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Kristal’s Changed Life – ebook


Kristal’s Changed Life by JG Leathers.

My name is Kristal Strang and I am now a rubber animal.

JG Leather’s brings us another wild tale that only he can tell. Kristal’s Changed Life, inspired by Celine’s Seduction to Rubber, is the story of Kristal Strang and her unwilling rubber transformation.
Kristal, your average nineteen year old, had lost her mother at an early age. Wild, rebellious and flaunting a great body, she has to try everything at least once; drugs, alcohol, and tons of sex. Thinking she is fooling her strict and dominant father, she goes so far as to have an affair with an older woman whom she looks to for motherly advice.

Unfortunately for Kristal, her father knows all after having her spied on by private investigators. After months of conversations, renovations and planning, he informs Kristal they are moving out to the country. She is devastated by the news, but is definitely not prepared for what comes next.

When arriving at the new estate, Kristal is introduced to Frau Baxter, her new governess. At dinner, it is explained to her that though she is nineteen, she is to be fiercely disciplined by the domineering woman. Kristal finds herself very drowsy after dinner and lets Frau Baxter lead her to her rooms for sleep. Groggily the next morning, she wakes to find she has been completely bound to her bed by her wrists, neck and ankles. Shrieking and sobbing, Kristal is inconsolable. The worst, however, is when Frau Baxter explains that this is indeed part of her “correction” and she is now completely under her control.

After a harrowing first day, where she is stripped of all hair, force fed a gluey mush substance, is encased in her Initial Training Ensemble and sent to the “Contemplation Chamber”, Kristal is frantic and cannot understand why her father would do this to her. Little does she know that this first part will be the easiest.

With a true gift for description, JG Leather’s is able to make you feel as though the reader is the one encased in rubber, bound in cuffs, pierced in multiple places, and desperate to escape.
Includes: Piercings, permanent bondage, rubber ensembles, correction suits, dildos, forced orgasms, torture, milking, forced animalization, animal tricks.

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My name is Kristal Strang and I am now a rubber animal.

How I came to this sorry and unbelievable state of being is a strange and awful story; one that the reader may find disturbing on many levels, but it is how I live now, every day, regretfully remembering my past and what my life might have been like if my own actions had not precipitated the events I write of.

Parenting, I suppose, is a difficult job, but my mother, while she lived, and my father, managed it well for the first years of my life, giving me a happy childhood. Mother was taken from us by cancer when I was but ten years of age and I never truly recovered from her loss. Like many children who find themselves in that awful situation, I believed myself at least partially responsible, foolish as that concept is, and it took me many months to come to terms with her loss, but what was not readily apparent was the departure of her steadying influence upon my father. She had managed to curb his more strong views on life and child rearing, leavening them with good humour and patience. He did the best he could, I suppose, hiring a companion and housekeeper for me, but he seemed always to be deeply immersed in the pursuit of his company’s success and so spent little time with me.

Without a mother to guide me through the thickets of feminine puberty and assist with my upbringing, I became lost in the emotional turmoil’s of that most awkward age and when I began to develop physically, he was not present very much. School and the usual behind-the-hand talk of sex and sexuality created a curiosity that led me to begin exploring this most important and basic area of human activity and far too soon I began to enjoy illicit encounters with some of the more adventurous of the young men who seemed always to be chasing me.

My physical attractiveness proved to be both a curse and a blessing all rolled into one, as I came to discover while I passed through my early teens, but I soon accepted that I was considered quite beautiful, being some 135 cm tall, with long golden hair, china blue eyes and a nice figure. My breasts were large for a young woman of my stature, and nature had also been kind in the conformation of the rest of my body, for I had a very narrow waist, proportional hips and a nice bottom, so I was told. This attractiveness though, was to prove the reason for my ultimate downfall and what has happened to me since, for I soon discovered the power that my feminine beauty wielded. I enjoyed the courting and panting desire of my male schoolmates and even of some of my less discrete teachers, but there was one I truly liked a lot … a mature woman of perhaps 25 years of age who appeared, at first, to me to be a surrogate mother. She frequently took me aside and helped with some of my emotional and personal issues, offering the advice and comfort that I was so desperately in need of, but she had an ulterior motive.

I cannot say how it came to pass, but we soon became lovers and I revelled in this new-found and, I thought, safe outlet for my burgeoning sexuality, finding her attentions to be most flattering and exciting. We spent many evenings of increasing physical intimacy together, even while at the same time I pursued my explorations with the young men I met and so continued to become ever more sexually active. Not only that though, but I began to experiment with drugs and alcohol and was quickly sucked into a descending spiral of addiction, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. Simultaneously, my father had begun to spend more time at home and wanted me to be present more often than I was. Naturally, he quite soon became very curious about where I spent my time and what activities I was engaged in. Being a man protective of his possessions, of which I was one, he demanded of me that I tell him where and what I was doing and this curiosity on his part led me to be more evasive than I should have been. With the beauty I possessed, I suppose he worried that an unwanted pregnancy might soon result. His personality, although benign to the outer world, at home was domineering and demanding in the extreme and so I soon began to spend as much time away from him as could be managed. This, however, did not alleviate any of the issues of our relationship, but in fact aggravated them beyond reason. He regarded me as his to control and monitor until, I thought at the time, I could be married off to a suitable candidate … one of his choosing. Of course I disagreed most strongly with these presumptions and made this plain many times while at table, much to his angry dismay, and so I continued to spend as much time out of the house as possible.

There was no indication to me, at eighteen years of age and thinking of myself as a mature young woman, that anything was amiss, but my father had not taken my rebellion against his desire for more control of my life with equanimity and so had taken measures to keep me under a most pervasive surveillance. The agency he used was very efficient, being the top-rated one in Germany and so I remained unaware that my every move and activity was being documented and reported back to him on a daily basis. My life as I was then living it served only to inflame his desire to control me even more and soon our disagreements flared into wild shouting matches so that we became, if not enemies, then strongly disagreeing relatives who fought continuously. Of course I was dependent upon him for my food, lodging and clothing and with no income of my own, was held in his thrall until I could obtain a job and provide for myself … something I vowed that I would do only after completing a university degree in architecture.


Frau  Baxter


Being a fully qualified nurse and a recognized expert as a Governess for young women, I have enjoyed an excellent reputation and frequent employment within the upper echelon of certain sectors of society, it was no surprise to me to receive a letter from Herr Strang. He was he informed me, having some considerable difficulties with his young daughter, Kristal, and felt that she needed the type of guidance and education I have acquired.

Our communications over the three months following his initial contact were numerous and soon became highly detailed when he learned more of my, to be truthful, somewhat unorthodox methods, then outlined my plans to ensure that Kristal conformed to his desires. Arrangements were soon made for my appearance, while at the same time Herr Strang completed his purchase and the substantial renovations, employing my suggestions, of his new home. Upon their completion, I immediately moved in and inspected the dwelling, then began to formulate and enact my own preparations. These took some two weeks to complete and at that point I called Herr Strang and advised him that all was in readiness for his move and for Kristal’s new education and training regime to commence.



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