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Laura Davidson – Keeper of Men by Chris Bellows

She is calloused, aloof, with notable disdain for the male, deriving unbridled glee in the debasement of the entire gender… What does a woman with such traits do to earn a living? She serves as warden for the infamous Lockwood Penitentiary, the Federal penal system’s final destination for recalcitrant inmates who cannot be reformed. Her new inductee, John Dullsworth Tubbs, may be a tough and dangerous criminal, but he has no idea the methods this imperious female warden will use to ensure his ‘willing cooperation’.
Laura Davidson’s managerial methods are unparalleled and violate every standard of care mandated by Bureau of Prison regulations. But laudable results carry great weight and, in being willing to take charge of those who remain violent, great latitude is afforded. Thus, no questions are asked when the purchase of prison uniforms is declined and instead unusual items are regularly procured to facilitate Laura Davidson’s techniques. Yes, the highly acclaimed Warden is left to her own devices in keeping society safe, incarcerating brutal, belligerent and contemptuous men without incident.
Bondage, chastity, thorough Feminine control, forced bisexuality, unending humiliation and finally… the making of ‘the election’… consent to which no man willingly gives but all at Lockwood eventually offer… all combine to make Laura Davidson successful as a Keeper of Men.
Readers should be forewarned, the demented Chris Bellows steps over many boundaries of D/s interaction in this unique tale. Not to be read by the homophobic male. You will cringe.
For the female reader… enjoy!

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