Catherine’s Dilemma


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Catherine’s Dilemma by Tina Gray

Catherine returns in this sequel to Catherine’s Dream, just as she and her Dominant lover Sam have become engaged. Enter Caitlin, Sam’s ward since her father died and her mother ran off. He introduces her to Cat and their lover Maddie, in hopes that the two can take her under their wing. They teach young woman about makeup, fashion and other girly things, and in the process, Caitlin transforms into quite a knockout. She also comes to terms with her secret love for Sam, who has taken care of her for so many years. Once she confesses her love, Sam finds himself falling in love with her. When Caitlin moves into the lake house with the threesome, she quickly becomes a part of their polyamorous love nest. As life shifts for Cat and Maddie, they decide they want to marry, while giving their blessing to a marriage between Sam and Caitlin. Only later does Catherine realize that she’s still in love with Sam. An unexpected turn in their relationship will bring both joy and uncertainty to all four in this kinky quartet. This BDSM romance includes Male domination, submission restraint, bondage, polyamory, lesbian, spanking, toys and hot sex!

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Sam awakened to soft lips kissing him and hands touching his erect penis. He opened his eyes to the morning light streaming through the windows and Cat’s smiling face close to his. It was Maddie who was stroking his erection.

“Good morning, daddy,” Maddie welcomed him facetiously.

“Good morning, lover,” Cat said between her kisses. “It’s a beautiful day.”

He rolled over on his back and just enjoyed what they were doing to him. “What a wonderful way to wake up,” he declared. The girls giggled.

“We hoped you might like it,” Maddie replied as she continued her stroking. She pushed both of her hands down his shaft to the base, and leaned over and kissed the sensitive tip as she gazed into his eyes. Next, she licked it from tip to base. Sam shuddered. “Let me show you something else,” she said. With that she lowered her head all the way down on him, taking his whole member in her mouth and throat for the first time. He didn’t think she could do it, but she did. Then she started raising and lowering her head on him, taking him deeper with every move. Cat must have been giving her instructions, he realized. She was still kissing him, not deeply, more like little nibbles all over his mouth and face. He loved her new technique. He thought the two girls had been sharing secrets. At that point he didn’t care, they were taking him to Nirvana.

He could feel the beginning of his orgasm. Maddie sensed it too. “Not yet, Daddy. I want something else.” He loved her calling him Daddy. She pulled her mouth away from his cock and gave it a squeeze as she moved over him. “Cat says this is wonderful, and I want to try it now.” She straddled him and raised his erection straight up from his body. She positioned it below her and lowered herself to take him inside. The first time she tried, he slipped forward, and she missed. The second time, her aim was true. She impaled her soaking twat on his cock and slid it all the way in, beginning her gyrations on top of him. It was great for her, and she felt the newfound freedom of being on top.

Cat raised her head and kissed Maddie. Sam was tightening his muscles inside her as she moved up and down on him. It was driving her wild. Cat moved to straddle Sam’s face and lowered her labia onto his mouth. He knew just what to do. She moved back and forth on him as his tongue and mouth worked on her from below. She and Maddie leaned forward and put their arms around each other’s neck and began making out passionately. Of course, Sam’s cock was stimulating Maddie, and when Cat covered her breasts with her hands and began to work on them, she hit a higher gear. All three lovers were on their way to amazing orgasms, but not too quickly. They wanted to enjoy this new game they were playing. The girls’ knees were touching as they both straddled Sam and their kisses were wet and sloppy. They didn’t care. They amazed Sam with what they were doing to him. He wondered when they had cooked up this scene.

Maddie quickly got the hang of riding Sam, and Cat was helping her as she rose over him only to force herself back down again. Sam was holding everything he could, but having them both at the same time was more than he could handle. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Maddie added a new wrinkle to her technique. When she impaled herself deeply on him, she started shaking her booty and squeezing him harder. The new sensation ruined his plans. He let loose and blew his wad deep within her vagina, all the way in. She thought he was going to blow her off his erection with his first powerful blast. She fought back, intensifying her efforts. He came again, but this time, he took her with him. As her first orgasm faded, she forced herself down on him with even more force, feeling him press strongly against the opening to her uterus. Sam was so entranced with what Maddie was doing to him, he didn’t notice that Cat was close to her climax as well. His first real clue came when he got a mouthful of her juices that flowed down his cheeks and over his chin. All three of them came at the same time, and there was more to come. Maddie was going crazy on him and Cat was pressing harder into his face as she increased her pace against his tongue and mouth. Sam did everything he could to accommodate them. At last, they collapsed in each other’s arms and fell off him onto the bed. Neither moved for a while.


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