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Comfort Girl No. 4 by Paul Blades

Janice Paterson is a pretty brunette living in NYC, stuck in a boring dead-end job. It’s been weeks since she heard from her girlfriend Denise, then, suddenly, she receives a strange letter from her friend, telling her about a great job opportunity – one Janice should consider herself. Days later, there’s an envelope in the mail marked “Open Immediately!” Inside:
“…Lifetime financial security can be yours! …International company is seeking talented and vibrant young women…loyal and personable employees to assist in the marketing…Significant training provided at our modern facilities. Call today.”

Curiosity gets the better of her and Janice calls the number on the ad. Before she realizes what she’s done, she applied for the unknown job and is immediately accepted. But this is all too weird, and Janice decides to back out. The next morning, when a limo arrives to take her to the training, she declines to get in.

But this mysterious company will not take no for an answer, and they send in their enforcer. Janice is assaulted in the middle of the night, bound, gagged and spanked with a leather belt, then warned to comply with the company’s demands. Still resisting, she’s then framed for embezzlement and roughed up by two arresting officers. On finally returning to her apartment, she’s hogtied, then suspended in the air and licked to a powerful orgasm by the same assailant who accosted her days before. Is there any hope to escape?

The battered and bewildered Janice finally slips into the limo, hoping to convince the company that she wants no part of them. Instead, she’s whisked away to a new life as Comfort Girl No. 4, for a powerful Asian Corporation. Once she’s trained, she’ll be chosen by a master to be his personal pleasure slave.

Janice’s harrowing descent into slavery is marked by an embarrassing medical exam, ruthless punishment and rigorous sexual training that leaves her constantly aroused. This provocative story also includes depersonalization, sadism, humiliation, caning, whipping, heavy bondage, sex machines, incarceration, cages, gags, strap-ons, as well as oral, anal, straight and lesbian sex.

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