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Fierce by Shawnee Summers

Femdom. James just took a job in Dallas transferring from Miami as an HVAC estimator. Little does he know that first love, Alexa, from college has engineered the transfer. She’s a feminist, who for the past four years has worked on career. Now she wants love ” specifically her first love, James, at her side. When he walks into his favorite sports bar, there she is!
In the following weeks and months Alexa leads James into his new life as her soon to be male wife. She’s one of a group of wealthy Texas widows known as the “Female Leadership Association” (FLA), an organization created to help mentally and/or physically abused women gain independence. The women of FLA aren’t interested in staying home barefoot and pregnant; they chart their own relationships and teach other woman to do the same.
Although the story is a romantic comedy, at its heart are strong messages of gender equality. The power of intimacy and sexual desire are leveraged by our heroines to help the males they love accept their new, submissive and completely unorthodox roles. Plots twists abound! Includes role reversal, anal sex, humiliation and cross dressing.

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Her ass filled out the satin robe in a very athletic and sexy way. I really enjoyed following her into the bedroom. But when I entered her bedroom, I forgot momentarily about her ass. The room was large and feminine. The big bed in the middle of the room had four posts and a flowing sheer material that surrounded it like a beautiful veil. The sheets were pink satin and pulled back as an invitation to slide in. On one side of the bed sat 2 chairs and a little coffee table. Directly above was a chandelier. On the other side was a loveseat and a large flat screen TV mounted to the wall. Behind the bed, I could see a little courtyard and I assume the pool would be close at hand. To my left was a large closet with shelves, drawers, and a large divan for changing. But she did not allow me to gawk. Alexa looked back with an almost smug grin and pulled me to the last door on the left. A rather large bathroom. Inside, I saw 2 sinks, a large clawfoot tub on a pedestal, a makeup table, another entrance to the closet, and a double shower with an obscene number of heads. I also noticed a French door slightly ajar, revealing her commode and bidet.

Alexa led me to the shower and showed me how to use it. Told me to help myself to the products both in the shower and near her sinks. She pointed to several big fluffy towels and said she would be back in a few. I sighed a bit when she disappeared from my sight. Then I striped and placed my clothes on a little table near-by. Stepping into the warm water was divine. She was right; I had a long and taxing day, but the rejuvenating water was lifting my spirits. I reached for some shampoo. I lifted it and sniffed it. It was in a beautiful bottle and the scent was feminine. Same with the conditioner and body soap. Lacking other options, I used what was at hand. I grabbed a towel and dried myself off admiring this beautifully feminine and elegant bathroom suite. I noticed a sign above the entrance to the bedroom that said, “Mistress Suite.” I had to laugh as Alexa loved to say good for the Goose good for the Gander.

I felt so fresh and clean that I really hated to put my smelly clothes back on. But once again, no options. So, I reached for my clothes and got an unexpected surprise. In the place of my clothes were a matching robe to Alexa’s and a pair of French cut panties both colored powder pink. I looked at them and my first thought was “Hell No!” As I stood there defiantly and silently saying no, no, no, no. The clothing riveted my eyes. They were so soft and pretty. Before I knew it, my hands were gently stroking the panties. They had a little black bow on the front. I stood close enough that the robe brushed my leg. The light caress was truly enticing. I really did not intend to run the fabric of the robe over my thighs. In fact, I did not intend to pick up those panties and let them flow over my face, but I did. As I was enjoying the silkiness of the garments on my body, an “Ahem startled me!” I just about hurt myself putting the garments back on the little table and may have given myself a slight case of whiplash spinning my head to see Alexa watching me. She stood at the doorway with a quizzical grin her hands behind her butt leaning against the entrance to the mistress bedroom.

“James, please quit playing with your lingerie and put it on. It will fit perfectly since I got it for you!” teased Alexa. “But Alexa, you know I’m not gay.” “Of course, you’re not gay. Why would I invite a gay man into my bed?” “It just seems wrong for me to wear these panties and robe!” “Why James because men don’t wear panties?” “Well, yeah, men don’t wear panties!” She just barked a little laugh then added, “Well my dear your clothes are in the wash and I want you to wear the panties and robe. Beside in case you haven’t noticed they match mine, very sexy don’t you think?” I really did not have an answer because, as usual, she was right. The robe looked very sexy on her. As I was considering her statement, she pulled her robe slightly to reveal her white panties underneath. “Do you think my panties look sexy, James?” “Oh My,” was all I could get out of my tongue-tied, confused mouth. Alexa looked down and saw my penis was rock hard. “Your mouth says no, but your body says yes. Let’s let our bodies do the talking! Hurry and get dressed for me. The satin sheets will feel divine in your new panties.” She began to turn and walk back to the bedroom but hesitated and she turned her head back and said, “I left a condom and deodorant on the sink for you. Please put them on. I expect we will be sweaty before long.” “Ok, but why the condom?” “Perhaps I should say panty liner, it will be a bit before I take your panties down. I will need you to warm me up thoroughly before I accept your love. I expect you will be excited and wet spots on panties are not very sexy.” She made a lemon face to emphasize her statement. “Hurry darling I need to get laid before the weekend is over!” With that she smiled a wicked smile and disappeared through the door to the mistress bedroom.

I slipped the robe on and it was soft and silky as a dream. Then with a ‘what the hell attitude’, I gently placed a foot and then the other into the pink panties. They began to float up my legs, and it lost me in the delightful sensation. Then I looked down and noticed my boner was leaking something fierce. I realized she was right I needed to put on my panty liner–uh condom. Before slipping my panties home. I considered removing them for the short walk to the sink but honestly, I found myself reluctant to take them off now that I felt the cool satin against my legs. I watched myself in the mirror moving to the sink. It was surreal. I was wearing a pink robe and panties on my thighs, duck walking in the Mistress Bathroom. I made the sink and donned the panty liner and deodorant. I never knew how feminine Lady Speed Stick smelled, but I was not willing to argue with Alexa. I wanted her to take me into her bed!

I stepped out of the mistress bathroom and into the mistress bedroom. My feet stopped as if stuck in mud. Alexa’s vision was just too much. Her hair splayed at her shoulders. Her hands and bottom perched on the edge of the bed. Her breasts filling the silky white robe and her legs ran down to the floor. She had her feet together and a magical smile split her red lips when I emerged. She clapped her hands to her cheeks and straightened her back. “Oh James, you look so sexy! Spin around so I can see your cute bottom in your sexy panties.” I did an awkward spin, and she just giggled. Done waiting, I started to walk quickly towards her. Alexa opened her arms and stood to accept me into them. When our bodies met, she enveloped me into her aura. She was soft, sexy, and smooth. Her fragrance and womanly magic surrounded and completed me; lost in her femininity. Our embrace was tender, but it contained an element of desperate need. I needed her and she needed me. I trembled slightly with desire and our lips joined in a wet and deep kiss. As of their own volition our bodies began to move from the foot of the bed to the side. We never broke the kiss as we slid into the waiting satin of Alexa’s four post bed.

The feel of satin sheets, Alexa’s warmth and lingerie held a comfort so deep and wholesome. Our hands began to explore one another’s bodies. All other concerns and cares evaporated in the heat of our passion. My self-confidence came back for the first time since seeing my beautiful angel in the bar. Alexa laid back and allowed me to move my kisses from her warm, sweet mouth to her outstretched neck. Like tiny butterflies, I kissed her neck moving down to her shoulders. I lingered on her shoulders and neck caressing her tummy and legs with my hands. I wanted to take my time and languish kisses on her amazing body. Fighting impatience to pursue my own pleasures, I kept my pace slow and enjoyed the pleasure she was feeling. Her golden treasure would be warm, wet, and inviting I must not rush.

Laying her robe down off her shoulders, I exposed her perky breasts. They stood proud defying gravity. Looking up, I could see her head tilted back mouth slightly open and breath coming in rasps. She was gently moaning my name. My hand began a slow exploration of her inner thighs. The heat was radiating out and drawing me in to her wonderful moistening world. I used the tip of my tongue to tease and flick her erect nipples. My finger made it past her outer defenses and found the growing moisture in her golden treasure. She caught her breath and spread her thighs gently to invite me in. I teased her for long moments, her desire to be entered intensified.

She began rocking her hips gently showing her need for me to enter her. I slipped my other hand to her belly button doing lazy circles and eventually finding the button. Pressing gently, I allowed my other finger to slide inside her velvety warmth. My biting became slightly more intense on her nipples. Her breathing and moaning started speeding up, and I knew she was close to climax. My finger continued to massage inside her. I found her spot causing her to heat to red. Leaving her nipples, I slid my tongue down her tummy. I replaced my finger with my tongue in her belly button. Slightly increasing downward pressure. Her legs opened wider as I slipped a second finger into her juicy love. My gentle but insistent motion was pushing her close to the edge.

Moving my mouth down from her belly button, I found her pleasure button. It was engorged, and she began to moan her hunger. Flicking the tip with my tongue she began to rock with my rhythm. My other hand snuck around her bottom and located her puckered rosebud. I gently teased her bottom with my finger. Alexa began to buck her hips and was nearly screaming my name as orgasmic convulsions rocked her body. Her womanly scent filled my nostrils, and I felt as if I was no longer earthbound but in heaven. She let out a deep and satisfied sigh and her body slumped in exhaustion.

Looking up at her beautiful face, she cracked a smile and opened her eyes. “James, that was incredible you make me feel so loved!” “I have loved you since the moment I set eyes upon you Alexa. You are beautiful in every way. How could I not love such an angel?” “James, I have waited four long years to have the pleasure of your love in me, but if you are willing, I want you to warm me up more. Don’t think of me as selfish, but it has been a long time since I had physical love.” “Beautiful Alexa, I could kiss and caress your gorgeous body till judgement day and never feel you are selfish. I am honored that you have allowed me the joy of your bed.” I responded and gently tilted her hips up towards my face.

Her golden treasure was drenched in her womanly nectar and I did not want to waste a drop. Kissing and licking her tender flower, I cleansed her of the moisture and juice. Allowing her hips to relax on the bed I looked at her and found she was watching me with hawk like intensity. A wicked little grin on my face, I moved toward her slithering up her body, allowing my robe and panties to stay in constant contact with her warm soft flesh. Straddling her hips our lips met. I kissed her deeply sharing her nectar in a passionate kiss. She eagerly shared the kiss and threw her arms around my shoulders, embracing me with all her heart.

She laid her head back down on the pillow as I finished our kiss. I took a moment to admire her beauty in the soft light of her bedroom. She was a picture angelic in beauty and grace. My heart was racing and wanted more of her body. “May I love your entire body?” I breathed. “Please tingle every nerve. I can’t get my fill of your tender kisses!” Sliding back down her tummy and legs I wanted to feel her warmth and was reluctant to break contact with any part of her body. At the end of the bed, I stepped down to the floor and planted my feet. Her eyes looked a bit confused as she misjudged my intentions. She must have thought I was leaving, but I was not. Kneeling before her I was face level with her little feet.

I looked at her with a wicked grin and let my tongue flick over her big toe. She looked intrigued and realized what I had in mind. Looking down, I noticed perfectly manicured toes with a bright red polish. They were perfect and demanded my attention. I slowly went down on her big toe, maintaining eye contact with her. Her eyes hooded over in some emotion that I was yet to explore. When her toe was fully in my warm, wet mouth I bobbed my head slowly making little slurping noises. Alexa was watching me under hooded eyes, and a low moan was escaping her lips. I released her big toe with a sexy little pop and moved from toe to toe. Alexa quick witted asked, “James, I hope this is a natural talent. It seems you have a gift for bobbing. Is there something you haven’t told me?” I just laughed. She also laughed, and we looked into each other’s eyes. “Gee, Alexa, if you don’t enjoy getting a Toe BJ, I could stop!” I let the p of stop linger and did a little movement a girl may do when taunting her man. “No James that’s not what I want. Please continue. Who am I to pass up a BJ?” “That’s more like it!” I snickered. Then I went back to loving on her pretty little feet. How ironic I mused, that here I am in lingerie getting complimented for being good at giving a blow job!

I pulled my mouth off her toes with an audible pop and she opened her hooded eyes to see me gazing at her. “Alexa, may I have the pleasure of kissing your perfect ass?” I said with a slobbery mouth fresh from her BJ. She looked at me and just giggled like a schoolgirl. I really didn’t consider how comical that may have sounded or looked from her long point of view. But I didn’t let it phase me as I gave her my most devious and sexy grin. I began to move back on the bed next to her. Desperate for her kiss, I moved my face towards her ruby lips. She waited till I was almost lip to lip and turned her head slightly denying me the pleasure of her kiss.

“Alexa, what’s wrong? Why won’t you kiss me?” I pleaded. She turned her head slightly to look at me sidelong. “Don’t think I’m kissing you after you sucked my toes!” She flipped her head away in mock disgust and we both started laughing hysterically. When our laughter subsided, she invited me to enjoy her sweet kiss. My hands began caressing her shoulders and arms. Gently rolling her away from me, I moved her onto her tummy. Our lips parted, and I laid her head gently on the pink satin covered pillow. I began lightly kissing the back of her neck. Moving my body straddling her hips, I ran my fingernails up and down her back. She began a slight moan at my ministrations. Moving my body down to her feet, I slowly kissed and gently traced her back with my nails down to her perfect butt cheeks. My mouth began to salivate as I eyed her lovely bottom.

In a dreamy voice she asked, “James what are you doing to me?” “Just lay still and relax gorgeous.” I said in a voice just above a whisper. My tongue began tracing the outside of her butt checks. I moved my fingers down to her feet and slid my finger nails up her athletic legs. I kissed her cheeks with a bit of suction. My wet lingering kisses moved towards her puckered rose bud. Her skin was fresh scented with body wash and clean. Her breathing became more of a controlled pant as she realized I would kiss her deeper than anyone had ever kissed her before.


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