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The Bad Wife at Home by Taz Montoya

Recently, things have changed a lot in Ian’s life. Laura used to tolerate his furtive internet sessions and obsession with her wild-child past. He avoided doing anything that might disturb his little bubble of selfishness, while she pretended not to notice. But now she’s decided things are going to change. She’s taking control. Of everything! Ian is banned from having sex, while Laura sleeps with anyone who takes her fancy. As a result, her career takes off, one of her lovers will father her baby, and girlfriend Janine will be their live-in nanny. His two mistresses and their cadre of female friends humiliate, abuse and embarrass Ian in every way possible. He’s mortified to find himself excited by this fiendish treatment and ashamed of his obedient submission. But trapped by his own desire, Ian is forced to endure a series of misadventures. He’s surrounded by women who treat men as their sexual playthings in order to indulge the full range of their passions, from bondage and spanking, to lesbianism and gang-bangs. BDSM F/m, F/f, cuckolding, forced exhibitionism, lesbianism, spanking, bondage, pegging, anal play, multiple partners, feminization, CBT.

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Katie appeared. She was wearing a short, blue summer dress that buttoned up the front. It was pretty and girlish and a stark contrast to her severe haircut, thick makeup and heavy boots. She carefully swung one leg over Ian’s lap and settled herself down, snuggling up against his erection. “Hello!” she trilled. “I thought you might be feeling a bit left out.” She glanced over her shoulder at his wife, who was grunting with the force of the spit roasting she was so clearly enjoying. “It’s OK. I’ve known Laura since we were at school together. A party’s not really a party until she’s naked and leaking cum out of at least one of her holes.”


She reached down between their bodies, undoing Ian’s trousers in order to extract his pulsing hard-on, before slowly unbuttoning her dress.


Ian looked around in consternation.


“Don’t worry sweetie. Share and share alike.” She waved at her husband who was next in line to fuck Laura’s mouth. In return he blew her a kiss. Katie wrinkled her nose, giving him a cute smile.


Ian glanced down at the long vee of white flesh visible where Katie’s dress hung loose, and felt her soft skin as she shimmied against him. Her belly ring rubbed on the dribbling tip of Ian’s erection and soon a slick patch of pre-cum was sticking their bodies together.


“You like my ring?” she asked breathlessly.


Ian nodded.


“How about these?” She raised herself up slightly and pulled her dress fully open to expose her tiny breasts. The ends of small, but solid looking silver bars, like little dumbbells, were visible on either side of each nipple. Their design matched her belly ring and her various face piercings.


Ian squinted as Katie rubbed her tits over his face. The firm flesh sent his pleasure centres into overdrive, but the metallic sleepers dragged painfully across the bridge of his nose and his eyelids.


She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Ian’s head back, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He marvelled at the range of unusual sensations produced by her lip ring and the stud in her tongue. He tried not to flinch when a hard knob of silver cracked against one of his incisors.


Katie’s husband had now reached, what might be called the ‘head’ of the queue and was buried in Laura’s throat.


Katie leaned back and addressed the conjoined pair. “You’re OK if we fuck, right?” she called, much to Ian’s delight.


Laura nodded, which Katie’s husband appeared to enjoy a great deal. He gave an enthusiastic thumbs up and Katie whooped, waving to a small group of women onlookers.


Before he could work out what was happening, Ian found himself face down on the floor. What felt like dozens of female hands were tearing at his clothing. He squeaked as each item was roughly pulled from his wriggling limbs. A firm grip on his testicles encouraged him to raise his ass until he was kneeling with his nose in the carpet and his bottom in the air.


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