Chastising Milady: A Novel of Painful Pleasures


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Chastising Milady: A Novel of Painful Pleasures by Imelda Stark

Imagine a world of class and privilege, one in which young women are brought up in strict obedience to stifling social requirements for all behaviors, and in which modesty is extreme and bestial passions are strictly suppressed. Such is the world into which the lovely blonde, Lady Amelia, is born, the bastard daughter of a black sheep royal Prince in England after the War of 1812. Corporal punishment is the widely accepted manner in which the exacting rules of society are enforced from earliest girlhood. But Amelia’s is the sort of bottom found particularly irresistible by those inclined to enjoy the infliction of painful correction. This leads to many challenging situations for the young beauty and predatory authority figures in various settings. At last, circumstances require her to sign on as the Governess for a handsome noble couple who have endless perverse plans for their beautiful new employee.

Includes: male domination, female submission, Ff, spanking, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, strapping, anal play, humiliation, public punishment, public sex, virgin sex, group sex, and enemas.

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