Im-plac-a-ble: Relentless, Unstoppable – ebook



Im-plac-a-ble: Relentless, Unstoppable by Mamie Anne Adams

This dirty story starts out with a bang.

Enter the secret world of wanton behavior, beautiful people, and graphic sex. Angie, Lucille, and Lady Jane each dish it up differently and light up the pages with hot fucking. They know just love isn’t enough. Often, they prefer gulping, mad, deranged X-rated play between the sheets.

Three women. All so different in their tastes for men. Angie takes her own sexuality to the next level with “Desire” parties, while Lucille leads the way with her stimulating Secrets, an intimate jewelry empire. Lady Jane writes dirty books based on her own over-the-top sex life. Enter their world of “anything goes” behavior.

Along with their friends, these women are leaders in sharing their love of fucking. They keep busy between private parties, business endeavors, and the discovery of like-minded partners. The players range from old-school British money to a celebrity chef to new San Francisco A-listers. All wishing for better sex, more often. This is an explosive book full of shooting cum and hot, juicy cunts. Kick start your own libido with this epic read full of vivid, raunchy, delicious sex.

Readers will have a hard time putting down this final third Lucille Carmichael book full of dirty narrative and fantastic world settings. Join along with them and enjoy the magic.

Smart erotica. A fantastic read.

Includes sex, sex and more fucking sex, orgasms, tits and ass, erotic photography, fantasy, masturbation, nipple jewelry, high heels and so much more.

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His hooded eyes had seen it all. He was quite a man with a past.

That woman was rapping on his window as the big Rolls began to pull away from the front of the chateau. He sighed. “Stop,” he said to his driver. Barely raising his voice. And lowered the window. “Yes, miss?”

“Let me in!”

Well, if he must. Every young girl wanted to fuck a legend at least once in her life.

Then there she was, naked on the seat beside him. He could smell her pussy. She’d been fucking already. She immediately filled the space and steamed up the windows. All big jugs and wiggle. Stirred, she made him think dirty thoughts as he grew his first erection of the night. What he could do to her. Her fiery red hair fanned out across her back. Her curly red patch against that white skin of her cunt woke his sixty-five-year-old cock. It began to inch out. Ludicrously, the only single thing she had on was a pair of green satin high heels. Quickly she bounced to his lap, her arms went around his neck. There grew a wet spot on his trousers leg from her hot snatch. He was bowled over when she actually pulled his head lower and rubbed a stiff nipple along his lips. Encouraging him to suck.

He had no choice but to open his mouth. And to bite. Vigorously. It was a spontaneous reaction. Then she was straddling him. Her legs spread wide. Nudging one hand lower, forming his hand to stick a finger in her.

It was juicy in there. She pulsed her cunt on his big middle finger. What on earth was happening to him?

He had just entered Angie’s world. Full on.

Well. This was a turn of events. Now he was going to have to get his suit cleaned.

This wasn’t a party, he reminded himself. This was just a feeble attempt at a party. She whispered something into his ear. It made him laugh. Then he caught the lilt of her voice.



Angie truly wanted every single person there to have a good time. Men and the women. A guest leaving at midnight? She was going to take that personally. When she saw it was Edwards, she was crushed. He had been the one guest she wanted most to meet.

Then she poured it on. “Stay for just a bit longer and I’ll let you draw shamrocks on my titties.”

He stared out the window, pondering. What she had said into his ear made him consider it. He would be the one she let spend the night with her. He looked back at her. He could get lost in those tits. He just might stay. And had his driver pull back around to the front door.

“Room number ten. At three.” Then, with him watching her ass, she got out and walked back into the chateau. Later, at three, they would begin. Harrison thought he had seen it all. But god damn. He had not seen this. She would romp on his dick till he couldn’t see straight. Fat ass slapping into his balls. He would want this forever. His last rational thought for hours.




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