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Femme Island by LeRoy Alger

On an afternoon cruise off the coast of Florida, Jenny and her friends Mindy, Tom, Sandy and Max get caught in a sudden storm. Their boat capsizes and washes up on the beach of Femme Island. The once luxurious resort is now governed by the sadistic, man-hating Nufu, who captures the friends, charges them with espionage and trespassing, and then imprisons them.

Her philosophy is freedom through discipline, which includes intense protocol, strict rules, and fierce punishment for failure to obey. Humiliation, restraints and corporal punishment are the means she accomplishes control of the island’s citizens. There is no forgiveness or leniency. Her aim is to discipline! The men on the island are slaves to the dominant female population. They have no rights and must submit to the needs of all women. The sole purpose of their existence is manual labor and sexually serving the female community.

However, even the female population submits to the strict laws and structure in this elaborately contrived society. And yet, they have a peace no one has ever experienced before. How can this be?

The story details the journey of each of the five friends on the island. Each has a different means of dealing with their new life of imprisonment. Their individual stories involve rebellion, an attempt to escape the island, becoming a sex servant, and embracing the new life of submission and protocol. The reader will learn who succeeds and who fails.

Includes femdom, male and female submission, heavy bondage, restraints, whipping, punishment, cock rings, strap-on dildos, torture, piercing, tattoos, nudity, shaving, public exhibitions, oral, anal and straight sex. A raw, rough, no holds barred BDSM tale. Not for the faint-hearted.

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Max and Tom disappeared into the deep brush to find something to use for a fire and shelter. They returned with palm branches and twigs. Max started building a fire while Tom tried to build something to cover them in case the storm moved south. Dusk quickly turned to complete darkness. The air got cool from the breeze off the ocean even though it was July. A lean-to was all Tom could create, and it wasn’t very stable. Hopefully, it was enough to protect them from the elements. The fire wasn’t any more successful. Max could not seem to get anything going with the wind blowing.

“Can’t you rub two sticks together or something?” Mandy commented. “You watched that reality show where the people were naked in the jungle. Didn’t you learn to start a fire?”

“And he was a scout,” Jenny interjected. “The “TOP” scout,” she mocked.

Max scuffed at her and continued to work on getting heat. He did, however, take her words to heart. At one time, he could use two sticks to start a fire. Finding some fuzzy brush in the sand, maybe it was moss, he put it under some small twigs and started a fire with two sticks.

“Finally,” Mindy shouted. “Now find me some food. I’m starving.”

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to eat anything until the sun comes up in the morning,” Tom admitted. He was also hungry, but also realistic about what they were facing. He put his arm around Mindy and pulled her close to him. Sandy moved close to her boyfriend and pulled his other arm over her and nestled into him. She wasn’t as thin as the other girls. In fact, she was ‘thick’ in some opinions. Her height made her look heavier than she really was. Only five feet, two inches, she had some extra rolls and a butt that had a good jiggle to it. Her breasts were very large and round. Long dirty blonde hair nearly touched the crack of her ass. Tom found her attractive. He had been since they first met in English class fifteen years before. He was just shy of six feet tall. His slender form made his long penis look even longer and thicker. Sandy loved having sex with him, and he loved it equally in return with her. They had a lot of chemistry and history between them, making for a great, loving relationship.

Sandy moved her hand down to Tom’s thigh. His cock began growing instantly. She giggled, reaching inside his suit, and taking it in her hand. It became rock hard.

Mindy was observing what was happening. “What’s going on?” she joked. “Get a room!”

“My hand has been in there less than ten seconds and your alarm goes off?” Sandy teased.

“I’m sitting right here, Sandy. It’s not like I can’t see what you are doing, even in the dark.”

“It’s not like you haven’t seen his dick before,” Sandy replied. “Besides, I’m scared and really, really stressed. A little cock might make me feel better.”

“A little cock will make anyone feel better,” Mindy jested. “It always makes me feel better.”

“Then why don’t you give her a hand?” Tom joked. “I don’t mind.”

Mindy accepted the invitation. “Take your pants off,” she suggested. Lifting his hips, he took his swimsuit off and sat naked next to them in the sand. The girls took ahold of his cock and began stroking in unison. He was enjoying the attention as a bit of a stress reliever himself. Sandy moved from his embrace and took his cock into her mouth. She licked the tip with her tongue, then slid it down her throat. With no gag-reflex, she could take all nine inches into her mouth. When it was all the way in, she could slide her tongue out and lick his balls.

Mindy repositioned herself so she could passionately kiss Tom and slide her fingers inside Sandy’s pussy. It was dripping wet, as was her own. She slid two fingers into her own wetness as she worked on her friend.

Jenny watched without being obvious. She was staring. She wasn’t sure how she felt about them having sex, considering the situation they were in. Max fell asleep next to her. She focused her attention on the moving flames to distract her. Until Sandy climbed onto Tom’s cock and was riding him reverse cowgirl while Mindy fingered her own pussy and sucked Sandy’s nipples. It was more than she could bear to watch. Her own pussy dampened in her bikini bottoms. She knew Sandy and Mindy had threesomes with Tom frequently. She was less shocked at that as much as she was under the circumstances. Sandy and Mindy also had a sexual relationship on the side of Tom. It was never something she witnessed firsthand until now. She could clearly see Mindy with her legs spread wide and her fingers buried in her bald pussy as she sucked her friend’s nipple into her mouth.

It was impossible to avoid watching them. Excitement built in her own body. Max slept next to her. She was also stressed from the past hours and thought she could use a bit of a release as well. Masturbating somewhere besides the privacy of her own home was not something she ever did. Now she had to decide if she would wake Max up and fuck him, masturbate, or join her friends. Masturbating was the quickest choice, and she crawled away from her boyfriend to get a better view of her friends. Sliding her fingers down to her own pussy, she began working across her hairy mound and into her dripping snatch. Her heart raced as she slid two, then three fingers into her pussy.

Mindy moved from fingering herself to sitting on Tom’s face. She rocked back and forth on his face while her friend feverishly slid his cock in and out of her. Jenny tilted her head back as an orgasm flowed over her. Max remained asleep.


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