Milking Male Essence


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Milking Male Essence, Femdom Erotica by Chris Bellows
Roger Armsworth Todd was once a successful investment banker, whose life is completely changed when he’s convicted of statutory rape and sent to Sing Sing prison for a lengthy stay. With the hope of leading a more normal life, he signs on for a voluntary therapy program, which will allow him to live as a free man outside of prison – with a few critical physical and behavioral modifications. Guided by his trainer, ‘Nurse Rachel’, he’s been systematically programmed to associate ejaculation with pain, making this once predatory male as tame as lamb.
But has rehabilitation really left him better off? The terms for his freedom are stringent – one misstep and it’s back to Sing Sing. And his new life is nothing like what he would hope for with a key piece of his anatomy off-limits forever.
Just as difficult are the lingering memories from his training. While the program was designed to minimize any possible attraction to his domineering nurse, Roger is unable to wipe the imprint of her voice from his mind. Though he’s never seen her face, when three years after his training, he hears Nurse Rachel’s distinctive voice on a computer train, he knows that he’s inadvertently stumbled onto the anonymous female therapist responsible for his transformation. Even now, Roger’s attraction to the woman cannot be denied. All he wants from her are a few answers to some lingering questions, but he’s soon swept back into her world where he’ll have a new role and new demands from his cunning and provocative nurse.
A bizarre and horrifying tale of one man’s surrender, featuring bondage, medical play, curious extraction of male essence (not limited to semen), body modification, intense humiliation, chastity, bondage, feminization, enemas, lesbian femdom and oral service.
Chris Bellows both challenges and titillates the erotic imagination in this singular story of Feminine domination.

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