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The Surrender Of Lady Charlotte by Lizbeth Dusseau

Her required virginity examined in a bizarre ordeal, loins locked in a chastity belt, and life torn, Lady Charlotte is sent from her ancestral home to become the bride of the cunningly ruthless Ilusian Lord, Mountbane. Unlike her homeland where she was free, in Ilusia, women are slaves, and she must accept submission before her wedding can take place. Taken to the dungeons to be trained, she rebels against her keepers. Neither whippings nor cruel tortures change her mind, though they awaken her sexual fires. Finally surrendering, she undergoes an arduous training to learn the postures and attitudes of a worthy slave. Once married, her body thrills to the deviant acts required of her and her life of sexual debauchery. Treachery, inventive punishments, orgies, archaic sexual rituals, and the deflowering of virgins give this tale its nasty twists. Fem/fem scenes, anal sexuality and fisting give it added spice for those who feast on the lust of sexual extremes.

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