Mercenaries of Panama, Book Four: Revenge – ebook


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Mercenaries of Panama: Revenge by Lee Dorsey

An erotic adventure and a tale of revenge. This latest novel from Lee Dorsey begins where Mercenaries of Panama, (Ebi) left off. Ebi is in shock following the bombing of his new home where his future wife and her friend are tragically killed. Managing to regain his senses, he makes his way to the hotel where he was staying when he arrived on St. Kitts. With the help of his only friend on the island, Brian, he collects his thoughts and figures out how this disaster occurred. He realizes that the ‘Company’ has bombed his house with the intention of killing him. Little do they know that he survived the explosion and is now out for revenge.

Brian’s sister, Eileen, who is vacationing on the island, is a plastic surgeon with the knowledge and skill to surgically change his appearance. It’s a bold move, but with him determined to retaliate, he decides that this drastic change is a price he’s willing to pay. He travels back to Memphis to undergo the necessary surgery. Three months later, he’s a changed man!

With Ebi’s identity now disguised, he sets out to avenge these ruthless murders. He knows the names of every member of the Company’s Board of Directors, and now intends to search them out. He’ll neutralize them one by one until he’s the only director left. It’s a dangerous plan, but one he’s determined to pull off. Steamy sex and adventure unite in this tale of revenge.

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