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Road Trip by Patrick Richards

Most people think that slavery doesn’t exist in the world today. Ha” little do they know. Others are convinced that torture is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is to most people but not to an evil, sadistic woman who gets herself off by making her slaves suffer and scream from the pain. To her, torture is a pleasure ” a form of recreation. It’s a sexual thing – her aphrodisiac. When Jeff Owens vanishes from the Nevada desert, his search for a new life and adventure takes a much different path than expected. Instead of spending the winter as a ski bum with his buddies in Tahoe, he becomes a slave to a female motorcycle gang that treats their captives in the most inhumane ways imaginable. After breaking down along a deserted highway near some uninhabited ghost town, he thinks he is saved when three sexy, leather clad women arrive on Harleys. A younger sister soon comes along and easily lures him into their clutches.

To a young, horny guy down on his luck, sex is such an easy bait. He was abducted and never saw it coming. Jeff finds that being bound and severely whipped is the easiest part of his torment. Sherry, the club’s leader specializes in cock and ball torture while other club members get to use him on alternate nights to satisfy their sadistic cravings. From a pair of man-hating lesbians to a tattoo artist and an evil dominatrix, Jeff experiences it all. Even while suffering at the hands of these evil women, he learns that his life is far better than the other young men who also became victims of this same evil gang. Hard labor with deplorable treatment and brutal punishments are just the beginnings for the other slaves. Jeff finds that pain is an excellent teacher. He was warned several times that escape was impossible, but like all the others he tried it. He was easily caught and paid an agonizing price. He quickly realizes that he is just an expendable commodity in this savage, brutal, insane world. But through it all there is one slight glimmer of hope. One of the gang members takes a liking to Jeff. She helps him out, tends his wounds and keeps him going.

Femdom, male submission, whipping, spanking, anal sex, dildoes, bdsm, slavery, extreme cbt, torture, body modification, branding, and much, much more…

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I looked at her with desperation in my eyes and simply asked, “Why?”

“Because you’re my slave, and I’m your Mistress.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh I am.  You’re never going to make it to Lake Tahoe.  In fact you’ll never leave this ranch.  You’ll be our slave and satisfy our needs until we no longer have a use for you, and then you’ll join the others guys we’ve captured, and spend your remaining years working down in the silver mine.  That, my friend, is your destiny.”

“You can’t do this.  You can’t keep me here and make me your slave.  Slavery doesn’t exist anymore.  Come on.  Stop with these stupid games, and let me go.”

“This isn’t a game anymore.  The game we played you lost.  Listen to me very carefully.  You are my slave.  You gave up all your rights and your freedom when you came home with me and tried to fuck my brains out.”

“Please just let me go.  You’re kidding aren’t you?  Please you can’t just pick me up on the side of the road and make me your slave.”

“Wanna bet?  Your fate was determined when you stopped that night in Baker.  You came along with us very willingly after your bike quit.  You took the bait when you licked my pussy and made love to me.  And because you did, you are my slave – forever.”

“No, I won’t do it.  You can’t make me.”

She just laughed as she continued, “Yes I can.  You have no choice in the matter.  You’re in this for the rest of your life.  Understand me… there’s no possible escape.  You’ll learn very quickly what the penalty is for not following our orders.  You see, all four of us are very sadistic.  We will eagerly wait for you not to do as you are told or do something wrong so we can punish you.  Our punishments will be long and painful.  We find that a few hours of agonizing torture is a great teacher.  And then there’s Sherry.  She’ll beat you senseless and kick you in the balls a dozen times in a row for no reason whatsoever.  She’ll do it just for the sheer fun of it.  We will make you do anything we want.  You’ll see.

“And as I said, there’s no possible escape.  There’s no way you’d be able to find your way out of this desert.  But I know you’ll try.  And when you do, we’ll bring you back and teach you a lesson.  Trust me the punishment will be extremely painful.

“Let me assure you that the treatment you get here in the house serving your four Mistresses is considerably better than the treatment the other guys get in the mine.  One of these days we’ll show you.”

“You have other slaves?”

“I told you that, but obviously you aren’t listening too well.  We’ve abducted several young men along Route 50 over the last few years.  None of them have ever been found, and you won’t be either.  This is a life sentence whether you like it or not.”

She leaned down and locked some leg irons around my ankles.  There was only about a foot of chain between them, so I knew that running was not an option….


A week or so later Sherry was having one her days.  When she was at the mine, she threw the men’s meal on the ground and even whipped one of them brutally for no apparent reason.  Throughout the rest of the day she seemed to be on my case about everything.  Nothing was right.  No matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough.  Several times she hit me and kicked me, while I groveled on the ground before her.

Unfortunately for me it was her night in the rotation.  I tried really hard to do everything possible to please her throughout the day, but it didn’t change anything.  It was becoming more obvious by the minute that what she had in mind for me was going to be rated V for violent.  There would be nothing sexual about it.  She would be taking out her wrath and frustrations on me.

I served their drinks and fixed their dinner but noticed when I cleaned up the table there wasn’t a single scrap left for me.  This certainly wasn’t normal.  Immediately I surmised that what she had in mind for me tonight could very likely require an empty stomach.

It wasn’t long until I heard her yell, “Dick Licker, fix me another drink!”

Immediately I jumped into action and mixed her a large gin and tonic.  I presented it to her on my knees in the most humble position possible.  She took one sip and threw it in my face.

“What’s the matter, asshole?  Haven’t you figured out how to make my drink yet?  There’s too much fuckin’ tonic in it.  When I want a gin and tonic, I want to taste the fucking gin!”

“I’m sorry Mistress.  Please let me fix you another one,” I trembled.

As I got up and headed back to the house, Jenny suddenly appeared and confronted her sister.  “What seems to have crawled up your ass today?  You have been a miserable bitch ever since you got out of bed.  Nothing has been right all day.  You took it out on the slaves in the mine, and you have been a royal bitch to all of us since you got up?”

That’s when the screaming really began, and I figured the cats would be digging and scratching in just a matter of minutes.  Those two sisters went at each other like there was no tomorrow.  I was just glad I got off my knees and wasn’t caught between them.

Suddenly Sherry pushed Jenny out of the way and screamed at me.  “Get your worthless ass into the barn.  I’ll deal with you in a few minutes.”

Truly I was scared.  I could hardly move.  I figured that she would soon be taking all her anger out on me in the most brutal way she could devise.

“N – O – W!” she shrieked.

With all the commotion Jane and Wanda soon entered the fiery mix.  Both of them stepped between the two screaming siblings and tried to calm the situation.

Finally the screaming stopped, and Sherry pushed her way passed the three of them and headed towards the barn.

“Get in the dungeon now, slave!”

I looked at the other three of them and reluctantly took a step towards the barn.

“No,” Jenny intervened.  “Get back in the house.  She’s not having you tonight.”

Sherry looked back at us with fire in her eyes, opened the garage doors and pulled out her bike.  With a loud roar she revved the engine.  She spun the bike around with the rear tire spinning and tore down the dirt road towards the highway.  Stones and dust flew, as she finally straightened it out after fishtailing it out of the yard.  The rumble of the engine soon faded into the desert.  The storm was over, and all was quiet once more.

Jenny looked at me and quietly said, “Go fix the miners another meal.  They’ve had nothing to eat today.”

Once in the kitchen I pulled out the big pot and headed for the back refrigerator, but once more she stepped in.  “No, cook this.”  She went to our refrigerator and started pulling stuff out. She opened cans of vegetables from the cupboard and dumped in a bag of noodles.

“Wash up their food containers while I finish fixing this.”

Before long we were in the jeep heading for the mine.  As we drove up the two weary, hungry souls were kneeling at attention by the tunnel door.  Jenny got out of the jeep and handed them each a container of food.

“You can eat.”

Immediately they gobbled down the first good meal they’d probably had since arriving at the mine.  There were smiles years lost on their faces once more.

“Thank you Mistress Jennifer,” they kept saying over and over again.

We stayed there while they ate.  Jenny took their dishes and told Mike, “There’s something more for you guys in the back of the Jeep.  Go get it.”

He got up, took the dishes from her and went to investigate.  Beaming with joy, he returned carrying a six pack of beer.

“It’s warm, but I guess you won’t mind that much.  You and Adam can have the rest of the night off.  Enjoy.”

She simply motioned me back to the Jeep.  She started the motor and then had one more moment of pity and compassion.  “Here Adam….”  She threw them a roll of toilet paper before driving off.  “Oh, two loads a piece tomorrow will be enough.”

I didn’t say anything or even look at her, as we drove back to the house.  I had been suspecting it all along, but at that moment I knew she was different.  She had pity and compassion for all of us.

It was five days before Sherry finally returned.  The right side of her once beautiful Harley was scratched and dinged all to hell from where she had obviously laid it down.  Her right cheek didn’t look much better.  She just put it in the garage and sat down on the porch.

“Bring me a drink, Dick Licker.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Finally Jenny went out on the porch and sat down next to her sister.  “You all right?”

“Yea, I guess so.”

After that little episode things went back to normal.  Sure I spent some painful times in the dungeon with each of them until one evening about two weeks later.

My Mistresses had just finished dinner and were enjoying a few drinks.  I had cleaned up the kitchen and knelt in the corner waiting for instructions.  That’s when Sherry poked her head inside.

“I guess it’s my turn tonight.  Let’s go out to the dungeon for a little while.  I’ve got something new to try on you.”

For some reason a strange, yet terrified feeling seemed to lodge itself in the pit of my stomach.   Maybe it was because she had been too easy on me lately, not being her normal self.  But I didn’t have a choice in the matter, I was hers to use as she saw fit.

I was still apprehensive, as I followed her out to the barn.  I knew that there was a more sinister idea in her mind than she was letting on.  And now I was about to find out.

Once in the chamber Sherry immediately locked my hands behind my back in a set of cuffs and led me to the center of the room.  Next she produced a thin chain a foot or so in length with small hooks on each end.  I immediately knew where that was going.  I remembered yesterday she looked over my nipple rings quite closely.  She figured they were pretty much healed.

I was right as she clipped one on each hoop and gave them a sudden, violent tug.

A little smile appeared on her face, as I winced a little.  Moments later that fiendish box up on the ceiling began to hum, and the cable appeared from above.  She clipped it on the nipple chain and reversed its direction.

“Oh God!” I whispered.

In seconds I could feel it pull.  As it drew my nipples upward, the pain instantly began.  I stood up on my toes to ease the strain, but that was just what she wanted.  Finally when just my tip toes were able to make firm contact with the floor, she stopped.

“Please… please… let me down.  Oh fuck, it hurts Mistress.”

She just laughed.  “It’s supposed to slave.  You should know that by now.”

I arched my back and tried to push myself up to reduce the strain on my tits, but I

couldn’t.  They were stretched far away from my chest.  Slowly I danced on ballerina toes, struggling to relieve the pain.  Nothing worked.

“P – l – e – a – s – e… let me down just a little.”

“Why slave?  I want you to be in pain.  It excites me so.  There’s something stirring in my pussy, as I see you struggling like that.  But when I get back from the house, I have an idea that might make you completely forget about your nipples.  The pain you’re feeling now will soon seem like nothing at all.  So you just wait here.  I forgot my drink.  I’ll see you in a bit.”

“No, no… please.  Lower it just a little.”

She just chuckled, as she walked out.

My head hung back, and I just stared straight up at the ceiling.  Above me a demon loomed.  The sinister, electric monster laid waiting for a command to pull back its long, thin, evil tongue and lift me even higher creating more pain on my already tormented nipples.  It was just a matter of time.

I waited for a while, but then the door opened.  I was surprised when Wanda and Jane returned with her.

“We decided to come out here and play a little card game this evening.  Have you ever played blackjack, slave?”

I didn’t answer, so she tapped the button on the remote and raised me up another eighth of an inch.

With my toes just making contact with the floor, “Yes,” quietly passed from my lips.

“Good,” she said, as she lowered me down until the balls of my feet were supporting some of my weight.  Immediately the agonizing strain on my nipples lessened just a little.

Jane and Wanda set up a card table and three chairs next to me, while Sherry held up a clear Plexiglas cylinder right in front of my face, so I could plainly see it.  It was about three inches in diameter and had a screw mechanism in the bottom.

“You know what this is?”

I shook my head back and forth, realizing that it was something that I really wasn’t going to like.

“It’s a ball crusher.  There’s probably no further explanation needed.  I think the name says it all.  But I’m going to explain it to you anyway.  See your balls go in here at the top and this is all closed up tight around your sac.  Then I’ll turn this handle at the bottom which will push this plate up against your tender little gonads.

“Oh did you notice all those nice rounded nubs on each of these plates.  They push into your balls to make it even more painful.  And you know what?  The more I turn the handle the flatter they’ll get.  Your balls start out so nice and round, but before long they’ll get really flat.  What is that saying, ‘Flat as a pancake?’  Finally when they get to be about a quarter of inch or so thick, they’ll make this really neat sound.  You know what that sound is?”

She looked me right in the eyes and whispered. “Pop!”

I flinched when she said it.

“You’ll actually hear them as they go pop… pop.”  Then she laughed.

“For now I’m going to put it on your worthless little nuts and tighten this handle down until the plates inside just touches your overly tender testicles.”

Carefully she opened up the top of the device and pushed my balls inside the tube.  Half of the top swung around allowing my nuts to be put inside and then it was fastened back in place securely closed with an Allen wrench.  There was no escape from this evil contraption.  My balls were in the tube, and the top had closed tightly above them sealing their fate.  Quickly she spun the t-handle around until the plate on the bottom shortened the distance and made definite contact with my imprisoned balls.

“Now we’re going to start the game.  You know how it works.  I deal two cards around to everyone.  You have to get 21 or under, yet beating the dealer’s hand.  Every time you lose a hand, I’ll tighten the screw a half a turn.  If you win a hand I’ll loosen it back up a half a turn just to be fair.  If I get blackjack, I’ll tighten it a full turn and likewise, if you get blackjack I’ll loosen it a turn.

“What if one of us gets blackjack?” Jane asked.

“Hum, hadn’t thought of that,” she said pausing for a minute.  “How ‘bout I lower his feet flat on the floor and every time one of you two gets a blackjack, we raise him up a notch by his nipples.”

“That sounds good.”

“What do you think?” Sherry asked me.  “That sounds fair, doesn’t it?”

Again I didn’t answer, so she reached up and gave the tit chain a solid, painful yank.

“M – m – m… yes, it sounds fair, Mistress.”

“I thought so.”

She sat down, took a sip of her drink, and started dealing the cards.  That’s when Jane spoke up again.

“Why don’t the three of us play with chips, and the one who ends up with the most chips at the end of the game gets this slut for the remained of the night?”

Sherry thought for a minute and then responded.  “I really doubt that by the time this game is finished, he’ll be able to play any longer.  I suspect the game will cause him a lot of unusual pressure.  Let’s just wait and see.

“Ok, standard rules apply.  Dealer has to take a card at 16 but must stay at 17, any questions?”

“Nope, just deal ‘em,” Wanda commented.

Sherry dealt the cards around the first time.  Theirs were all down while mine was up.  I had a Jack.  On the second round everyone’s cards were dealt face up.  Jane had a Queen showing, Wanda had a 7, I had a 3 and Sherry had a 9.


“Hit me.”

A 7.  She immediately turned over her hole card.  It was a 4, giving her 21.

Wanda wanted to stay and turned over a Queen.  She had 17.

Sherry looked at me.

“Hit me.”

A 5 turned up, giving me 18.  I felt pretty good, until she turned over a King.  Immediately she reached over and gave the handle half a twist.

I could feel it just pressing against my testicles, but that was about it, but I knew that things would soon change.  The dealer always has the advantage in this game.  That’s why casinos make so much damn money.

The next hand Jane won a couple of chips and Sherry went bust.  With the handle turned back I was just where I started.  I lucked out on the third hand as well and had 19, while Sherry had one less.  But then my luck changed.  I lost the next three hands in a row, and one of them was a dealer’s black jack.  I got two full turns out of that.

On the next hand Wanda had an Ace and a Queen.  She pushed the button, and my heals left the floor.

Through the next hour I was sort of holding my own.  Actually I lost more than I had won and my heals were a little better than an inch off the floor.  At that point there was only a little more squeezing of my nuts.

They stopped for more drinks, and my luck changed for the worse after that.  Sherry won five hands in a row including one black jack.  There was a steady pressure on my balls, as she continued to turn the damn handle.  I began to think that I didn’t want to play this game anymore.

“Ok here we go again,” Sherry commented, as she dealt the cards once more.

Things continued to go from bad to worse.  Over the next half hour I was well up on my toes and dreaded the next turn of the handle.  I was finding it hard to pay attention to the game.  My nipples burned and throbbed, while the pain in my balls was getting even more intense.

“You’ve got 15 showing slave?  What do you want?”

“I don’t know Mistress.  It hurts so bad.  I don’t think I can take any more.”

“Make a decision slave, or we’ll push the button and give the crusher another full turn.”

Oh God, I was in so much pain.  Being pulled so high on my tiptoes with my back arched so, I couldn’t even see my cards.  I didn’t even know what I had showing.


“Hit me.”

“Oh darn… you’ve got a Queen while I’ve got 17 again.  Too bad you’re running such a streak of bad luck.  But the night’s still young.  You’ve still got a chance.  Your luck may change.”

Suddenly she turned the handle another half turn.  I could feel the nubs pushing into my nuts.  They were being squeezed so tight.  The pressure on my balls was worse than being kicked in the nuts.  It was ever present and radiated into my guts.  There was only one thing on my mind.  The constant pain blocked out all other thoughts.  I could not concentrate on the game just the steady flattening of my balls.

I could feel the hideous plates as they drew ever closer.  Every fraction of an inch multiplied my pain, making me sick to my stomach, but she didn’t care.  She was enjoying my pain.

“N – o  – o – o…. Please no more.  Please let me quit this game.”

“Not a chance,” she laughed.  “You’re in this until we tire of the game.  Besides the night’s still young.”

Sherry immediately dealt another hand.  I ended up with 18 while Sherry had 22.  I won and Sherry backed off the handle a half turn.  Then Wanda jumped with joy.

“Black jack!” she yelled.

She pushed the button on the winch, and I was raised up until just the very tips of my toes touched the concrete.  My entire weight was now being held by my pain-stricken tits.  They were stretched so far.  At any moment I knew that they would rip off dropping me to the floor.  But they didn’t.  Mia had pierced them so deep, they held and supported me.  Centers of immense pain radiated out from those two points on my chest.  The agony in my nipples was almost more than I could take.  A deep low moan filled the chamber, as I slowly rotated on the end of the cable.

“Pl… pl… pl… please…,” I tried to say.  “Let… me… down.”

When Sherry backed the screw off a half turn there was instant relief but being pulled up by my tits just replaced one pain with another.  How could these women be so cruel?

Sherry didn’t listen.  She just dealt another hand.

“You’ve got 14 slave.  What do you want to do?”

I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even think.  My mind wasn’t functioning.

“Tell me!”

“I’ll stay… no… no… hit me.  Oh God, I don’t know.”


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