Journey Into Chastity, Book Three: New Depths of Pain – ebook



Journey Into Chastity, Book Three: New Depths of Pain by Stanley Jeffries

The final part of Journey into Chastity finds John even more deeply entwined in the triangle of love, denial and physical torment with two beautiful women. Laura, his fiancée, and Christine, her housemate, now seem to be locked in a power play to be in overall charge of the relationship. John is always the long-suffering victim, finding himself enduring even more devious physical and mental tortures, and sexual denial.
Outside of his sex life, John is now excelling in all of his goals. He’s honed his body to please both of his Mistresses, and is working harder than ever to be a good student. But after a frantic weekend of sex and suffering by Christine, she and John both realize he has allowed her physical abuse of him to go too far. When Christine admits what she’s done to Laura the two of them almost come to blows ” and they agree that a cooling off period is needed.
They ask “Goth Girl” Angie to help keep John on edge while the girls head off together on a Spanish vacation since John will be living at Angie’s apartment the following year, he feels it’s a good opportunity to get to know her better. Angie doesn’t have a key to his chastity device there’s no risk of things getting out of hand”or so he thinks. John’s time with Angie convinces him that living with a dominant lesbian couple will certainly not be boring!
When the girls get back from Spain there’s a sinister, and very painful surprise in store for John that will transform the relationship and open new doorways of opportunity, and sexual denial.
The concluding part of this epic trilogy contains detailed scenes of female domination, sexual humiliation, chastity play, bondage, corporal punishment and lesbian cuckolding.

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