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Spanked Into Submission, Femdom Stories by Lee Allen

Five HOT NEW Femdom Stories, featuring beautiful, crafty, take-charge Femmes, dishing out justice and plenty of painful punishment to their unsuspecting male victims.
In the title story, Spanked Into Submission, Bruce has one too many one-night stands and ends up being swatted into submission on a public beach, stripped of his possessions, and taken to an off-campus house where he becomes a sex slave to ten sexy coeds. They’ll have three years to whip this bad boy into submission. Then in Ad Man, Tom has a bad habit of beating up other guys in front of their dates, that is, until he’s set-up with a female wrestler who totally dominates him in public. Later, when he sexually harasses his female co-workers, his new female boss will be the one to take charge.

In A Young Man’s Six Week Journey into Slavery, Rob Benson is caught stealing a chalice from a church as part of his initiation into the Rangers Motorcycle Club. He agrees to stand in a “sinner’s box’ in front of the congregation in lieu of dealing with the police, but ends up with a lot more than he ever bargained for from the Reverend and his sadistic daughters. And in Human Fountain, Mark’s womanizing catches up with him when his angry ex-girlfriends decide to teach him a few lessons in humility, respect for women, and frustration tolerance for deferred sexual gratification. He’ll end up bound, shaved, and turned him into a human fountain. Finally, in The Young Doorman, nineteen-year-old Tony is apprehended while stealing from a department store. The thirty-something store buyer, Ms. Cramer, likes his sexy look and talks the manager into letting him spend a weekend of Femdom domination with her in order to avoid prosecution.

This story collection features Femdom BDSM, and includes bondage, whipping, physical and psychological subjugation, bondage, forced, exhibitionism, public humiliation, body shaving, piercing, sex toys, chastity devices, CBT, fisting, humiliation, sex games, sleep deprivation and anal.

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They had lunch with owners, Nancy and Jane, who described the Stepford Husband training program: Wives can enroll their husbands in a three-month reeducation program to enable behavior more in keeping with what they had envisioned at the time they married or what is required to  meet their current expectations. Potential enrollees typically discount wives’ opinions and desires, spend time drinking in bars with friends, only want to talk about sports, want sex without meeting their wife’s emotional needs, are not upwardly mobile, refuse to attend concerts or cultural events, etcetera. Some are physically abusive and all are seen as emotionally abusive. Reeducation can be tailored to each woman’s desires, but basically consists of obedience training. Men are confronted with the fact of female superiority; learn to respect and serve them and to expect punishment when they fall short. The cost is five thousand dollars; satisfaction guaranteed and includes monthly alumni meetings for ongoing support.

“This sounds great. I can give you Paul’s salary until the tuition is paid up. How do you get them to enroll?”

“It depends on the circumstances.” Nancy went on to describe Chester, a middle-aged man who was a snappy dresser and had a reputation for impressing and flattering women in an upscale bar and getting them to take him home. His drinking buddies looked up to him and called him Casanova. The wife told Nancy where to find him and she easily let him talk her into taking him home (Stepford House). He ended up being seduced and restrained by Nancy and Jane and it was all downhill for him after that. Chester is now a straight-laced office boy who has a conservative haircut, a standard uniform of black trousers, white, polyester, short sleeve shirt and a thin black necktie. The shirt always contains a note-pad, pencils and pens in a plastic case bulging from the pocket. Chester works in his wife’s business and answers to the name ‘kid’. He also wears a cock cage which is something recommended for all clients. Although they are trained to tolerate long periods of abstinence, the cage is a reminder that their concern must be for their wife’s sexual gratification and not their own. Also, the privilege of having the cage released, say, at the first of every month if they haven’t displeased their mistress, gives them something to look forward to.”

“How does the wife get the guy to put the cage back on?” asked Mary.

“That’s where obedience comes in. They wouldn’t think of refusing or even resisting after their training. They also know that begging for release will automatically double their time caged. You used the term, guy, which implies male rights. These enslaved men are not free to make requests and understand they deserve to be punished if they forget this.”

Mary said, “I guess I’ll need help in carrying this out.”

“We bring the woman in half-way through the program to observe us and then take charge, including field trips. Chester’s wife/mistress took him back to the bar where he had hung out, to demonstrate to his old friends how he had changed from Casanova to subservient office boy. His friends were shocked, of course, and Chester’s humiliation confronted him with the fact that his former life was gone for good. We also have monthly alumni meetings where women bring their slaves in to discuss management issues. The slaves only listen unless asked to speak. By the way, the slaves are brought in wearing their usual garb. For example, in the last meeting we had a bare-chested gardener, a butler in coattails, a chauffeur in suit and cap, a slave wearing only a metal choker collar, wrist and ankle cuffs (arrived in a robe) and a sex slut in torn jeans and a sleeveless shirt open to the waist.

“So, what are the issues discussed in these meetings?” Mary asked.

“Well, length of caged time as I said. Some women feel more than two months of abstinence could be counterproductive,” Nancy replied. “In the last meeting, a woman wondered if her slave should be punished for pouting while serving dinner to her and her boyfriend. The discussion determined he hadn’t been allowed sexual release for over two months and was acting childlike. A group member asked him (the butler) if he thought he should be punished. He said, ‘Yes’ and became tearful, saying, ‘It just didn’t seem fair’. There was consensus that he should have more sexual release and also have his ass whipped.”

“Wow! I can’t wait to attend these meetings,” Mary enthused.

Nancy continued, “Another major area is whether slaves should shave their bodies. Some women like the burly, hairy type. Others are neutral, but most agree that mandating that they shave their body from the neck down every morning enables them to maintain an attitude of contrite subservience. Requiring them to relinquish an outward manifestation of their masculinity every single day is a great reminder of our control and superiority.”

Mary observed. “It must be difficult for them to accept initially.”

“Yes,” Nancy agreed. “We could force them to make that first shave, but the psychological struggle is important. Once they decide to comply, it becomes a turning point in accepting and submitting to their fate as slaves. As a result of these alumni meetings a few women have started Stepford self-help groups. Women meet weekly to talk about partner management. Most marriages can use some degree of ‘leveling of the playing field’ and women often could use some peer support.”

Nancy then went on to describe the story of a woman who, in an otherwise satisfying marriage, had been emotionally and physically abused for years by her husband whenever he came home drunk. The next day he would be filled with guilt and remorse. She attended two group meetings and acted on their advice on how to gain control over the situation. Her first step was to buy a cock cage. The next time he came home drunk she went out the back door to a neighbor’s house and waited for him to pass out. She then locked on the cage and hid the key. The next morning, instead of his usual remorsefulness, he went into a rage. She waited him out and then spelled out what he needed to do to get his cock back. The first requirement was to shave every hair on his body from his sideburns on down. He refused and for two weeks, begged for release. She expressed sympathy for his engorged cock, bulging from under the stainless tube, as she caressed and sucked on his nipples. She was sure he had been trying to find a key that would release the ring that encased the base of his cock and balls and locked onto the tube. The ring had a built-in lock at the bottom. A locksmith would have trouble opening it and she knew he would be too mortified to seek one out.

After another two weeks he said he had decided he would shave his legs, “If it would please her.” She said, “No dice,” and added that there was to be no more alcohol consumption. Another week passed and he told her how much he had changed. She fondled his balls until they were about to burst and said she was getting horny and had her eye on a recent divorcee at work. The next morning he presented himself to her completely hairless except for his head, which was bowed. She told him he looked like he’d lost his best friend.

“I feel like a little boy,” he admitted.

“Like you lost your manhood?” she pursued.

“This is humiliating, now may I please have the key?”

“If you recall, I said this was the first step,” she reminded him and reached for the body lotion she had ready for this occasion. As she gently massaged it into his skin she said, “You look more lean and muscular now. I’m really pleased with your progress.” His body shuddered with anticipation as she touched his smooth, bare skin. His anticipation ended when she added, “What I need you to do now is call in sick and vacuum the house, dust everything and wash the windows.”
“Damn, you’re a real slave driver!”

“That’s an apt word. Also, work in the nude so you don’t mess up your glossy appearance.” She gave his balls a squeeze and said, “I’m off to work,” leaving him standing there looking confused. She locked their bedroom door on her way out.


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