Bob Meets His Match


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Bob Meets His Match and Other Stories by Lee Allen

In the title story, twenty-six year old arrogant ex-football star, Bob loses his freedom when he agrees to “learn humility” in order to date beautiful Vanessa (actually a dominatrix). He enters a world of public humiliation and pain, resulting in plummeting self confidence and acceptance of female domination as his new normal. Vanessa then gives him to her angry older sister as her slave boy and he eventually ends up as a sissy boy reporting to her newly acquired handsome slave-husband.

In Mike Abstains and Serves, a normally considerate husband occasionally arrives home drunk and abuses his wife Laura. But when he’s passed, she locks up his cock and demands he abstain from liquor, shave his body and clean the house nude. When he relapses, she whips him severely. But with a second relapse, she takes control of their finances and turns him into her naked houseboy who mows the lawn wearing only a string bikini and shoes. His slave status and life of degradation become public knowledge, reinforcing his new self image.

In Nick Researches Male Submissiveness, a freelance journalist visiting Prague learns of a settlement on a southern island where women rule and cater to sex tourist couples. When Nick decides to do a story about submissive men, he gets plenty of material and personal exposure on how men are dominated, punished and forced to work at menial jobs. Couples come to the island to role-play, although their wives and girlfriends may decide to stay, with their subbie men acquiescing whether they want to or not.

Finally, in Richard Will Change, a handsome high school graduate married to the boss’s daughter is caught having affairs at work. His wife, Lilley, agrees to give him another chance. However, he’s put on display, secured and blindfolded at a gathering of his friends, neighbors, co-workers and social acquaintances”the first step on the way to helpless, respectful boy. At work, he’s demoted to office boy by his nemesis, now supervisor, who will move in with Lilley, while Richard becomes their houseboy with Lilley going back to school.

These transitions from arrogant, abusive, unfaithful, confident males to acquiescent, subjugated, houseboys resigned to submitting to the superiority of women are brought about by prolonged sexual arousal, torturous stimulation with orgasm denial, and CBT with weighted parachute; caning, maintenance spanking and pegging on an exercise bike; videotaping for bribery with forced viewing of suffering during punishment; serving a women’s support group, signing a contract of servitude, wearing a slave collar, nipple rings and strapped on dildo and forced drinking of ejaculate.

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