Julia’s Bed: A Trevor Gantt Erotic Novel – ebook



Julia’s Bed by Gemma Stone by Gemma Stone

Supermodel Julia Spoleto discovers a way to combine her two all-consuming passions, food and sex.  She uses her substantial savings to purchase a mansion on New York’s Upper West Side.  Downstairs she opens Letto di Donna Giulia (Julia’s Bed), which she makes into the best Italian restaurant in the city.  On the upper floors, she houses eleven other models, who double as servers at the restaurant in flimsy lingerie and as her personal harem of slaves.  For a select, wealthy few who pay for the privilege, Julia forms the Circulo di Giulia, Julia’s “circle” or “club.”  These patrons are afforded access to the upstairs and her slaves.  Soon both the restaurant and the Circulo have waiting lists.  It seems all of New York wants to be in Julia’s Bed.  However, Julia’s dream is suddenly threatened when someone opens a combination gambling boat and brothel that operates just beyond the United States’ territorial waters.  As her business slips away, Julia is at a loss as to what to do.  Fortunately, her friend and lover AnnickBouchet, French heiress and socialite, rides to her rescue and hires private investigator Trevor Gantt.  Can Trevor find out who is behind the illicit Love Boat and find a way to stop them in time to save Julia’s business?  And will he, an experienced Dom, clash with her, or will he, too, find his way into Julia’s bed.

Includes: Femdom, males submission, female submission, bondage, whips, spanking, oral sex, anal play, lesbian sex, threesomes, group sex, roleplay, exhibitionism

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