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No More Secrets by Lizbeth Dusseau

Spanking Romance. Kidnapped & Blackmailed & Chastised. Christina is about to wed her exhilarating dominant lover, Dale, when disaster strikes in the guise of an old friend, Charlie. Returning like a bad nightmare, she’s powerless to shake his effect on her. Knowing she’s lied to Dale, Charlie delights in dangling the truth of her past in front of her, using it to get what he wants. Caught up in Charlie’s schemes, Christina finds herself at the mercy of two compelling dominant men who take pleasure in reddening her lusty behind with whatever means suit them. Over the knee, over a chair, over the end of the bed – with hand, paddle, strap and cane, she submits to them all, knowing she deserves and loves the ruthless treatment – as much as she loves the wild sexual pleasure that’s sure to follow. Lots of lusty spanking and sensuous, torrid and often very anal sex.

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Cover Art Image Juice Team,

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Revised Edition 2017

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