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A Forced Descent by Marisette Hennessy

A Deceitful and Overbearing Husband Becomes a Domesticated Pet. Katya has learned to make her own way in the world. The Polish femme lives in the Scottish Highlands where at just thirty-two she’s become a renowned trainer of unruly canines. Can she can train men as well? In Katya’s own words: 

“If I were given unlimited access and time to a man – any man – I could not only make him obedient in the same way I would a dog but I would eventually have him in a position where he would actually behave as one, if it were my wish.” 

And so, the story of an overbearing husband begins. He’ll pay a hard price for his years of faithlessness. At the hands of his wife and her cunning friend, he’s completely rewired to become a slave to women. Having behaved like a dog during his marriage, the punishment will certainly fit the crime. And it will take a long time too, if his trainer, the young Katya, has her way. 

Includes domination, remote control collars, discipline, punishment, spanking, kennels and cock-cages.



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