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Nusquam Beckons – ebook


Nusquam Beckons by Chris Bellows

U.S. Deputy Marshal Linda Rankin, having visited Nasquam, finds the notion of membership attractive but as a government employee the initiation fee beyond her means. She also concludes that retribution for the many fugitives of justice she pursues is better meted in the secretive tropical enclave where sadists rule and masochists serve… obviating the time and cost of trial and incarceration.
She has learned that arranging such retribution can be lucrative, the members of Nusquam paying seven figure commissions when the illicit gains of thieves, con artists, embezzlers and criminal perverts are forfeited into the Nusquam coffers. Thus, there comes a solution to both her quest for membership and the desire to bring a different form of justice to those who have transgressed. In conspiring with her boss, a list is assembled of fugitive men and women never to be missed once rendered into servitude. Such are to become Nusquam subjugants.
Read of the clever plots and intrigue utilized to rid the world of those deserving of vengeance and undeserving of wealth. The story entwines many facets of D/s… bondage, body modification, exhibitionism, objectification, humiliation, adult diapering, chastity, corporal punishment… all Female Dominant with both male and female submission.
Those readers who enjoyed “Nusquam’ will find particular delight in this well constructed Chris Bellows tale.

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