Judge, Jury & Jailor and Other Tales of Female Domination – ebook



Judge, Jury and Jailor, And Other Tales of Female Domination by Lance Edwards

Buxom beauties, brutal lesbians, and formidable femme fatales, out for revenge against the inferior sex, highlight this new collection of Femdom short stories. Their aim is to torture, emasculate and anally brutalize the sub male, while these pitiful creatures grovel helplessly before them.

Judge, Jury & Jailor ? In this title story, a date rapist is arrested by a female police officer and taken to her private residence, where she rapes the offender in the ass. Then it’s off to her medieval torture chamber in a subterranean cell where he’ll get 50 lashes from her fearsome looking whip. Then In Laying Down the Law, Susan catches her husband, wimpy Timmy, masturbating to Internet porn. From now on, she’ll demand his total obedience, cage his sorry cock and whip his bare ass and that’s just for starters! Then the tiny elfin Sprite subjects sub Kyle to lots of humiliating verbal abuse and anal sex with her hefty dildo. And Gino’s boss, The Incredible Hulga, turns him into ?Gina? with the help of a wig, make up, and sexy lingerie. He’ll be painfully whipped if he dares to cum, while she uses her huge dildo to violate his ass.

Life with Zoya includes bare-bottomed whipping, being buggered by Zoya’s 10 inch dildo and a daily baptism of pee. And in Excellent Morning Exertions, Jimmy’s overcooked roast earns him a dose of Tyra’s huge punishment dildo as well as a sound bare-ass belting. In Christmas Present, Laura gives her best friends, Cara, Donna and Kristie, her gift wrapped husband Ben to use during this festive season. They’ll toss a coin to decide whether they fuck his face (heads) or his ass (tails). And in The Venus Guy-Trap, a hapless sub, in search of female domination, falls into the hands of a ruthless domme who will take him to the brink with extreme CBT and anal rape with her huge black dildo.

These stories and more! Strong graphic content includes S&M, bondage, suspension, whipping, caning, punishment, cuckolding, piss play, feminization, CBT, castration, wax, pinches, dildos, gags, cuffs, branding, chastity and denial, anal and oral rape, and female worship.

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Life With Zoya


I was kneeling naked in the center of our bed – well not kneeling exactly. I was on my hands and knees, my cock swollen up excruciatingly hard within its cramped little cage. A complete erection was out of the question of course. Unbearably horny after weeks of deprivation I was gazing beseechingly up at my lovely wife and begging her desperately for the only kind of sex she ever allows me.

Standing tall next to the bed Zoya was naked too, except for a few telling exceptions. Her long, straight red hair was held behind her ears and cascading down her back by a black plastic band. A spiked black collar circled her columnar neck. One of my heavy leather belts was looped about her fist and dangling down by her leg, and her latest favorite dildo – black, ten inches long and two thick – was strapped menacingly about her crotch. The big pink nipples topping her generous breasts (which I have never yet touched with my hands or face) were excitingly erect, and she was grinning smugly down at me as I babbled out my eager pleas.

“Oh Zoya, please please please won’t you fuck me? Oh god honey, stick me with that thing! Please batter in my ass like you always do! I need it; I need it so bad after all this time! I’ll do anything for you in return!”

“You will, huh?” she mockingly drawled. “Does that mean you’ll continue to do all of the house and yard work, and wait on me hand and foot around the clock as my endlessly devoted slave?”

“Of course, my love! I live only to serve you!”

“You’ll also submit uncomplainingly to a terrible beating first, as well as whenever else I happen to feel like blistering your sexy little butt?”

“Yes, my dear! You can whip my ass to your heart’s delight whenever the whim strikes you. I exist only to satisfy your every sadistic need!”

“And I can keep your cock locked up too, can’t I! You will gladly live in eternal chastity for me, never to touch your vile little penis again.”

I gulped in dismay at this. I was already nearly insane after going more than four straight years without an orgasm or indeed any penile stimulation of any kind. And yet beautiful Zoya’s word has always been absolute law to me, and so after only the briefest of hesitations I acquiesced.

“Yes, Zoya. You can keep me locked up forever, never allowing me to touch either you or myself for as long as you own me.”

“Your soul will serve my soul throughout the endless eons of the afterlife!”

“Yes it will, I swear it before you and whatever other gods or goddesses there may possibly be!”

“Good. Then I will beat your ass now. And after that I will fuck it. Then I will tie you tightly up and leave you that way for as long as I please. Finally I will even deign to baptize you with my very own holy water. And as always you will be utterly exalted by this sacred sacrament. Is it agreed?”

“Oh yes, beautiful, please please please do all of that to me! Do whatever you want and decree to me! I’m so incredibly desperate to once again experience the only kind of intimacy you ever allow me!”

“Very well!”

Grinning grimly at me Zoya finally climbed onto the bed and knelt beside me. Then she drew back her arm and swung it forward with all of her considerable might. The belt she held whickered wickedly through the air and smacked against my ass with a loud crack! Somehow I kept from screaming, though the pain was truly as astronomical as it was familiar. Biting my lower lip hard, trying my best not to writhe in place, I waited in dread anticipation for the next of the fifty or so strokes she usually gives me. I didn’t have to wait for long – only a second or two.

Again her strong arm swung, the belt whistled in and smacked against my ass, and again I struggled madly not to scream or cry. Still against my will I rocked back and forth a bit, and immediately Zoya barked at me.

“Hold still, boy! Hold still and take your just punishment like a man! You know you deserve this. You and every other man that’s ever inhabited the world deserves this and oh so much worse!”

And so the whipping continued, for an absolutely interminable time.

Before long I was whimpering with distress, then sobbing with pain and humility, and then finally crying unabashedly, my extensively welted ass burning and screaming with ever-growing agony. By the time my imperious wife finished beating me it was all I could do to keep from collapsing helplessly to the bed. But at last it was over, and the time had come for that act I truly live for. Zoya cast aside the belt and moved around behind me. Nudging my legs further apart she moved up between them and gently, appreciatively caressed my flaming, sorely wounded buttocks with both hands.

“That’s what I like to see,” she breathed. “This ass belongs exclusively to me, and it must always be whipped raw red and bruised up black and blue. And now to make it just as pained on the inside as it is on the outside…”

Her caressing hands gripped me firmly and pried my cheeks apart. The blunt head of her big hard cock probed my anus, before suddenly and forcibly pushing its way deep inside. I gasped with delight at this, and pushed back against her even as she thrust strongly forward. Far up into my eagerly accepting rectum slid her glorious penis, and I whimpered again in pain, shame, and limitlessly perverted fulfillment.

“Yes boy, you live for this,” gloated Zoya. “Ever since our wedding night, when I first locked up your virgin cock and took you with my own limitlessly experienced one you have lived for the unparalleled intimacy of being butt-fucked by me. So enjoy it slave! Enjoy the pain and shame of being my simpering little ass-bitch. I most graciously allow you this, in return for everything else you must eternally submit to!”

Her hands left my cheeks and seized my hips, then she began pumping me with that formidable phallus. Slowly at first but then ever harder and faster she fucked my ass, and oh it was heaven, it was bliss, it was the most painful paradise possible as she plunged unstoppably in and out of me. Moaning and groaning, keening and crying I dropped to my elbows and lifted my rhythmically impaled ass up to her, reveling in her own excited panting and moaning almost as much as the sliding, stuffing, splitting intrusion of her oversized erection as it took me.

“Oh, oh, oh, oooooooooooh!” I mindlessly cried out my ecstasy. “My mistress, my goddess, my owner, my lover, my wife; oh fuck me beautiful, fuck me until the end of all time!” Gladly she obliged, with the power and pace of her endless thrusts constantly climbing. Finally she pushed me down flat on the bed and fell atop me, the better to pound herself so violently in and out of me.

Shrieking out repeated climaxes she pinned me to the mattress and fucked my ass like a madwoman, her heavy breath ruffling my hair, her big soft breasts squashed against my back and her awesomely fit body working tirelessly against me as she drove her big black organ all the way in and out of my wholly owned hole for what surely must have been hours. Finally after her umpteenth orgasm she was sated however, and I groaned most eloquently in frustrated disappointment as her huge prick slipped out of me at last and she climbed off of me – contemptuous as ever.

From a compartment in the headboard she withdrew two sets of stainless steel handcuffs and two lengths of rope and set about binding me as she’d earlier decreed. My arms she cuffed together behind my back at the wrists and elbows, painfully straining my shoulders. Next she rolled me over and used the two ropes to bind each leg ankle-to-thigh, securing them thus completely flexed. She used a big plastic ring-gag to keep my mouth forced open wide, and then picked me effortlessly up. Cradling me in her muscular arms she lifted me off the bed and carried me across to the bathroom, where she deposited me in the tub. Then giggling with evil anticipation, she stepped up onto the sides of the tub, straddling my helplessly bound body. Squatting down, splaying her knees out wide, she gripped the sides of the tub too with both of her hands.

“Here comes your regular baptismal, boy,” she giggled at me. Then with a moan of sweet relief and orgasmic release she began peeing directly into my face. So practiced was she at this by now that her aim was impeccable. Most of that hot, salty stream poured unerringly into my open mouth, where I was forced to swallow it or drown. The rest of it played all over my face from brow to neck, soaking my hair, stinging my eyes and trickling through my beard. When at last she couldn’t squeeze out a single drop more, she climbed down and set the faucet to begin constantly drip-drip-dripping cold water onto my forehead.

“There!” she declared. “Here you will spend the night, rather than hogtied on the floor at the foot of my bed. I will see you in the morning, my contemptible little slave. Think lovingly of me until then!”

With that she turned her back on me. Leaving the overhead light glaring into my already irritated eyes, she giggled again as she left me, closing the door firmly behind her. Cold, wet, stinking of piss with it filling my belly and drying on my face, I squirmed about in the cramped confines of the tub. And yet I could find no position that would either ease the discomfort of my shackled arms locked beneath me or shift my face out of the relentlessly dripping water. Whimpering more miserably than ever, I resigned myself once again to spending the night in endlessly increasing torment, with only the memories of my latest wonderfully fulfilling butt-fucking to distract me from my many accumulating miseries. Such is my life with the incomparably lovely Zoya.


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