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Juggler’s Choice by Keith ‘Doc’ Raymond

In every woman there is desire. In every desire there is a hunger and a reward.

Clarice wants to master desire and offer fulfillment to her lovers. From an erotic modern dance to an exotic Tantric temple, from a temple to a Kinbaku Theater to sampan pleasure barges, and finally to a freighter bound for sexual magic. Join Clarice in an adventure of the senses, finding passion in the power it covets.

This Erotic Femdom Thriller includes BDSM, Heterosexual, Homosexual, Orgies, Kinbaku (Japanese bondage), whipping, fetish attire, sex toys and more.

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Juggler’s Choice Excerpt:

First Time- To Whet Your Appetite



Franco hovered above her. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want you. Want you to be the first.”

The shock passed over his face, then a responsibility settled there. A need to be gentle with her. To make it special. He touched Clarice, and she shuddered, lifting her chin. He kissed her and slipped one finger inside her. She gasped, feeling her own wetness, and the rasp of his fingernail.

“Okay?” he asked, pulling his lips from hers.

“Si, si, il mio amante.”

Removing his finger, he used his hand to tease her labia with the tip of his penis, moving it up and down. Moistening the glans with her secretions. She thrust her hips up to meet him, making ‘Mmm’ sounds. Slowly, ever slowly, he eased into her, a little at a time. He felt her tremble beneath him. It was tight. Super tight, as she felt her vaginal muscles first resist, then relax with the stretch.

‘Not like a dildo at all,’ she thought, ‘so warm, scorching even, and softer.’

He kissed her neck, licking back up to her lips, and kissing them, until they eased open and their tongues touched. He matched his penetration below with that above. When he was deep inside her, he stopped and waited for her to relax. He felt her pussy squeezing down on him, pulsing deliciously, but it was hard on both of them, until she relaxed.

She felt herself go, particularly when he shifted, making slight adjustments to his position. Clarice breathed deeply, and he eased out and thrust slowly in. She loved it, more intense and wonderful than she ever imagined. Franco struggled against the urge to come. He was sweating, still not believing he made love with such a gorgeous girl. Of course, there were others. But this was different. She was different.

He suckled her breasts with her already broad areola. When he sucked hard, he felt her grip on his cock. He moved faster, and she cried out. Unable to control himself, he pulled out just in time, and came all over her. Huge spurts of semen, making her laugh greedily. She herself had not had an orgasm, but it didn’t matter. She felt good. Felt like a woman.


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