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Lizbeth’s Old World Sagas by Lizbeth Dusseau

An Old World Romance. In a land of castles and kingdoms, of slave queens and noble whores, a barefoot girl, Jessamyn, with the virtue of an angel, appears before a hundred gawking eyes and is procured by the queen, Lady Casia, for her husband, Lord Nor. Though Nor is furious with his wife, he allows Casia to train this nubile young woman into a worthy slave. Under the dutiful tutelage of her Lady, Jessamyn learns of the great pleasures in sexual surrender. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the treacherous Lady Sophia hatches an evil plot to dethrone Nor, and all of Illusia is threatened. Sacrifices must be made. These dangerous times require bold action. This story of Casia and Jessamyn and the men who love and conquer them is teeming with treason, adultery, betrayal and some of Lizbeth’s most startling scenes of debauchery and sadomasochistic revelry. Including bondage, whipping, spanking, female bisexuality, orgies and discipline and lots of sex.
A tale of Old World justice, as the noble born beauty Jolie is accused, tried and convicted of adultery. Her crimes are a serious matter, earning her a stiff punishment for her reckless indiscretion. First is the humiliation of her public trial. Then she’s handed over to the ruthless Sir Roger to work off the remainder of her sentence as his indentured servant. Nothing is easy for the disgraced young noblewoman. But while Sir Roger knows exactly how to get what he wants from this lusty female, Jolie’s spirit remains undaunted. Though her prospects look bleak, she’s suddenly snatched away from her rough life by the dark-skinned pirate, Patrick Dunleavy. While she hopes to find freedom once again, her liberator has other ideas for this prized beauty, not the least of which is her complete surrender. She may succumb to the charms of this mysterious lover, but the two are destined for a wild and romantic ride. Jolie will soon learn that all it takes to survive her wicked life is giving in to the extraordinary pleasure her body craves and passionately enjoys.
A lusty tale, filled with daring adventure, sizzling romance, plenty of hot and sensuous sex. Includes spanking, punishment, discipline, dungeons, public exhibition and bondage.
Abducted from the arms of her lover by a band of thieving rogues, Gwendolyn’s life takes a shocking turn. Her world is teeming with barbarian bandits, treacherous gentlemen, an insidious princess, high-spirited Gypsies, and a host of characters that try to mold Gwendolyn to their own designs. Though often required to submit, making accommodations to save her body and soul, Gwendolyn maintains her dignity. And though her fate looks bleak, she hangs on to the dream of a virtuous lover who will give her the love, peace and sexual satisfaction she desires. A fast-paced tale filled with raucous sexual antics, including anal sexuality, female bisexuality, as well as heavy bondage and punishment.
Another tale of Illusia…
When Sagemore defeats Lord Nor’s sworn enemy, Titus, he wins the right to bring Nor’s slave/wife, Casia, into his bed, his brothel and his dungeon. For a fortnight, Casia and her handmaidens appease the victors becoming centerpieces in a wicked S&M victory celebration. Meanwhile, Lord Nor scours his dungeons for a female to replace his borrowed wife, taking the enemy handmaid, Ariel. Ignoring her vengeful curse, he hastily rapes this beautiful girl before a cheering throng, and then trains her to be his slave/whore. Only when his Casia disappears on the trip home does he believe the curse is real. Has his queen fallen into the hands of Titus? Or something worse? When the defeated prince buys two unnamed maids from a pair of bandits, he is determined to learn their true identity. But even his vile tortures and public humiliation will not make the proud maids talk. Includes public, non-consensual S&M acts, whips, cages, bondage, enemas & anal sex, fem/fem and gang-rapes.
Erin Longmore inherits an English castle from her recently deceased husband only to discover later the fate it holds for unfaithful wives. Caught in a century’s old curse she’s destined to forsake her lover, Curtis, or risk his death. Marrying a mysterious descendent of her husband’s family she hopes to atone for not just her own adultery, but the sins of the wives before her, who were unfaithful to their Longmore husbands. A tale woven between the past and present, Erin flashes back in time to experience the ruthless punishments wreaked on Morgana, Catherine and Edwina Longmore. She learns her own punishment at the hands of her new husband will be as terrifying and ruthless… and yet, strangely, sexually charged. To end the terrible curse, she must take this pilgrimage back to a time when women were chattel, the property of their masters. Intense & graphic punishment scenes with bondage, whipping and anal sex, for those who enjoy erotic extremes.

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