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Mercenaries of Panama, Book Three: Ebi By Lee Dorsey

Like his contemporaries in Dorsey’s other Panama novels, Ebi has had an erotic and adventurous life. Joining the Army after high school, he’s recruited into Special Forces, and serves as a Ranger for ten years. Later he’s recruited by the ‘Company’, completing twelve years of successful missions all over the world. As a highly experienced Ranger within the Company, he leads difficult and dangerous missions. At the same time, he plans his eventual escape into retirement.

Over the course of his professional life, he has had three women who have professed their love for him. He would like to take one of these women into retirement with him, but is faced with a moral dilemma in making his choice of his close friend Rayan. They must stage their deaths, and find a suitable place to escape. The concern is, can they actually escape? Or is it true that “no one can successfully retire from the ‘Company’?

Excerpt: “I put my hands on her shoulders and moved her to the bed as she had commanded. I pulled the covers back to expose the pillows. Then I lay down beside her. Her body was beautiful. She did not show any signs of a blemish. She gave the appearance of a virginal teenager. I could tell from her breathing she was hungry for this moment. I took my hand and began to explore her body. I did not want to move too fast. I wanted to savor the experience.

   The time passed slowly. This was our first time making love. I wanted it to be a memorable occasion. We must have engaged in foreplay for over an hour. I kissed every part of her body. My manhood was so hard that I thought that it was going to explode. Finally, I moved between her legs and entered her. I moved in slowly, but with penetrating thrusts. Each time I moved in, I would pull out just a little, and then continue my thrusts deeper. She appeared to be in ecstasy. The sounds she made demonstrated her pleasure. It was the most incredible first-time sexual experience in which I had ever engaged. When we finally reached the height of orgasm, the pleasure was overwhelming. We just stayed in that position for what seemed like a half-hour. We kissed, and I rolled over next to her.

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