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Chastising Milady: A Novel of Painful Pleasures by Imelda Stark

Imagine a world of class and privilege, one in which young women are brought up in strict obedience to stifling social requirements for all behaviors, and in which modesty is extreme and bestial passions are strictly suppressed. Such is the world into which the lovely blonde, Lady Amelia, is born, the bastard daughter of a black sheep royal Prince in England after the War of 1812. Corporal punishment is the widely accepted manner in which the exacting rules of society are enforced from earliest girlhood. But Amelia’s is the sort of bottom found particularly irresistible by those inclined to enjoy the infliction of painful correction. This leads to many challenging situations for the young beauty and predatory authority figures in various settings. At last, circumstances require her to sign on as the Governess for a handsome noble couple who have endless perverse plans for their beautiful new employee.

Includes: male domination, female submission, Ff, spanking, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, strapping, anal play, humiliation, public punishment, public sex, virgin sex, group sex, and enemas.

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“Bend over, girl!” the older woman ordered. Our heroine meekly complied, unwilling to risk worsening her plight by objecting to the suddenly ominous course the proceedings were taking. The height of the horse was such that the relatively tall blonde’s chignon avoided grazing the dusty hardwood floor by a few inches. The Mistress instructed sharply, “Grasp the bottoms of the legs of the horse with your hands, Lady Amelia!” Her wrists were soon secured in place five feet apart by sturdy cords attached to the furniture in question. She had never been bound for punishment before, always having her hands held by her chambermaid. This seemed far more final: there was to be no interference to whatever the Mistress chose to inflict on her poor bottom.

Frances stepped back around to the focus of her avidity; her new student’s now helpless behind. The voluminous skirts and petticoats of the current fashion were summarily raised and deposited over her back, where they descended to virtually imprison her upper body in multiple walls of fabric. This was different from how she’d been spanked at home, where the ritual was always to strip her to her chemise just as she normally would have been at that time of day when preparations for sleep were in order.

But then matters deviated from the previous ritual of our heroine’s punishments even further. Amelia gasped as the Mistress’ cool strong fingers untied the ribbon holding up her pantalets and slowly, inexorably, slid this final barrier between her bottom and total nudity from the waist down entirely to rest upon the floor. Then those same competent hands lifted each of the new student’s feet to free her legs entirely of this last undergarment as she moaned slightly in consternation at this worrisome new state of affairs. It was as though her top and bottom halves occupied two different worlds. From the waist up she was cosseted in multiple layers of fine fabric, almost sealed off from the world and all of its depredations by the tent of her inverted skirts. But from the waist down, she was completely naked and totally exposed, the most vulnerable parts of her available for whatever invasive and no doubt agonizing plans the Mistress had in mind for them.

In the Prince’s household, when Amelia was spanked her pantalets were left around her knees without exception. This no doubt served the purpose of restraining her legs so that their natural inclination to kick and squirm in reaction to the plight of their anatomical neighbors just to the North would not spoil the aim of the person inflicting her punishment. But our heroine now realized that this custom had provided the ancillary benefit of keeping her legs relatively closed, thereby sparing the very private places between them from more flagrant exposure to the world, and most specifically the knowing eyes of her spanker. For Amelia knew herself to be incapable of holding still during a spanking. No matter how much she intended to be quiet and endure her punishment with dignity, once punishing wood or leather began painfully impacting tender buttock flesh, all such restraints fled her mind, and she struggled uncontrollably.

The lissome young blonde felt a surge of mortification as she realized that the Mistress was going to have little doubt of Amelia’s dirty secret just as soon as her spanking began. The beautiful dark eyed leader would surely know that even the anticipation of chastisement had a certain, well, totally appalling effect on the secret organ between her legs. This headstrong part of her would shamelessly broadcast its incontrovertible evidence that she found her spankings quite powerfully arousing in a most unseemly way for a virginal young woman of her times.

And then things got even worse–in fact, almost unimaginably so. The imperious older woman knelt behind Amelia’s now-totally-bared rear end and remarked rather matter-of-factly, “And now, these legs must be properly positioned to grant me the unimpeded access I require to the entire bottom I intend to punish! Step outside the legs of the horse, Lady Amelia, and I’ll secure your ankles so that you’ll be tied nice and snug and not have to worry about another thing until our interview is complete.” The new student had kept her buttocks clenched and her legs glued together since her pantalets had been removed, at least hoping to delay her eventual intimate revelation for as long as possible. But now, the moment of truth had come, and the young Lady sighed in regret as she complied, excruciatingly embarrassed as she placed her feet in the prescribed position.

Mistress Frances tied the cords around our heroine’s final unsecured limbs, and sat back with a wicked grin seen, of course, by no one in the silent late summer evening dimness of the locked room. The sun was leaving the sky in a brilliant display of oranges and purples, temporarily bathing the room in a lovely glow, but soon to fade and leave the two women in darkness. The older woman took a moment to move two whale oil lamps to small end tables placed on either side and to the rear of the horse by about six feet for just this purpose. After all, a great part of the pleasure the sadistic Headmistress took in her depredations of her minions was the visual enjoyment of punished bottoms reacting to their plight. The large south and west facing windows of the corner room provided ample light for this purpose during the daytime. But a dedicated flagellatrix such as Frances would not want to be restricted from full enjoyment of her victims’ delicious wrigglings and clenchings once the sun had gone down.

And indeed, once the lamps were lit and properly trimmed, the view they revealed was every bit as spectacular to the jaded Mistress as the sunset she had just glimpsed lighting the sky. For Lady Amelia’s legs and bottom were as perfect as they could be: muscular and firm from many years of dedicated riding, but softened just the right amount by a half-inch layer of feminine padding, and as perfect an ivory color as imaginable. Frances sighed to herself as she imagined making the pale moons blush until they were as bright a red as the sunset had been – a more delightful prospect she could not imagine. The five-foot wide straddle not only pulled Amelia’s nether moons far enough apart that in spite of their almost boyish muscularity and hence deeper than usual nether cleavage, the delicate dusky rosette of her back passage was clearly visible. This splaying also drew the mortified young Lady’s nether lips apart to clearly reveal all of the secret structures they normally concealed.

But even more wonderful for the older woman was the secret revealed between the delicately parted thighs and buttocks. To be sure, a white-blonde-furred pussy was a welcome and titillating sight to the bisexual woman, but there were plenty of fair-haired students at the Institute who regularly bared their nether charms over the very same horse in the identical posture to take their spankings. What was fantastically apparent as Frances perused Amelia’s naked backside was that the lovely blonde pussy was already in a rather advanced state of sexual arousal. Its delicately floral labia were quite red and swollen with the blood flow of their passionate engorgement, as was the adorable little nubbin of the clitoris just above their upper conjunction.

But even more welcome was the copious clear fluid leaking from the secret passageway just above the lower joining of our heroine’s nether lips. The Mistress well knew (as a dedicated student of the new science of biology) that this was intended by Mother Nature to facilitate the passage of the penis to fertilize the fecund young woman. But the older raven haired beauty also well knew that just because certain reflexes were intended to enable heterosexual conjugation, that in no way prevented someone of the same gender from capitalizing on Nature’s bounty. Only a few of her students over the years had been so naturally aroused by the painful pleasures the Headmistress so fancied, and it was clear that her newest applicant was among the most responsive of this lot by how turned on she was before a single spank had been delivered to her gorgeous backside.


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