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Diana by John Ponder

Femdom. Spies Amora and Luna are sent to the planet Diana undercover. The two are lesbian lovers. Their assignment is to sleep with the powerful men who have conquered this female dominated planet and learn their secrets. While the Federation of planets drove the invaders off, the raped women of Diana will soon give birth to their children. It’s decided that the male babies must be controlled. They devise a method of doing this so extreme that it’s kept secret.

Once on Diana, Amora and Luna are allowed only in the tourist islands, where visitors can act out their wildest fantasies. The rest of the planet is strictly off limits. Tensions grow between the lesbian couple when Amora’s desire for sex with men is reawakened through meeting submissive men she finds there.

When Amora and Luna finally link up with their contact, and are taken to the forbidden area, they observe firsthand the extreme domination imposed on men. Both spies have mixed feelings about what they discover on Diana and question if they are doing the right thing. One thing is clear, in the world of espionage, things are not what they seem and no-one knows whom they can trust. Their perilous exploits on this planet have only begun!

Includes oral-sex, deep-throat, FF and MF sex, anal, ass-licking, public-sex, extreme pony-play, whipping, caning, and spanking.

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