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Lisa, Her Initiation by Charles Arnold

Not a romance, or a love story… not for everyone… but those who relish the extremes of female surrender will find this story a hot read. Former detective, Frank, has been watching the sweet, innocent Lisa for months, scheming to take control of her. Plans in place, he shows Lisa and her husband, Billy, a tape that will incriminate her teenage son in a drug deal. In exchange for the tape, Frank proposes that Lisa submit to him completely for 30 days. She has no choice but to agree – finding herself flung into Frank’s raunchy world… exhibited in a rowdy bar, paired with men she abhors and forced into sex acts she despises but cannot resist. Husband Billy is forced to hear about every detail, sometimes required to observe, but he’s powerless to help her. Includes many graphic sex scenes including dominance and submission, rough sex, inter-racial sex, oral and anal sex and humiliation.

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She looked across at me.  “I like what he’s doing, Billy,” her soft voice trembled.  “I like him to feel me.”  She glanced at Frank, then back at me.  “I want him to do it.”

Frank laughed and whispered to her again.  Lisa closed her eyes for a moment, then looking at me, “He’s making me excited,” she added, and once more looked down at the table.

“Ah!” Frank shouted, “that’s the way, baby.  You learn fast.  Now, what you got to do is figure out what I want you to say and then say it, you know, without any help from me.  You got to keep asking yourself all the time, ‘What does Frank want to hear?  What does Frank want me to do?’  Then, either say it or do it.  Understand?”

“Yes,” she said.

I could see that under her dress he was pinching her nipple.  I knew how sensitive she was there, how quickly her nipples stiffened.  Now, here in this public place, Frank had discovered it too.

“I got a name, baby,” Frank said.

“Yes, Mr. Racene.”

“It’s Frank,” he corrected.  “Next time I ask you something I want you to think of a nice word to go along with my name, you know, something affectionate. His other hand disappeared under the table.  She flinched as he touched her leg.  “Open,” Frank said.

Lisa looked at him,  “I…I…I don’t…”

“Spread,” Frank demanded.  She gasped as his hand moved up between her bare legs.  “Billy,” he was grinning broadly, “tomorrow I want you to take her to one of those waxing places, you know, get her waxed, and whatever they leave, I want you to shave off.  Right?  Nice and smooth.”  With his other hand, he squeezed her nipple again.  I could see the color rising to her cheeks and her breathing came faster.  I knew that under the table he was masturbating her.  “You want to do that for Frankie, baby?” he asked.  She nodded.  “C’mon, damnit, remember what I told you, and act like you mean it!”  He pulled her to him roughly, his right hand still between her legs.

She looked up at him fearfully.  “Yes, Mr…I mean, yes Frank, I’d like that,” she said.  Her face was scarlet with shame.

“Tell me and Billy exactly what you’d like and think of something nice to go along with my name.”

“Yes, Frank…uh…Frank honey, I…I’d like to be the way you want me.”

“How’s that?”



“Down there,” she said in a small tight voice, “down there between my legs.”

“Good, now tell Billy boy, again, how you feel.  You know, how I’m making you feel.”

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.  Then she looked across at me.  “I’m excited,” she said.  “What he’s doing…I mean what Frank is doing makes me excited.”

“What happens down there when Frankie does what he’s doing?”

“It gets…it gets…wet.”

“You want me to show Billy how wet you are?”

She swallowed hard.  “Yes.”  He shook his head.  “I…I mean yes, Frank honey, show him.”

Frank put his hand on the table.  His index finger and his middle finger glistened with her wetness.  Frank laughed so loud people at the bar turned again to look.  He then held his glass to her lips.  She drank.

“Good, “ Frank said.  “Let’s keep it going.”  He put his glass on the table, but kept his hand around it.  He looked at Lisa and then down at his hand on the glass.  “Remember what I told you about saying and doing what you think I want you to say and do,” he said.  “Now, baby, what do you want from old Frankie?”  Lisa waited, then took his hand from the glass and placed it under the table between her spread legs.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby, you got the idea.  You want more?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Again,” Frank said.

“Yes, please, honey.”  She bit her lip and turned her head away.

“Look at me,” Frank said.  She turned back.  “You know I fixed it so your kid could get jail time, don’t you?”

Lisa clenched her fists and I saw a flash of anger in her eyes.  For a moment I thought she might strike him.  “Yes…yes…I know.”  She turned away again and lowered her eyes.

He pulled her around so that she was half facing him.  He smiled down at her and licked his lips.  His hand under her dress moved to her other breast.  “You got such a sweet mouth,” Frank said.  “Even knowing what I done to your kid, you’re gonna give old Frankie what he wants, ain’t you?”

She thought for a moment,  “Yes,” she said, then lifted her face toward his.  She kept her lips pressed tightly together. There was a quick movement under her dress as he twisted her nipple.  She parted her lips.  The kiss lasted a long time.  Her eyes were closed. I could see her hips moving against the pressure of his hand.  When he released her, she half fell back against the seat.  “Jesus,” he said.  “I think it’s time.”  He withdrew his hand from under her dress and waited for her to respond.

“Time?”  She seemed confused.

“Yeah, time for me and you to go.  What do you think?”


“Yeah, damnit, go!” He was quick to anger.

“Yes,” she hesitated.  “I mean, yes honey, we should go.”  She put her hands in her lap again and stared at them.

Frank looked at her and his face hardened.  “I think you need a little lesson, because you still don’t seem enthused.  Know what I mean?”

Lisa tried, but failed to smile.  “I’m sorry…it’s just that I…I…” She looked down at her hands again.

“Your pussy wet?”

“Yes.”  She lifted her head.  “Yes, honey, it’s wet.”

“Who made you wet?”

“You did.”  He waited.  “I…I…mean you did, honey.”

“We’re going to my apartment and when we get there what do you want me to do to you?’ Lisa started to turn away from him, but he quickly pulled her close.  “Look at me,” he demanded.

“I…I…I want you to…to…” she stammered.

“Say it.”

“To do it to me.”

“No.”  Frank tilted her head up so that it was inches from his own.  “Say the word, the ‘F’ word and say it nice cause during the next four weeks you’re going to say it a lot.”

Lisa had never in her life uttered even the mildest of profanities.  To use such language was, for her, a sacrilege.  On the streets or in the movies she would blush when obscenities were spoken.  She sat there silent.

“You got a kid, remember.  And he’s in deep shit.  And I went to a lot of trouble to put him there. So, goddamn you, say it!  Tell me what you want.”

“I want…I want you to…to…to…to fuck me.”

“Not good enough,” Frank said harshly.  “You can do better.”

“Frank, honey, I…I… want you to…to fuck me,” she said in a small voice.  He waited.  “Please,” she added.

“Yeah,” he leaned back grinning.  She trembled as he trailed the thick fingers of his right hand up and down her bare arm.  “You know, little Lisa, there’s an upside to this whole thing, I mean there’s something good gonna come out of me putting your kid in harm’s way.  Guess what it is.”

“I…I…don’t know,” she said.  “There couldn’t be anything good, not for me, not for Richie, not for Billy.”

“Later tonight old Frank is gonna shove his big fat prick up inside your hot cunt, and you’re gonna like that.  Believe me, babe, you’re gonna like it a lot.  That’s what’s good.”  He clamped his hand over hers and tightened it, causing her to wince.  “So thank your new man for what he did. Tell him you want his prick.  Tell him you want it inside you and you want it bad.”

Lisa shook her head,  “No,” she whispered,  “no…I can’t.”

Frank nodded and began to stand up.  “Then this fuckin party’s over, and your kid’s party is soon going to start.”


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