Lust Lurks in Darklair – ebook


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Lust Lurks at Darklair by Roger Hastings

BDSM Erotica. From the wicked pen of Roger Hastings comes this lusty Old World tale. The mysterious Baron Reznik takes up residence in the newly restored Machival, a sinister castle perched atop a craggy cliff where this master of the sexual arts can enjoy his sadomasochistic passions in peace. When the beautiful young virgin, Luvina, is abducted from the village, she’s cast into a steel-barred cell in the castle’s dim cellar where she’s then bound and forced to submit to the Baron’s servant, Dagan. Though horrified by her trial, she learns of her own great sexual hunger and responds in ways she never believed possible. As the Baron’s influence pervades the county, one by one, more beautiful women are swallowed up in the mystery of Castle Machival”known as Darklair for its ominous reputation. Some slaves come willingly, while others are dragged in screaming.
This tale is filled with licentious ladies, randy gypsies, sensuous and extreme bondage, anal sex, whippings and many other S&M pleasures for lovers of erotica featuring Male domination and female submission.

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