Hell Bound: The Search for Jillian Ingalls – ebook



Hell Bound: The Search for Jillian Ingalls

Jillian Ingalls is Johnny Willis’s girl, waiting tables in LA and screwing around for the fun of it. When she suddenly disappears, she leaves a cryptic note, saying simply, “It’s for the best…” A letter from bounty hunter Logan Dunn follows, informing Johnny that he’s taken the screwy redhead into his custody. Apparently, she’s reneged on a ‘legally binding service contract’ – whatever the hell that is.
Johnny isn’t about to let this girl slip through his fingers so easily. While making inquiries about her at a local bar, he stumbles on Amy Cavanaugh, a long-haired beauty with a disarming Southern accent. She’s great company, easy in bed, and willing to bend to Johnny’s kinky kind of sexual fun. She’s even willing to help him find the missing Jill.
The search for Jill leads the pair to Sado Max, a posh dungeon where Johnny hopes to learn the whereabouts of the bounty hunter. It’s also the perfect place to introduce Amy to the joys of piercing, pain, bondage and rough anal sex. To his amazement, the novice submissive hardly balks.
From Sado Max, it’s on to Logan Dunn’s hideout in Michigan, then to a private town near Las Cruses New Mexico, owned by bad ass slave trader Ramón Cordova. But Ramón Cordova isn’t about cooperate with Johnny in his quest for Jill. A nightmare worthy of hell itself unfolds at Cordova’s compound, with Johnny headed for an early demise in the desert, and Amy used and tortured in front of her helpless boyfriend. She’s about to become another of Cordova’s many slaves.
Strong scenes of S&M sexuality combine with adventure, mystery, kinky romance and a real stunner of an ending, making this novel one sizzling hot read. Its graphic sexual content also includes, punishment, fisting, whipping, spanking, branding, enemas and fisting.

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