The Magic Box


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The Magic Box by Olivia M. Ravensworth

Elizabeth has always been a “good girl” a proper Catholic, shy, uncertain co-ed, and now a devoted and respectable wife. Despite her fa硤e of normalcy, however, Elizabeth seethes inwardly with repressed desires. She guiltily dreams of forbidden acts ” lesbian seductions, shameless exhibitionism, bondage, dominance, submission, and depraved orgies. She cannot stop her crazy longings. One night, her husband Bill coaxes her to share her naughty fantasies. Inspired, and with the help of his best friend, a magician named Kyle, Bill arranges a scenario straight from her dirty daydreams: being blindfolded and bound in a perversely compartmentalized “magic box” while Bill’s friends, erect, grinning and wild-eyed, use the helplessly writhing woman as an intimate plaything. It is everything Elizabeth has dreamed of, and more. Once a former good girl has plummeted so deeply into degradation and debauchery, can there ever be any going back? The hesitant wife at last consents to join her husband and his friend in founding a secret sex club ” The Magic Box.

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