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Kidnapped by Pirates by Dominic Ridler

Historical, 18th Century. One terrifying night, Caroline, wife of the local squire, is kidnapped by pirates from her small English village. After being shut up in the hold of the pirates’ ship under grim conditions, they arrive in North Africa, where she’s taken to the slave market and sold to a powerful local Emir. As part of his harem, she’ll be groomed as a sex slave. Over time, Caroline experiences the pleasures of lesbian sex, and is used frequently by the Emir, often in group sex activities together with other slaves. Soon, she’s trained to endure pain as part of her service. To Caroline’s surprise she enjoys being whipped. Further sessions of bondage and discipline follow, as Caroline learns the pain and pleasure of submission. The man wielding whip is Orlando, a captain of the Emir’s guard and a former officer in the British navy. It’s not long before the two fall in love, and Orlando offers to help her escape. Is Caroline doomed to remain captive to the Emir or will Orlando be able to save her? Oral and anal sex, slavery, voyeurism, group sex, gang bangs, lesbian sex, double penetration, dildos and strap-on sex, bondage, whipping, submission, discipline, ménage a trois.

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