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In The Garden of Lust by Lizbeth Dusseau

BDSM Romance. For Marlena, being a submissive to a dominant man is an obsession she cannot ignore. Driven by her haunting need, she seeks out the services of her friend Miriam, a professional Domme who runs a matchmaking service for dominants and submissives. Though Miriam worries that the beautiful 40 year old widow is too inexperienced for the three month arrangement she wants, Lena’s determination wins her over. From Miriam’s files of clients, Marlena chooses a wealthy English actor and lifestyle master, Benjamin Lyons.Following the master’s instructions, Marlena arrives in London wearing nothing but a dress and high heels. She goes directly to a leather shop, where she’s fitted into a locking leather harness that will be her only attire during weeks of training at the master’s country cottage. She shovels shit, tends his animals, and pulls a plow through his huge garden in bridle, bit and harness. Sex is brusque, and brilliant, but all too brief to satisfy an urgent and growing need. The master’s authority is absolute; his lust is savage; and the compassion she sees behind his cold visage gives her hope that there’s a softer man behind the cool fa硤e. He’s all that she desires. But while everything about her new life could be taken straight from her kinky fantasies, fantasy is not reality. And the reality of her slave life is as rough as Miriam warned. Has she made a mistake going these extremes? A battle of wills between master and slave soon escalates into a heated crisis that threatens to end Marlena’s journey into the dark heart of her desire. Romance, passion, steamy sex and graphic BDSM content combine in this tale of sexual awakening.

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