with his eyes. As quietly as possible, Penelope laid the hairbrush, back-down, on the desk. Glancing down, Penelope saw the swirling patterns in the wood, and the lovely way it had been cut and finished. ‘It’s lovely.’ Penelope stepped back. Clasping her hands together in front of her, she looked at the carpet, and waited.

The smooth sound of castors moving across the carpet registered in Penelopes’ ears. She raised her eyes, and with a hopeless look, watched Sir Tom, getting out of his chair. She averted her eyes again. The soft sound of his shoes on the carpet told her he was behind her now. Lady Penelope jumped inwardly as she felt his strong hands rest on her shoulders, momentarily. His hands moved. The sound of her zip descending reached her ears. She felt release as her dress descended to the floor, but she could see that Sir Tom had hold of it by the arms. Instinctively, she stepped out of it, took it from him and laid it over a chair. This was soon joined by her silk under-slip. Each time she came back from the chair, Lady Penelope obediently came and stood facing the desk with her back to Sir Tom, averting her eyes from him. Her heartbeat increased each time she saw the dreadful hairbrush, lying so innocently on his desk. The sense of her bra being unclipped, followed by her full breasts falling free, captured Lady Penelope’s attention. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sir Tom’s hand appear, holding her black bra by one strap. She looked at him, took her bra and walked over to the chair and laid it with her other clothes. As she turned, she was aware that her breasts were on full display and that she now only had tights and knickers on. Her cheeks flushed a little as she made the return journey. Sir Tom feasted on the sight and his penis felt rigid. He was revelling in his masculinity and her femininity.

“Hands on the desk please, Lady Penelope.” Lady Penelope followed his instruction. “You know what happens now, don’t you?”

Lady Penelope swallowed hard, and squeaked, “Oh yes, Sir Tom, I do.”

Suddenly his hands were in the waistband of her tights, then he located the same in her black knickers. There was a ticklish feeling as he pulled them down to her ankles, and somehow, even though the room was warm, the air in the room seemed to cool her bottom as it also felt quite warm. There was an anxious wait, with Lady Penelope still with her back to Sir Tom and her palms, flat on the desk. As she waited, Lady Penelope found herself alternating between tensing her buttocks and pushing her thighs together.

“Remove the rest of your attire.”

Lady Penelope put one hand on the desk, pushed her knees together and bent them to squat. She had to squat quite far down. ‘He’s done that deliberately. But I will be elegant, and I will keep my balance.’ She lifted her right foot behind her, still squatting with bent knees. Looking down she reached for the buckle, and with her delicate fingers, she freed the prong from the punched eye in the leather strap. Sir Tom was entranced. Lady Penelope slipped her foot out of her right shoe. He could hear her breathing and that lovely sound of release as a lady’s foot exits the inside of a leather shoe. She repeated the performance with her left shoe, after swapping hands. Sir Tom distinctly heard the squeaking of leather as the prong was freed and the tinkle of the buckle hitting the prong as the strap was released. Lady Penelope then bent down, carefully removed her tights and knickers, picked them and her shoes up and went and laid them on and under the chair. Not giving him eye contact, a completely naked, Lady Penelope walked back to her position before the desk, clasped the palms of her hands together in front of her and looked down, in submission. She did notice that the brush was no longer lying on the desk. Her tummy tensed and her buttocks tightened and felt warm.

‘Oh, how long will he …?’ Lady Penelope let out a long, loud “Ah,” closed her eyes tight, and doubled up her right leg behind her. Then, she turned in anguish and rubbed her right buttock. She could see the large, red, imprint that the back of the hairbrush had made. ‘How can something so beautiful, do that to my bottom?’

“Face the desk.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Lady Penelope tensed as she waited for the smack on the other side. He made her wait a while, then suddenly a fire erupted in the sit-spot, but it was on the same side! Lady Penelope roared with the pain and shock. Tears began to fall, as she jigged from one foot to the other, rubbing and rubbing where it hurt.

“Back in position, now.”

“Yes, Sir,” sniffled Lady Penelope.

No sooner had her palms touched the desk, than she jumped and yelped out. She felt hot tears streaming down her cheeks as her left sit-spot felt as if he’d branded it. Lady Penelope was weeping profusely, but in such a ladylike manner. She continued rubbing her poor, poor sit-spot at the same time as looking so submissively at her Master, through her eyes which were now puffed up with tears. Her mascara was beginning to run down her face in black streaks. Her cheeks were flushed. Sir Tom just pointed to the desk and Lady Penelope got back into place.

“Do you agree that you deserve this, Lady Penelope?”

“Oh, I do Sir, I do,” she said through her tears and sniffing.

‘What a gorgeous sight. Submissive femininity par excellence,’ thought Sir Tom as he raised his right hand high and brought the brush down swiftly and hard on her left buttock, quite high up. Lady Penelope roared with pain and began wailing. Sir Tom left her for a moment to calm down, during which Lady Penelope doubled up her left leg behind her and did a lot of rubbing. Her wailing slowed and became sniffling.

“You have been so naughty, Lady Penelope, haven’t you?”

“Yes Sir, I have,” she said through her sniffles’

Sir Tom laughed. He gently tugged her hair and lifted her head slightly. “Poor Lady Penelope,” he said, in a comic tone.

Penelope began to wail as she got six of the best with his hand. ‘My goodness. His hand feels like the paddle, and it stings so badly.’ She just couldn’t keep still and kept rubbing her eyes and nose with one hand and her poor, poor bottom with the other. As she wailed on, ‘You’re a Lady of the Realm, yet you’re being spanked on your bare bottom,’ flashed through her mind.

Suddenly she felt herself being picked up and carried to the sofa. Sir Tom sat her on his knee and cuddled her. “Well done Lady Penelope. I’m proud of you.”

“Are you Sir, honestly?”

“Yes Penelope. My dear, gorgeous, sweet, good girl.”

Penelope threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. She buried her face in his chest and wept at the beauty of what he’d just said. A burning bottom was soon forgotten, but the love and kindness of her Master were constant. Lady Penelope clung to Sir Tom as if she were attached to him with chains. She wished she could sit in that place for ever.

As Lady Penelope gently readjusted herself on Sir Tom’s knee, her thigh pushed against his penis. “Oh Sir, we must do something about that. And Sir … may I call you Granville now?”

“Of course, Katherina.”

Katherina stood up, reached out and undid his bowtie. He took his jacket off, she helped with his trousers and put his clothes on a hangar in the wardrobe. Then Katherina delighted in freeing him from his white boxer shorts. She asked him to lay on his back on the sofa, and she straddled him, and they kissed passionately as he fondled her full bosom. After enjoying that for a while, Katherina looked into Granville’s eyes, and with a beautiful smile, accompanied by that feminine, pleading, respectful look she could give, she said, “Can I put it between my breasts, Granville?”

“Yes,” he gasped.

With a smile like sunshine, Katherina leaned forwards, and place his penis between her heavy breasts. She kneaded and rolled them which gave him delightful sensations of his penis being surrounded by warm, femininity. It was dripping pre-cum which Katherina caught on her fingers. Some of it she rubbed onto her nipples, then she sucked her fingers. As Katherina began to move her breasts more freely, so they gently banged against Granville’s stiff penis, she asked politely, with her beautiful Ukrainian accent, “May I please you, Granville?”

His smile answered that question. As she practiced gymnastics and yoga, Katherina was supple and strong. She got into a seated position but was holding herself above him with the palms of both hands behind her, as support. Then Granville gasped as she slowly prodded and then lowered herself onto his penis. He helped support her by holding his strong palms beneath her buttocks, but she was fully capable of doing it herself. He just liked to own her bottom. Katherina leaned back slightly, to alter the angle of entry but not too far to damage him. The tension in his penis by being pushed backwards when it wanted to stick up forwards, coupled with the way it then rubbed against her vagina wall, excited them both deeply. It wasn’t long before Katherina began to have gentle but regular waves of increasing intensity in her vagina, and with a sigh as she pushed down, she began to moan and whimper out her ladylike orgasm, which lasted for a few strokes.

“You look beautiful Katherina,” said Granville, as he looked at her pink cheeks and slightly swollen lips and nasal lining. “I love that shade of blue eye shadow. It’s bold, just like you.”

That brought more colour to Katherina’s cheeks.

“Darling, you haven’t come yet,” she said. “If I kneel, will you do it to me from behind?”

“Oh yes, please, Lady Katherina Worthington.”

She knelt, turned her head, and gave him a longing and submissively smile. Granville pushed inside her, filling her. He reached out his left hand and ran it through her greyish blond hair. He felt how thick it was as he revelled in it slipping through his fingers


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