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Devil’s Brand & Kingdom of Slaves by Paul Moore

Two novels now available in one paperback!

There is no mistaking the fact that “Nymph” is a sex slave, provided by the generous host of Domain for Gordon’s pleasure. She is there to serve him during his stay on this most unusual island kingdom. Shocked, fascinated, and curious, Gordon asks Nymph to tell him how she became a slave. She tells him of her troubled childhood, of the mysterious woman who seduced and trained her, and of the final desperate choice she made.

On the island kingdom of Domain, human ponies provide transportation, public whippings provide entertainment, and cruel games of chase and capture provide sport. Bound in a tiny cage in the dungeons below, waiting for the whip, Nymph continues her story as she describes her slow descent into a life of sexual slavery. Listening to her, Gordon is horrified by the ordeals she has endured, and is determined to win a better life for the woman he is growing to love.

A story of bondage, strict discipline, humiliation, corporal punishment and anal sex. It includes scenes of female bisexuality, public punishment and pony play, a tale of contrasts start to finish, captured in Paul Moore’s lucid and sensuous prose.

Another fascinating story about the island kingdom of Domain…

When Kim hears intriguing rumors about a place called “Domain”, her curiosity is aroused. It may be a religious cult, or a para-military group, fit fodder for an investigative reporter on the prowl. She doesn’t know that she is about to fall neatly into a trap. Stripped, whipped, and sexually abused, Kim is shipped to an island kingdom where sexual slavery is legal and escape is impossible. Her captors refuse to believe that she is there by mistake, and she has no choice but surrender

Sarah is a ruthless guard in The Training Facility. It is her duty to transform frightened women into obedient female slaves. Though she knows that it is always a mistake to become personally involved with her charges, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Kim. Yet the law of Domain is clear. When Kim’s training is complete, she must be branded and sold to the highest bidder. This story includes scenes of graphic S&M, female bisexuality, anal discipline and humiliation.

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