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Harnessed by Jurgen von Stuka

In Part One, Penny, seeking the perfect situation in which she can enjoy bondage, varied sexual experiences, confinement and generally hurtful abuse, visits a well-known psychologist who promises that he can help her with her fantasies and real time exotic experiences. Penny quickly indulges in what she thinks is the doctor’s therapy plan and ends up discovering that the hard side, the realistic engagement in true BDSM, is tougher and more extreme than she imagined. Penny’s fantasies of sex, bondage and discipline become a way of life for her. There is nothing she cannot endure as top, bottom or center of the sex sandwich, as long as she gets off on it, one way or another, with either gender.

In Part Two, color is added to the story, red blood in fact—the necessity of subsistence for a group of sophisticated Vampire/Cannibals hanging out in an ancient castle ruin in southern Bavaria.

One reader of an earlier BDSM novel remarked that she was not pleased with a book she read because it had “no sex.” It is doubtful that she would say that after reading this one! From whips, chains, collars and cuffs, to sex toys, gadgets, elaborate suspension bondage and plenty of sex.

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