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Miss Hannah’s Girls by Robin Bond

Miss Hannah runs The Circle, a group of college girls who are trained to service the needs of older lesbian women in the town who can afford to pay for their services. (The money goes to charity.) Many of the girls specialise in bdsm, undergoing spanking, bondage, and humiliation at the pleasure of their clients. Miss Hannah has inherited the network from Miss Judith, originally her mentor. She administers a strict regime, with a code of dress and behaviour, and severe punishments for those who infringe regulations.

For her own amusement Miss Hannah dominates the college’s German tutor, Frau Ledermann, who is paraded naked in front of the girls, whipped, forced to teach wearing a chastity belt, and is tattooed and pierced. Mrs Freeman, a member of the college staff, attempts to seduce Viola, one of Miss Hannah’s girls, against her will. Hannah, who fears that the college principal, Dr Lowman, may suspect her activities, discovers that Dr Lowman is conducting an affair with Mrs Freeman. Hannah, as ruthless as she is fierce in her defence of her girls, blackmails both women into silence.

Miss Hannah is aided by Rachel, a girl with a keen eye for beauty and talent among the girls and adept at inducting them into the world of lesbian pleasure and service. Although she has the pick of the student recruits, Rachel pines Miss Hannah, who is sparing and selective with her favours. In the end, Miss Hannah takes one of her girls, Irina, to a special appointment, with a woman who requires cruel domination. Irina finds she has a taste for control. Will Miss Hannah train her to eventually take over management of The Circle?

Lesbian femdom. Seduction, spanking, caning, whipping, bondage, nipple torture, hot wax, strap-on penetration, both vaginal and anal, vibrators, oral sex, tribbing, water sports, humiliation, pet play, orgies, corporal punishment, piercing, threesomes.

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“There’s been a complaint,” said Rachel.

“From whom? About what?” Hannah asked.

“Flora went to service a Mrs Beasley, on the other side of town. She is a married woman of between forty and fifty. Perhaps slightly overweight, but attractive.” (Rachel was rail-thin; a trifle too much, Hannah thought. She would have to speak to her.) “When she got there she found that the entire session was to be watched and filmed by Mrs Beasley’s husband, though he was not to participate.”

“So?” said Hannah. “Is that so unusual?”

“Flora made a fuss. She said she had never shown her naked body to any man and she wasn’t going to now. She stormed out. Eventually, Mrs Beasley said, she got another girl. From Miss Varney,” Rachel added pointedly.

“When did this happen?” Hannah demanded.

“Yesterday afternoon.”

“And we have only just found out about it?”

“Flora said nothing, and Mrs Beasley only reported the matter an hour ago.”

“I see,” said Hannah. This was serious. If they did not take action, the reputation of the entire enterprise would be damaged. Clients didn’t like it if a girl tried to lay down what they would and wouldn’t do after a session had begun. They expected that, having paid their money and agreed terms, they would have a free hand. And Miss Hannah didn’t like it if they lost business to a rival organisation.

“Find Flora and bring her to me,” Hannah said. Taking one look at the stern look on her face, Rachel hurried to comply. An hour later she had located the girl and brought her. She now stood in front of where Hannah sat at her desk, glasses on the end of her nose, as she went through some accounts. Flora was being made to wait, as a small indication of Miss Hannah’s displeasure.

Finally Miss Hannah looked up. She said nothing, but got up from her chair and came round in front of Flora. The girl was dressed as Miss Hannah liked her girls to be dressed: white blouse, hair in a braid, short, pleated navy-blue skirt with white socks up to her knees, and flat shoes. Hannah on the other hand wore a silk blouse tucked into a tight black skirt that showed much of her elegant legs and the stockings that covered them. Her heels were high.

“You have damaged my reputation,” she said to Flora. “That is a very serious matter.”

“I don’t like men,” Flora began.

Hannah held up her hand. “Silence,” she snapped. “Do you suppose for one minute that it matters to me what you like and don’t like?”

Flora head dropped. “No, Miss Hannah,” she muttered.

“What are you?” Hannah demanded.

“I am a cunt, Miss Hannah,” the girl said.

“And what is a cunt?”

“A cunt is a creature of no consequence, the mere plaything of powerful pussies.”

“Do cunts have desires of their own?” Hannah snapped.

“No, Miss Hannah,” Flora said. “Only a desire to please those to whom they are subject.

“When you went to visit Mrs Beasley, what was your purpose?”

“To provide her with whatever services she required, Miss Hannah.”

“And what did she require?”

“She wanted to beat me and then fuck me with her strap-on while her husband watched, Miss Hannah.”

“Did the husband offer to take part?”

“No, Miss Hannah, but he was looking at me –”

“Just answer the question.”

“Yes, Miss Hannah.”

“Was it mentioned when the appointment was made that he would be a spectator?”

“She did mention something about an observer, but she didn’t say it would be a man.”

“What is so disturbing to you about having a man watch?”

“I only like girls, Miss Hannah, and I want only girls to like me.”

“I accept that you don’t like men. As you know, our girls are never hired out to men. But having a male voyeur, I can’t see that’s so bad. After all, he probably wanted to take part, and forbidding this is Mrs Beasley’s way of asserting her control. Isn’t that good?”

“It’s good that she controls him? I don’t want to think about anything to do with men at all, Miss Hannah.”

“You are altogether too picky, Flora. Too rigid in the conditions you set. If you are to get plenty of appointments you need to be more flexible. It galls me to think that Mrs Beasley found a girl from a rival operation. You have cost us money.”

Flora hung her head. “I am sorry, Miss Hannah.”

“In future if there are any more problems like this, you will be expelled from the Circle. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Miss Hannah,” Flora said miserably.

“And I shall consult with my assistant, Miss Rachel, on a suitable act of penance.”

“Yes, Miss Hannah.”

Miss Hannah dismissed her. She wanted time to think. She sympathised with the girl’s unwillingness to have men involved sexually in any way. But there was a principle involved. Once Mrs Beasley had made the appointment and mentioned that there might be an observer, if Flora was so fussy about it not being a man she ought to have mentioned it.

Hannah didn’t like her clients to be disappointed or inconvenienced. It was bad for the reputation of the organisation. And she was very strong on principles. She could not let her girls take things into their own hands in this way. Hannah sighed. When Miss Judith had given her the job of running the organisation, she had little idea of how much work was involved. It seemed as though every day there was some new crisis. Admittedly most of them were minor, and easily resolved; nevertheless, it all took time. On the other hand, Hannah had come to realise just how much she enjoyed exercising authority. And then there were the girls. Those selected for training were a mixed bunch; the Circle needed a widely varied collection of girls to meet all tastes: tall girls, short girls; skinny girls and well-rounded ones; blondes and brunettes, girls who liked to be fucked and girls who liked to fuck, and so on. And once they had been selected for training, Hannah had plenty of opportunities to test out their sexual prowess. Flora was a pretty little thing. But right now Hannah had to be firm. Flora was ordered back the next day.

“I’ve made a decision. If you have limits, you articulate them in advance. You don’t spoil a client’s pleasure by causing disruptions during a session. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Hannah,” Flora said. She was contrite, that was clear. If she had shown any truculence, the punishment would have been severe. Perhaps Flora would have been suspended. As it was, Hannah resolved to be lenient, though not too much so,

“Bent over and lift your skirt,” Hannah said.

Flora immediately complied. Hannah pulled the girl’s white cotton knickers down to her knees. She went over to where she kept her cane, just above the mantelpiece. She came back, swishing it from side to side.

“Six,” she said. “Hard ones.”

Hannah landed the cane right across the centre of Flora’s unblemished bottom. At once there was a red mark. Flora clenched her buttocks and lifted her feet, one at a time.

“Keep still,” Hannah ordered. The cane swished again. The second stroke fell in almost an identical spot. Hannah prided herself on the precision of her aim, achieved with much practice. The third and fourth strokes fell close together. Flora was breathing hard, trying to remember what she had been taught: relax, breathe slowly and deeply. Don’t fight the pain; go under it.

The fifth stroke was aimed at the tender spot just where the buttocks met the top of the thighs. Flora cried out. “Silence,” snapped Hannah. The last stroke was harder, landing with a loud crack across the middle of her bottom. Flora stumbled and began to cry.

“No snivelling,” Hannah said. “It’s all over. Now listen. You will make another appointment with Mrs Beasley, with no extra charge. If Mrs Beasley wishes her husband to watch, he may do so, though he may not touch you. And if there is the least argument, you will be expelled from the Circle. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Hannah,” Flora said through her tears. “Thank you.”

Hannah gave her a little kiss on the forehead. “You’re a good girl, Flora. You must just grow up a little and not panic about men. They are inferior beings, and no concern of ours.”

“Yes, Miss Hannah,” Flora said.


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