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The Android Princess, A Love Story by Jane Brooke

With devastation in World Coastal cities and islands from climate change, pandemic flu out of China with billions of people dead, nuclear war between Pakistan and India, global warming, arctic ice caps melting, and floods with more multiple millions dead in the USA and worldwide, the elite and rich survive from great bubbles beamed down from British satellites. These are the great dykes protect in Miami, London Tokyo, etc where the one percent live in luxury and perfect climates. The rest of the world’s cities are Mad Max worlds, where only the tough ex Cyborg cops keep the maniacs away from the elite. Set within this world of extremes is a love story between a stunning, courageous, violent and heart of gold female Cyborg, 6 ft 2, Platinum skinned Ozone Ranger Adray Venus and the Marine Captain Krull who dares to love her while they fight hand to hand combat in the sewers of Bolivia. Futuristic, Sci-Fi, heterosexual, cyborg, Female/man, anal, rough sex, BDSM and sex clubs. Sex heat rating: melting.

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