Madame Duvalier’s Boudoir


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Madame Duvalier’s Boudoir by Lizbeth Dusseau

In a world turned upside down with political upheaval, women are stripped of their rights and made the submissives of men. Desperate to protect her privileged life, Renee Duvaliar is forced to submit to the sexual whims of local government officials, offering her body for bondage and punishment.
But when the task of protecting her innocent young cousin, Brigitta and two virgin sisters, Katarina and Isobel, falls to her, Renee’s uneasy peace with the local government unravels. While escaping to her country home, the four women are arrested by the border patrol – interrogated, stripped and punished. Before they are released, Renee is made to choose which of her young charges will have her virginity sacrificed in a public sex.
The debauchery continues when Renee’s country home is raided; she and Brigitta are branded and collared as submissives of the state. Her house is turned into a brothel, while Katarina and Isobel hide in the cellar. When the two virgins are discovered, Madame Duvalier and her unlucky charges are made to pay for the deception; Renee is deported and forced into a shocking form of sexual submission, authored by a scoundrel rebel general. Despite the new horrors she must face, she becomes hypnotized by the General’s roguish charm.
This intense novel features graphic sex, interrogation, physical examinations, sadomasochism, bondage, punishment, anal, oral and fem/fem sexuality, branding, the deflowering of virgins and ponygirl training.

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