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Photographs by Lizbeth Dusseau

They live in a world of their own, in the middle a woods, their lives revolving around art, music, and sexual abandon. Edward and Celeste are married, Laura is the third member of their sexy m鮡ge a trois. Laura’s a pianist moody, brilliant and sexually provocative, the perfect woman revel in the kind of sexual kink that satisfies their hungry appetites. She’s as bound to her lovers as they are to her.

Now, to their trio, they add a fourth player, Paul. H’es not a participant but a voyeur with a camera to record the intimacy they share in all its graphic detail. Nothing is off limits. Every mood, every fight, every bit of laughter and love and private sexual intimacy is the subject for his cameras lens. Hell live with them, share their meals, enjoy their lives and record even most lewd and perverse behavior along with their gentle intimacies. Never to touch, never to physically share their sexual passions. But what happens when the photographer falls in love? What then? In their house, intimacy was something much grittier sexual climax. It was coarse, unrefined and completely unassuming. Having no bounds

Bold exhibitions, passionate female bisexuality, spanking and dominance/submission are all captured in stark black and white. This little gem was written in 1995, and has always been one my favorite novels. Lizbeth

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