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Enslaved by Parker Daniels

“The man was wild. Untamable. This situation could only end one way, and that was badly. However, I couldn’t deny his feral magnetism. The way I yearned to feel his touch. To spread my legs for him. To invite him into my very core over and over again until there was no end to either of us, only a beginning.”

The Vikings are coming, and Lady Marra of Ravensworth has the great misfortune of being directly in their barbarous path!

When Lady Marra is banished to an abbey by her greedy stepfamily, she realizes life is not only unfair but tis cruel as well. Little does she know the answer to her problem is sailing directly into Whitmore’s harbor in the form of a fierce, heavily armed and tattooed army.

Ivar Vargr is headed for England and once he gets there, he sees more than land that he wishes to conquer Spotting a raven-haired beauty in nothing but a thin shift along a craggy shoreline, the warlord will soon discover that his destiny lies in this lush country in more ways than one. Believing Odin has fated this encounter, the Viking warrior decides to subdue both the land and the intriguing mystery woman. Ivar’s instincts tell him he should enslave this English lady and use her for his desires. Only, it won’t just be her body that he ultimately claims. It will be her heart as well!

A steamy hot romance, set in medieval England with its castles, knights and desirable women, along with marauding warriors, male domination and control, female surrender, obedience, torrid graphic often dirty sex. Will this fated pair of lovers find their happily ever after? Read it and find out!

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Letting the anxiety of my day slip away, I leaned back in the warm water and thoroughly enjoyed it until it began to cool. Realizing I had tarried long enough, I took up the soap and began to lather it in my hands. Starting with my feet, I worked my way up to my thick, dark hair. I didn’t know when the next time would be when I’d have access to such luxury again, so I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity while I had it available to me.

I was rinsing my head under the water when I heard the door to the chamber open. Groping for my towel, I spluttered, “I’m not ready yet, Thorsten. Just five more minutes.”

I heard a laugh, but it did not belong to the redheaded Viking. It belonged to the blond giant, Ivar.

“I would cut Thorsten’s eyes out if he entered this room whilst you bathed,” he announced, his words serious but his tone jesting.

My hand finally landed on the bathing cloth and I pulled it toward my face. Wiping my eyes, I was able to see without the sting of soap burning them.

“Ivar,” I spluttered, for some reason relieved it was him and not the other, “you startled me.”

Standing above me, the powerful Viking looked down from his impressive height. “I have something for you, nun,” he spoke, his eyes so warm it was as though gazing into a well-stoked fire.

It was then that I noticed the giant was carrying something familiar. “My dress!” I ejected, my joy pouring off of me as readily as the suds when I pulled myself to the lip of the tub.

Ivar gifted me with one of his rare smiles. “I thought that might please you.” Staring down into the water, he asked, “How much has it pleased you?” His smile turned predatory. “Enough for a kiss?”

My stomach flip-flopped at the idea. And not in a bad way. “Yes,” I breathed, realizing that I wanted to kiss him, even though twas probably dangerous to foster these emotions between us.

The man was wild. Untamable. This situation could only end one way, and that was badly. However, I couldn’t deny his feral magnetism. The way I yearned to feel his touch. To spread my legs for him. To invite him into my very core over and over again until there was no end to either of us, only a beginning.

“Well?” he posed, lording above me, my gown dangling from his thick, muscular arm.

“I’m bathing at present, milord,” I reminded him, that nub between my legs fluttering with excitement at him seeing me without any clothes on.

Ivar hiked a brow. “I never mind a woman who is wet,” he returned, reaching out his hand and running his thumb along my bottom lip.

Pressing the digit further into my mouth, I did the unspoken and sucked gently upon it. I could see the banked fire in the Viking’s green eyes flare to life. The front of his chauses began to tighten as his cock tested the seams.

How strange that such a tiny action could elicit such a big response, I thought with much amusement. I’d never used my body as collateral before, but I realized there was an opportunity here to do just that. The realization sparked a plan to form in my mind. What if I gave this invader what he wanted? And in turn, he gave me what I wanted? Specifically, revenge against my stepfamily.

Aldrich had gotten away scot-free for the last time. He needed to be punished, as did his vile mother. My Viking conqueror might be just the sword of justice I needed to carry the deadly deed out. If nothing else, I would be contented with the notion that evil did not prosper. It might not be a perfect solution, but twas one I could make do with.

Adding more pressure to his thumb, I sucked harder and began bobbing my head slowly back and forth on the digit. When I saw his chest swell and his root thicken even further, I knew I’d done the right thing. Stepping up the pressure, I added the flick of my tongue along the rough pads. I heard his breath hitch and his free hand sank into my wet hair to guide my movement.

“Enough,” Ivar ordered after a few more licks, fingers tangled in the ebony mass as he tipped my head back. Exposing the pale column of my throat, he forced me to make eye contact with him as he said, “Arise and give me the kiss I was promised or else I’ll put that pretty mouth to use somewhere else!”

Taking a deep breath, I did as he commanded. Placing my hands on the rim of the tub, I steadied myself and began to rise, never breaking eye contact. Warm, lapping water sloshed over the sides of the tub with my movement. As soon as I was exposed to the air, my skin tingled and my nipples hardened.

Watching my every move like the hunter does his prey, Ivar’s tongue slipped forth from his mouth and ran along his bottom lip in anticipation of our contact. Tossing my gown over the stool, he freed both his hands to caress my sensitive skin. Starting at my collarbone, he ran them down the prominent arch and over the swell of my breasts.

Testing the weight of the globes in his hands, he squeezed the dense flesh, grazing the pad of his thumb along the nipple. Already a tight little bud, it puckered almost painfully under his skilled touch.

My head drooped lazily back and my arms relaxed at my sides to allow him full access to my body. The Viking’s massive paws skimmed down to my waist, nearly spanning the entire circumference.

Squeezing and kneading my hips, he said, “You claim to have never been touched by a man before, nun. But your bold actions tell me otherwise.”

My hooded eyes ran the length of his body before I responded, “Perhaps you are just that skilled, milord.”

Ivar guffawed. “You are a clever one, Marra. Appealing to a man’s vanity. Tis a wise course. One that will rarely steer you wrong.”

I smiled, feeling emboldened by his words. “If not your vanity, Viking, is there something else I should be appealing to?”

Ivar answered my question by dropping his mouth down to meet my lips. His strong fingers cradled my head, pressing me hard against his mouth. His hips flexed in a silent demand against mine and I shuddered against him.

Taking his lead from earlier, I opened to him like a flower does its delicate petals to the morning sun. Teasing the soft seam of his lips with my tongue, I gave the full lower one a soft nip. He grunted with pleasure, grinding his fully clothed body against my naked flesh, his tongue mating with mine.

To my surprise, I felt his hand slip between my thighs. Without question, I divided my legs and set my foot onto the lip of the tub so that he could have better access to me. Those thick fingers of his swiped through my folds and grazed my slit. Finding the little button of flesh that always seemed to be hot and throbbing in Ivar’s presence, he began rubbing slow circles against it until that place was the absolute center of my being.

My nails dug into the Viking’s bulging arms. I shamefully whimpered his name alongside my desperate pleas of “More!” and “Harder!”. In no time, the walls of my flesh began to pulse and tighten, heralding my imminent release.

As I plunged into bliss, my hand snaked down to the bulge in his breeches, needing to feel his cock as he worked me over. He grunted as my fingers outlined his massive shaft. Roughly squeezing and jerking the rod through the cloth, I rocked in an age-old rhythm that all humans instinctively know, until he’d wrung the very last ounce of pleasure from my body.

The water surged up from his rough handling of me then, soaking my Viking invader up to the knee. It broke the trance long enough for him to pull back, his chest rising and falling in obvious excitement.

Staring at my swollen and puffy lips, Ivar warned, “I would be careful if I was you, minx. If you do not wish to lose your maidenhead in just a few short thrusts, we’d best finish this “kiss” after the feast. Tis been much too long since I have had a woman, and you heat my blood more than most.”

“I have heard that is all that it takes,” I admitted hoarsely, worrying my bottom lip with concern.

Had Katie been wrong? Did it take longer? Could I even handle more from this mountain of a man?

Ivar snorted. “Not if it is done right. I want you to enjoy what I do to you, nun. Not just “endure” it.”

On that last word, he slicked his finger over the swollen nub between my folds one last time. I immediately melted against his touch, wanting more than just those fingers. Just a simple touch. I wanted all of him. Hot. Heavy. And hard. I wanted him deep inside of me until I shouted out my release ten times over.

“Now who is the one teasing who, Viking,” I rasped, holding on to his arm before I collapsed from the bliss of his nimble fingers.

Ivar smiled. “Finish your bath then meet me downstairs.” He slipped the wet fingers between his lips, licking them clean of my juices. “I am ravenous, and I mean to eat my fill.”


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