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Peggy’s Dilemma: A Novel of Erotic Complications by Imelda Stark

Meet Peggy, a sweet, anxious to please young woman who has grown up in a fundamentalist religious community which believes in corporal punishment to protect its offspring against the evils of secular society.  Sexual feelings toward members of the same gender are strongly condemned. The community adheres to the teachings of a charismatic leader who prescribes a behavioral program for reorienting lesbian congregants towards men.  Once the gorgeous raven-haired Peggy admits her attraction towards women, she’s encouraged to marry a nice older man who leads her in ‘treatments’ consisting of nude spankings while he stimulates her to orgasm, followed by intercourse until she climaxes again. Several repetitions a day of this program seem to have her substantially reoriented. When her new husband dies of a heart attack, her sexuality goes underground for a long time.

Peggy goes to work at a women’s college operated by her church where she is eventually promoted to the post of assistant Provost. Her duties include being a chaperon for the extremely handsome male Provost, Jason Edwards, as he daily administers bare bottom spankings to rebellious young coeds. Over time, the duo realizes that they have strong feelings for each other. Not only that, the pair are also turned on by the discipline they mete out. When Peggy seeks Jason’s help in disciplining her lovely blonde stepdaughter, she ends up with her own naked buttocks receiving the same strict chastisement that Jason delivers to her charge.

All manner of intriguing naughty complexities ensue, to the extreme satisfaction (always preceded by painful preludes) of all concerned.

Primarily maledom/femsub bdsm, some femdom, with lots of burning buttocks, anal play, breast and pussy punishment, paddles, leather straps, cuffs and gags.

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Margaret Sanderson had a problem. In fact, it was a very big problem that had haunted her for many years, ever since she was a quite confused teenager. And now that she was thirty and had been promoted to Vice-Provost at Holy Redeemer College for Young Ladies, this particular difficulty seemed to be only getting more complicated. That maddening complexity was fast approaching the boiling point where she was afraid she would have no choice but to act on her powerful, confusing feelings. And if she did so, the lovely raven-haired woman feared that there would literally be Hell to pay.

For this is exactly what our Peggy (the nickname Margaret had been called by since girlhood) believed. She had been brought up in the apostolic Protestant faith since earliest memory, and for her there was a God and a Savior and a genuine Satan waiting to catch unwary sinners in his clever nets. Many of the things that had happened to her over her life had been confusing, especially the sexual things. So she had always prayed and listened to her pastors and done her best to be good, but sometimes especially the last part was terribly hard. And recently, for a variety of complicated and bewildering reasons, being good was getting even harder.

One of those reasons for Peggy’s growing confusion was her boss, Provost Edwards. He had been in that role for her since her promotion two years earlier from her original job as the physics instructor at the college. Now she still taught the physics classes, but in addition she worked administratively for half her day under the careful (and way too sexy) blue eyes of Jason Edwards. The fact that he was a bona fide six-foot two-inch hunk of muscular manhood certainly didn’t make her life any simpler. But her romantic feelings towards her dreamy (and damnably single) boss were complicated even further by one of her roles as his assistant.

The particular task that was further bedeviling (so to say) our heroine was her role as chaperone for the corporal punishments that were the strict policy of the school. As a biblically inspired institution, HR (as it was called by the faculty) took quite literally the Old Testament injunction that to spare the rod was to spoil the child. And especially with several hundred energetic college girls whose hormones were causing them to chafe against the restrictions of a strict moral and behavioral code, several spankings each day seemed to be required to maintain proper order.

The role of disciplinarian in such matters at the school was reserved to the Provost. Of course, since he was the only male at the establishment (the classroom teachers all being female), a chaperone was necessary in order to ensure that nothing untoward took place during spankings. And this duty always fell to the Assistant Provost. A miscreant student would be sent to the office with a note from her teacher explaining the nature of the infraction. The school secretary would pull the girl’s file and remove her disciplinary record so Mr. Edwards would have convenient access to the punishment history of the culprit. Then Peggy would be summoned to take the record into the Provost’s office. Meanwhile the distraught student awaited her fate under the watchful (perhaps a bit gloating?) eye of the secretary.

Peggy and Jason would then discuss the appropriate consequence for the infraction in question. For first offences or minor infractions such as whispering in class or passing innocent notes, perhaps a hand spanking over the uniform white-cotton bikini panties would be in order. The minimum number of spanks was twenty-five per bottom cheek, and this dose seemed to suffice for the uninitiated. This escalated with repeat offenses until a ceiling of a hundred swings of his powerful right arm per moon was reached, after which more severe penalties ensued. Mr. Edwards liked delivering hand spankings, in that they were the only time he actually got to feel some of the very appealing firm young buttocks he was charged with punishing.

Of course, as Peggy soon realized, Jason Edwards rather enjoyed administering any kind of spankings. She could hardly mistake the rather large and intriguing telltale bulge he would get in a certain critical area of his pleated khaki’s during the course of chastising some of the more attractive bottoms among the student body. Many of the teachers wondered about this, though their always-thoughtful leader never behaved with a single bit of impropriety in any setting. In fact, before Peggy was promoted, she and some of the younger single instructors used to giggle that they wished they could volunteer for a spanking, just to get closer to their dreamy and apparently imperturbable boss. Our Peggy suspected that she was the only one of them who meant that fantasy quite literally, for reasons that will become apparent as her story unfolds.

But we digress. Let’s return to the ritual pre-spanking discussion of the penalty to be suffered by the misbehaving female rear end in question. In most instances, Peggy and Jason were dealing with a multiple repeat offender or with crimes exceeding the lowest rung of the disciplinary ladder. This would then involve the lowering of panties until they resided around the knees of the now-blushing offender. Who was no doubt totally mortified to have her naked bottom revealed to the two Provosts. More severe infractions required the direct administration of consequences to the unprotected buttock skin of the culprit. And her embarrassment was considered an important additional punishment.

Of course, contact between Mr. Edwards’ hand and the naked rear ends of his charges was out of the question. So the next consideration he and Peggy would have to make once a bare-bottom spanking was prescribed was the implement to be used for its delivery. The least severe of the options was a brown leather paddle whose oval business end (roughly the size of Jason’s large and surprisingly hard palm) was placed on the end of a six-inch handle. One step above this was the very same instrument with approximately a hundred holes drilled through it to enable trapped air to escape so it could make a more telling impact on its squirming target. The students called this paddle ‘The Whistler’ because of the sound the air made passing through its many holes as it was swung, and it was universally loathed by its customers.

As with hand spankings, the dose of each implement began at twenty-five spanks per youthful buttock. As warranted it would be raised in increments of the same number until the threshold of a hundred was reached. After that point, an unwelcome (to its recipient) graduation to the next most severe weapon was in order. This would be the wooden paddle, a fearsome instrument constructed of light ash wood in the shape of a small hand mirror. It connected with its targets with a terrifyingly loud crack and an even more horrifying sting. Only the very most rebellious and naughty of girls ever required as much as a full dose of a hundred per cheek of the wooden paddle. It was dubbed ‘The Stinger’ in fearfully whispered student lore.

So first a decision was made between the two administrators about the state, either clothed or naked, of the buttocks to be punished, and the implement and dose to be administered. Then the often-weeping miscreant was fetched from the outer office by Peggy. Who by this point usually found herself somewhat flushed with her own rather shameful excitement. This was on several counts. The first of which was her terrible crush on the Provost, whom she found rather infinitely desirable. So any tête-à-tête with him was likely to bring a blush to her lovely cheeks, as well as a certain telltale moisture between her legs. The second reason for her high coloration would be her secret eroticization of spanking. This had its origins, as for most submissives, in her early life, about which we will learn a great deal more later.  And finally, and most shamefully of all, our Peggy was excited because of her biggest secret of all: her hidden bisexuality.

Now you must understand that for a dedicated evangelical Christian woman, the fact of a powerful sexual attraction to other females was a living nightmare. There was no place in the far-right wing of the church for tolerance of such feelings. So the fact of her undeniable sexual response to seeing an attractive female bottom bent over the Provost’s desk, let alone being the one to raise and pin up its uniform pleated plaid skirt, and further to even lower the white cotton bikini panties to reveal the all-too-often totally succulent naked backside was the source of infinite quandary for our Peggy. She had made valiant efforts to overcome this reality of her erotic wiring, as we will see below, but so far with only limited success.

But whatever the source of the Vice-Provost’s arousal, the ever-observant Provost was only too aware of it. In fact, wondering about this and about the possibilities it might open up for him with his lovely assistant was never far from Jason Edwards’ rather naughty mind. He often laughed inwardly about what his whole strait-laced community would do if they knew what he was truly like under his carefully cultivated disguise of impeccable rectitude. But the former Marine’s iron self-control meant that he had never once stepped out of line at HR to gratify his secret penchant for sadomasochistic sex. He did his job, attended church and taught Sunday school, and courted pretty single women until he discovered whether they had any resonance to his darker side. Once he found they did not, he would deftly withdraw and move on to the next candidate, of which there was never a shortage for the stunningly handsome man.

In the meantime, Jason would happily take the gratification that delivering several spankings a day to quivering young female buttocks afforded him. In fact, he had set up a secret camera in a cabinet behind and just to the side of the position in front of his desk where the recipients of his disciplinary efforts were bent over. Later each night he would masturbate to powerful climaxes while watching some of his favorite backsides take their medicine. But his greatest secret longing was a real live wife with whom he could show his full nature and find a willing recipient of the painful attention he so enjoyed dishing out to deserving feminine rear ends.

So the dominant man always kept a part of his awareness on his succulent assistant during their shared secret pleasure of spanking a student. As time went on, it seemed more and more possible that she could be the one he was hoping for, but he was reluctant to make the first move. After all, if he was wrong, he had a very great deal to lose. Their community would reject him faster than an AIDS infected condom if there was ever any whiff of scandal involving their Provost and any of the females under his command. So any approach he made to his smoldering assistant was going to have to be clearly initiated by her, not him.



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