Innocence In Chains – ebook


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Innocence In Chains, Lesbian BDSM by Paul Moore

When the weekly discussion group turns to the topic of sexual fantasies, Tam shocks them all by confessing her dark visions of captivity and torture. Intrigued, Jana seduces Tam and promises to help her explore these desires. She doesn’t realize that the games they play will only whet Tam’s appetite, or that her growing love for Tam will make dominating her increasingly difficult.

Reluctantly, Jana allows Tam to submit to two vicious lesbians, who take her deep into the slave experience with bondage, sexual torture, humiliation, and cruel mind games. Instead of returning her to Jana, they ship Tam off to “The Clinic”, where women are trained and sold.

Spanking, whipping, female bisexuality and extreme anal discipline abound. For those who enjoy the extremes of Fem/fem sexuality.

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