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The Incarceration of Jennifer by Chris Bellows

With buttocks no flagellator or sodomite can resist, the lithe Jennifer is imprisoned for the simplest of crimes. But the warden yields to temptation and conspires to keep her in the most thorough form of restraint – the yoke. Designed to be temporarily worn by bellicose inmates until tempers cool, Jennifer finds herself wearing it constantly. To make matters worse, extensions are arbitrarily added to her sentence for various non-existent infractions.
An experienced inmate, Edna, is assigned to protect the young Jenn from the rugged Lesbian inmates as well as keep her trained and ready to serve the warden. But Edna’s protection comes with the price of her own personal sexual satisfaction.
What to do? Jennifer applies to the Parole Committee, the most licentious band of ‘citizens’ imaginable, in order to seek clemency from this unbelievable fate.
However, the head of the Committee needs to know more about Jennifer and our heroine undergoes a most thorough series of ‘interviews’ before her application can be put to a vote. Many of the members meet privately with Jennifer, and not since the travails of De Sade’s ‘Justine’ has a girl undergone such torment, as she learns first hand the peculiar sexual affectations of each member of this blue ribbon panel.
Bondage, humiliation, flagellation, piercings, anal play, insertions…, there is no subjugation which the yoked Jennifer can refuse from both dominant males and females if she expects to earn clemency. But then the head of the Committee learns of her natural propensity for masochism and…, well…, we’ve promised not to reveal the thought provoking ending. However, for those who have not read Chris Bellows’ unusual erotica, do not expect a fairy tale ending!
Bellows has once again composed a refreshingly new plot and story line for fans of D/s S&M erotica. This book is Male and Female Dominant and very much female submissive (including one very remarkable submissive male character).

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