Madam in Attendance II: The New Residence – ebook



Madame In Attendance II by S. M. Ackerman

Madam was young and inexperienced when a now deceased Madam took her under her wing. With a natural ability to dominate, she ends up inheriting an elite BDSM Enterprise and a bevy of slaves. Slave Clair is a greeter in the establishment, although her ability to become a dominatrix is curtailed by the fact that she won’t touch slaves in any way. There’s Paul who helped arrange the purchase of Madam’s ex-school, and then became her slave. And Alison, personal slave and occasional slave kennel Madam ” a total submissive to Madame, while a total bitch queen dominatrix to her male clients. Lastly, and importantly, is the long list of clients requiring a wide, often puzzling, but always entertaining list of services.

This is not a brothel. Not under any circumstances do they sell sex under Madam’s Roof. Instead, Madame and her many attendants provide a service to the submissively inclined in the form of domination and punishment, only!

“Read on you pathetic slave if you dare, you know the cost you have to pay for being allowed such a treat, so pay it, please.”

Includes bondage, caning, whipping, gags, hoods, stocks, birches, collars & leashes, humiliation, and much more!

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The view out of my new bedroom window is stunning; The house had once been a school located on the outer fringes of a small town, a town which had expanded somewhat over the ensuing years. We had about eight and a half acres of walled in land, which offered total privacy. Nowhere were the grounds overlooked, the walls were brick and the gates high, offering a very restricted opportunity to anyone that wished to look inwards to my domain.

It has been a year and a half since I relocated our Bondage Domination Sadomasochistic or ‘B.D.S.M,’ services to those of you in the know, services my business provides to selected clients. It had been nearly three years since my mentor Lesley had passed on along with my half-brother, her slave. During that time dear diary much has happened, the business has expanded with new horizons added to the services we, that is my staff, and I, are capable of supplying.

This you are reading is the first page of my new personal diary, for those that had the honour and privilege of reading the original diary, which was published under the title, ‘Madam In Attendance’ by S.M.Ackerman, Published by ‘ Pink Flamingo Media.’ Those of you who have taken the trouble to read the original diary will know, already that I lost that diary in the relocation to these our new premises. How I had it returned some time later makes for an interesting, if slightly unbelievable tale, which I might regale to you later in what will be this my new and ongoing revelations..

I have been gifted a new diary by my staff so the tale will continue, for all to read. I sincerely hope, if you deserve to read this private reminiscence, that you do so in a suitable way, with suitable consequences. As such your invasion of my privacy is unacceptable and should have real consequences for anyone that enjoys reading about the B.D.S.M lifestyle and mine in particular. I would think that being down on your knees would be a good starting point for one such as you…

It is my intention to continue mostly in the same way as previously, so this will contain our personal stories in detail, covering our lives and living. Following the successes of the previous diary after publishing this will be intended to be made available in much the same way. Clearly as you are reading it that has been done, therefore all I can say to you directly is, ‘read on if you must,’ but I will also point out that despite your purchasing this diary you are still invading my privacy and as such deserve to pay! Remember that each time you open this diary’s pages, and act on that thought if only out of respect for the Madam that has gifted you such a privilege.


I was young and inexperienced when a now deceased Madam took me under her wing; I had a natural ability to dominate, which she had recognised. I was inducted into the running and service providing of her established but understaffed business, from there on, I thrived. I inherited not only the business but also the total responsibility for the staff and slaves within it. This eventually led to two conclusions.

The first was my being the only true dominatrix and therefore being over worked; the second being that to expand the business required relocating it to a larger, better suited location. This happened a year ago with the help of a man who sold himself into slavery, and other friends of the business and my deceased mentor and myself.

I inherited a personal female slave called Clair, an oriental very refined lady called Mai, who acted as greeter and has a great wit and understanding but can be manipulative in positive well-meant ways. Her ability to become a dominatrix is curtailed by a simple fact that she does not like to touch slaves in anyway, which is something we found positive ways around and usefully ways to accommodate, as will become clearer later on. Then there is Paul whose addition I personally oversaw, he is the male who introduced me to this ex-school and then helped arrange its purchase and later became one of my personal staff slaves.

There is one other major player in this my tale, that is Mrs Allott our benefactor and friend who has repeatedly helped us through the shocks that life has thrown at us. Her husband runs a print business, she used to own my now very personal slave called Alison, until for reasons previously explained in my first diary, forced and acceptance of her slaves needs had led to her later selling said Alison to me personally. Alison has a desire to be totally submissive to me and is totally a bitch queen dominatrix to the male clients. She then operates in two ways, she is my slave and when necessary the boarding slave kennels Madam. Both roles she fulfils very effectively. Oh yes; our slave kennels were also relocated to the new premises.

There you have it, myself, our greeter Mai, our kennel Madam and slave Alison and two other slaves and a very long list of clients who require a wide and often puzzling, but always entertaining list of services. We are not a brothel in the traditional sense; we do not under any circumstances sell sex. We instead provide a service to submissive in the form of domination and punishment, only!

So dear reader you have a basic outline of our world, from here on everything you read is our reality. Read on you pathetic slave if you dare, you know the cost you have to pay for being allowed such a treat, so pay it, please.

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