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Book of 5 Minute Dirty Stories by Mamie Anne Adams

For couples and lovers looking for adventurous reading!

These 50 dirty little stories are meant to be read together in bed, intended to nudge you along to a similar fate of getting your brains fucked out! From restraints to sex toys to doing it in dazzling world locations from Greece to Paris…your fantasy is certain to be somewhere between the pages of this steaming book of stories.

A refreshing break from 400 page tomes. No more waiting for the one big sex scene per chapter. In this book, the characters get fucked and sucked in every story. Achieve your dreams! Get naughty! Get raunchy right along with them! Role play your favorite fantasy. “What would you like?” your partner will ask. Find it and you’ll be banging away. You’ll wear this book out rereading it from cover to cover, and all over again. Before long, it will have the patina of cum.

Get off to these captivating, magical short bedtime stories for enlightened readers.

You can expect high heels, thongs, dildoes and champagne, lots of sucking, cumming and screaming orgasms. Lesbian sex. Married sex. Kissing, fondling, and a whole lot more!

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