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Femme Island by LeRoy Alger

On an afternoon cruise off the coast of Florida, Jenny and her friends Mindy, Tom, Sandy and Max get caught in a sudden storm. Their boat capsizes and washes up on the beach of Femme Island. The once luxurious resort is now governed by the sadistic, man-hating Nufu, who captures the friends, charges them with espionage and trespassing, and then imprisons them.

Her philosophy is freedom through discipline, which includes intense protocol, strict rules, and fierce punishment for failure to obey. Humiliation, restraints and corporal punishment are the means she accomplishes control of the island’s citizens. There is no forgiveness or leniency. Her aim is to discipline! The men on the island are slaves to the dominant female population. They have no rights and must submit to the needs of all women. The sole purpose of their existence is manual labor and sexually serving the female community.

However, even the female population submits to the strict laws and structure in this elaborately contrived society. And yet, they have a peace no one has ever experienced before. How can this be?

The story details the journey of each of the five friends on the island. Each has a different means of dealing with their new life of imprisonment. Their individual stories involve rebellion, an attempt to escape the island, becoming a sex servant, and embracing the new life of submission and protocol. The reader will learn who succeeds and who fails.

Includes femdom, male and female submission, heavy bondage, restraints, whipping, punishment, cock rings, strap-on dildos, torture, piercing, tattoos, nudity, shaving, public exhibitions, oral, anal and straight sex. A raw, rough, no holds barred BDSM tale. Not for the faint-hearted.

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