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Crushed Men by Orlando

Popular Femdom author Orlando is back again with another red-hot collection of Femdom tales. In A Full Ride the price of going to college becomes more than Mike ever dreamed. In Horsing Around what could a woman possibly whisper in your ear that would make you agree to become a horse for the rest of your life? Many men that are into femdom want to be controlled but what does that really mean? In I Want to be Controlled Mark finds out!

Then in The Challenge all David has to do is live for one year under the thumb of the most sadistic woman he has ever met and she is his. Can he make it? Then there’s a Permanent Solution for Brian when his wife catches him masturbating. What might that be?

Training Day, I Want Out, and Still Slaving After All These Years, plus more sizzling stories await in this new collection that runs the gamut of nasty Femdom fantasy. Includes castration, bi, cunnilingus, pony play, watersports, whipping, toilet slavery, personal service, humiliation, chastity, puppy play.

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